Sunday, April 13, 2008

Michelle Obama wants to take your pie (updated)

Mark Steyn's money quote: "This is Kim Jong-Il dressed up with a little Oprah Winfrey dressing."

I feel the same way about my pie as Steyn feels about his cynicism:

(with apologies to Texans for photoshopping this banner)

H/T: The Jawa Report

Update: Apparently Jeff Dobbs feels the same way (via NRO):

She (Michelle Obama) crossed a line that forces me to take up arms against the Obamas.

You can call me divisive, you can call me lazy, you can call me uninformed, you can call me uninvolved, you can call me isolated, you can call me too comfortable, and you can call me Ray.

You can say just about anything and I will look the other way.

But three things I will not tolerate.

You cannot attack my faith.

You cannot attack my family.

You cannot lay a hand on my pie.

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