Monday, May 25, 2009

We can never repay...

...the sacrifices made by our men and women in the military in the name of freedom:

One more thing. Until my grandfather's ashes were entombed at Annapolis last summer, I had never heard the full story of his military service. My grandfather served honorably and valiantly on the USS Endicott.

If you "google" USS Endicott, you won't read much about its World War II operations. That's because much of the ship's World War II mission was classified. The reason I never heard my grandfather speak of his World War II service is that in his mind "classified" meant classified...and until he received an order allowing him to speak of the Endicott's operations, he would keep silent.

Last summer I heard part of that amazing story. I know my grandfather would not want me to share the story and besides, it's not really my place to do so.

But I will tell my future children so that they may know of his bravery...and the bravery of all who served on the USS Endicott.

Update: TGT11 is shutting down. I'm doing my screaming over here now...

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