Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Confused penguins create credibility problem for MSNBC's story on global warming (Updated with original unedited video)

2nd Update: Hardee Har Har, MSNBC. Thanks to Hot Air commenter SilverStar830, we've found your original unedited version. Penguins arrive about 28 seconds in.

You tools:

Update: Looks like MSNBC is taking lessons from Trinity Church and the Associated Press in trying to cover their tracks. Good thing for screenshots, huh?

15-year old Camilla Hempleman-Adams went to the North Pole to ski...specifically to become the youngest woman ever to ski the North Pole.

Unfortunately, she's also been drinking the global warming Kool-Aid, so MSNBC thought it would be the perfect story to further push their "green" garbage:

Uh...did you catch that footage about 45 seconds in? Are those...penguins?:

According to MSNBC: Penguins set adrift on North Pole ice floe because of global warming

Someone might want to remind those stupid penguins that they are at the WRONG pole! Sheesh!

Of course maybe they are migrating North because of the increasing ice sheet accumulating at the South Pole.

Which would confuse me too, since apparently melting ice means global warming...and so does MORE ice:

Some scientists say trends in sea ice in key spots around the continent may be bellwethers for worrisome changes that could accelerate the melt of nearby land ice, most notably the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

But before you think I am harshing on penguins...I understand how confused they can get:

Click to make bigger if your eyesight is as bad as mine

So if you see a lost and disoriented penguin, you may want to steer clear. Lost penguins can be a handful:


Michele said...

Ha. My father showed my daughter a screen saver that was a picture of a penguin ringing cymbals over the head of a sleeping polar bear. She exclaimed "Impossible! This never could happen. Polar bears are arctic creatures. You find penguins in the Antarctic!" She was 8. Funny, she never questioned how a penguin might be in the possession of a pair of cymbals.

Damn those facts!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old joke, "Why don't polar bears eat penguins?" "It's such a bloody long swim!"
By the way, the first US Navy nuclear Submarine to reach the North Pole, the USS Skate on 15th March, 1959, was able to surface through an open lead.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they re-edited the video to take out the mis-placed penguins.

Now the 45 second mark shows the father talking on a set of stairs.

would have been funny though.

Mike Lewis said...

MSNBC has conspicuously re-edited the film to take the penguins out. I saw it before and now they are gone. But thanks to technology, we do have a screen-cap of the image in question.

Way to run from this footage, MSLSD, and not make any apology for it...just edit it out.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how much I would love to have a pet penguin if the climate allowed for it? I just love that frickin' waddle... :-)

Nigel said...

I just love that frickin' waddle... :-)

Hey Romi...we should totally get together then. You'd LOVE my waddle...