Monday, March 23, 2009

Who is Glenn Beck...and what is he doing in your living room?

His FNC ratings are skyrocketing...and he connects with so many of us.

Here he compares himself with Howard Beale:

Oh...and screw you Bill Maher. Beck's ratings blitz your's and the Olberdouche's combined:

Hot Air points out that Beck is now the top rated show on Fox News among 25-54 year olds:

With ratings like that, I don’t know how Fox can afford to keep him out of prime time. I’m expecting the announcement any day now that Special Report will be moving to 5 p.m., Shep to 6, and Beck to 7 to lead in to the Factor. God only knows what ratings he’d do with a real audience.


Anonymous said...

Glen rocks! I love him. No, not that way you perv!

Glad to see a new post--hope all is well.


MAS1916 said...

keep posting! good stuff.

Beck gives Fox News haters another reason to tune in. They now can hate more people in addition to O'Reilly.

Matthew Mulligan said...

Glen talks plainly - which is why he didn't find CNN a comportabe place tow work.