Thursday, October 18, 2007

Randi Rhodes: "I fall down, go boom..."

So...what happened to the dog her attorney says she was walking?:

H/T: Bore America

It's not like we are ever going to get the full story on this. If Rhodes had been pushed, attacked, mugged or viciously beaten as Talking Radio still insists, then why did she or her attorney never bother to file a police report?

And outside of a busy pub, wouldn't there have been at least one witness to corroborate that story?

But she had to have been pushed, right? Because nobody has ever fallen down on their own outside of a pub, right?

It doesn't matter. Rhodes claims she is "done with this". We here at This Goes to 11 wish Rhodes a full and speedy recovery.

And Talking Radio? Still waiting for them to correct their original post that Rhodes was attacked:


Anonymous said...

Became very disenchanted with my beloved Spinal Tap when they did the Leonardo di Caprio/Gore Dumbfest. *sigh*

Nigel said...


Me too. However, we must remember the good days. Hello Cleveland!