Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Johnny Sutton weasel tour...

Well...let's give credit for once to Johnny Sutton. After his congressional testimony yesterday, he made the rounds on radio and television and faced some of his biggest critics. First up, his interview with Lou Dobbs:

Johnny's big argument is that "We had a jury trial! We had a jury trial!" Of course there never had to be a trial in the first place. Dobbs explains succinctly why so many Americans are pissed of at this weasel:

"The effect of your prosecution was to side with the drug dealer against two border patrol agents."

Even Sutton admits his case relied on the testimony of a drug dealer...he had nothing else but this dirtbag's word:

These guys were banking that that dope smuggler wasn't going to show up and if he didn't we had no case...

So let's see...who's word would I take? Two border patrol agents with impeccable service records? Or a drug dealer who not once, but TWICE, was caught smuggling drugs over our border.

Sutton still doesn't get it. All he comes back with is "We had a jury trial!" Because we all know how smart juries can be:

Hot Air has part two of the Johnny Sutton weasel tour, an interview on Hannity and Colmes.

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