Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What the hell is wrong with Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines made headlines last week when they threatened to kick 23-year old Kyla Ebbert off a flight from San Diego to Tuscon because of her "revealing attire".

It turns out that wasn't the first time they unleashed their fashion-police on their flyers:

ENCINO, Calif. -- A second woman is complaining after an airline took issue with her sexy attire.

Setara Qassim said she was flying home to Burbank, Calif., from Las Vegas in June when a Southwest Airlines flight attendant gave her a blanket and told her to cover up.

"The flight attendant came up to me and asked me if I had a sweater, and I said, 'No, because why would I pack a sweater in the heat?'" Qassim said. "So I asked her why, and she said I needed to cover up."

Too risque for Southwest Airlines?

Now I've flown Southwest Airlines several times to Las Vegas. And these women are not the ones who need to be discouraged from flying Southwest. Whenever I fly, it's at least even money this is what I am seated next to:

Anyway...isnt' it ironic that Southwest Airlines is so concerned with females "covering up"?

(Update: Is Southwest Airlines at it again?)

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