Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is Nancy Pelosi the dumbest woman in the world?

Quite possibly. Guess who's she's crediting for the reduction in violence in Iraq? Would you believe...


Believe it:

Not that this was completely unexpected, but San Fran values Nancy endorses Mark Leno for California State Senate:

Good for you Nancy. Why not support a guy who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to have up to 24 images of child pron before you get thrown in the slammer?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A brave chick

Go here and meet Kaylee...a teenage girl battling cancer. Leave your best wishes and prayers for her.

And after she's done kicking cancer's ass, let's recruit her to blog for the Moronosphere. Got to get them away from libtards as early as we can...

Rant of the day: Mexico sucks

Keywork, who I occasionally run into over at Laurie Kendrick's blog, has my favorite rant of the day:

Look, I love sugar skulls and death-themed holidays, but you guys are ****ing insane...

...In short, Mexico, you're ****ing loco. Please send my box of sugar skulls pronto.

Go here to read the rest.

Personally, I think Keywork can lay off Mexico just a little. After all, our amigos to the south did give us this:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Nobel Peace Prize that Algore (PBUH) stole

How in the hell can Algore (PBUH)keep his Nobel Peace Prize in good conscience?:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Will Algore (PBUH) risk getting punked?

My bet

Washington - Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Tuesday he is ready to debate Al Gore about global warming, as he presented the English version of his latest book that argues environmentalism poses a threat to basic human freedoms.

"I many times tried to talk to have a public exchange of views with him, and he's not too much willing to make such a conversation," Klaus said. "So I'm ready to do it."

Al? The ball is in your court.

McCain: I Will Never Surrender in Iraq

I'm still on the fence about voting for John McCain, but he could have earned my vote today if he would have come down from the podium and beaten the shit out of those Code Pinko pussies:

Speaking of pussies...Barack Obama has stopped whining just long enough to reject John McCain's offer to join him for a bi-partisan fact-finding mission in Iraq.

So let me get this straight. He'll meet with terrorist heads of state, but he'll pass on the opportunity to meet with our troops and allies. He wants to unite America, but he'll pass on a golden opportunity to show that his vision transcends party politics.

Or is he just afraid he'll be further exposed as a geo-political trainwreck? least he's not a liar like Hillary.


“I had a uncle who was one of the… who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps. And the story in our family was that when he came home he just went up into the attic and he didn’t leave the house for six months.”

Ya think anyone at MSNBC will call bullshit on that? Nah, me neither.

(If you're not sure what's wrong with his story, go here.)

Anyway, you know what that makes Barry? Yes, Linda...that's right!:

New investigative report reveals...Cheadle lied, people died

Hitler...Stalin...Don Cheadle?:

International Scandal: Don Cheadle Planned Darfur Genocide To Create Film Role

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indy traffic reporter's subliminal message to commuters

Maybe it was just his unique way of saying, "take the bus...":

Larry Craig immortalized by Minor League Baseball Team

Your legacy is secure when someone creates a bobble-head doll in your likeness. However, I'm not sure Larry Craig is going to appreciate this one.

It's not exactly a "bobble-head" doll. It's a...bobble-foot. Surely to be available on E-bay this weekend...:

ST. PAUL, MN (May 21, 2008) – Some of the most famous dance halls in the country include Radio City Music Hall in New York, the Fox Theater in Detroit and now the list includes a restroom at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. With so much fanfare around dancing, the St. Paul Saints will honor “tappers” during National Tap Dance Day.

During the Sunday, May 25 game the first 2,500 fans in attendance will receive a bobblefoot. The design is a bathroom stall, with a foot that peaks out of the bottom and “taps” up and down. The day coincides with National Tap Dance Day.

While many people tap their foot because they are impatient, others may do it because they are nervous. It doesn’t matter if your tapping style is done with a “wide stance” or is used as some sort of code, the Saints are asking all fans to tap to their heart’s content on May 25.

Well that didn't take long. The first one's already up on is up to $51.56:

I gotta have one. Bidding that sucker up right now...

Anyone heard from Eliot Spitzer lately?

Update: At $61, I am now the high bidder! Yeah, I know I should probably wait until a few more get put on ebay, but I AM going to get one.

As a back-up plan, I emailed Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air to see if he could grab me one...being from Minnesota and all...

2nd Update: Crap. Someone wants this thing more than I do...already outbid.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The video I've ever seen

Cranky from Six Meat Buffet posted this video...and I cannot figure out what the hell these womyns are talkin' 'bout:

I'm kind of embarrassed for posting this...but it's SO strange. y'all really have conversations like this? If so, I am afraid...very afraid.

California Supreme Court: Marriage between man and car OK!*

And this guy is stoked:

Edward Smith, who lives with his current "girlfriend" – a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla, insisted that he was not "sick" and had no desire to change his ways.

"I appreciate beauty and I go a little bit beyond appreciating the beauty of a car only to the point of what I feel is an expression of love," he said.

The recently-released opinion by the California Supreme Court has opened the door for Smith to marry one or all of his "girlfriends":

*San Francisco — The California Supreme Court today held that the California legislative and initiative measures limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples violate the state constitutional rights of same-sex couples, human-automobile couples, human-animal couples, human-plant couples, human-blowup doll couples, or any combination of the aformentioned in any number and may not be used to preclude these couples or groups from marrying. (In re Marriage Cases, S147999.)

Upon reviewing the numerous past California decisions that examine the underlying bases and significance of the constitutional right to marry, the opinion explains that the core substantive rights embodied in the right to marry “include, most fundamentally, the opportunity of an individual to establish — with the persons, automobiles, animals, plants, or blowup dolls with whom the individual has chosen to share his or her life — an officially recognized and protected family possessing mutual rights and responsibilities and entitled to the same respect, dignity and dysfunction accorded a union traditionally designated as marriage.”

The opinion then observes that “in contrast to earlier times, our state now recognizes that our ideas of traditional marriage are ****ed up and antiquated. The ability to establish a loving and long-term committed relationship with other persons, cars, animals, plants or blowup dolls and responsibly to care for and raise children or Cooper Minis does not depend upon the individual’s sexual orientation, and, more generally, that an individual’s sexual orientation should be celebrated, out in the open and rewarded."

* Uh...not really. But we're kind of heading in that direction, aren't we?

If Ted Kennedy was a Republican

I did something this morning that I had never done before. I prayed for Ted Kennedy.

Sure Ted has been the target of much of my scorn and snark, but cancer sucks. I don't wish that on anyone.

Which got me to thinking. What if Ted was a Republican?:

What if Ted beats cancer, what do i do with my CANCER shirt and hat? i'm really rooting for the big C. i'd be disappointed.

Buy this shirt!:

“Dear Ted, I hate you. -God.”

“Sure holding all that bulls**t in your brain would give anyone a brain tumor . . . !”

“The growth in his brain is because his head is stuck up his a**. F**k him!! He is pure lying scum and should die ASAP!!”

This Goes to 11 wishes Ted Kennedy all the best and hopes for a full recovery.

Update: Michelle Malkin doesn't need a lot of words to make her point on this.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Russian press conference interrupted by a flying Bill Clinton

Fortunately Jim McGreevey*, who has hands-on experience with these kind of distractions, jumped at the chance to save the day:


*OK...tell me that didn't look like Jim McGreevey. And can you really tell the difference between a flying penis and Bill Clinton?

H/T: Ace of Spades HQ left-side headlines...

Nancy Pelosi isn't as important as she thinks she is

What!? No marching bands? No military salute? No parades through Baghdad?

I'm shocked:

The arrival of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who came to Baghdad on Saturday with a congressional delegation, set off a now-familiar cycle of reaction in the Iraqi capital. First there was buzz around the city about flight delays from Baghdad International Airport, which goes into lockdown when VIPs land or takeoff. Since no dust storms were grounding flights, anyone traveling could have assumed some American bigwig was heading in. But when local TV reported the visitor was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, there was a collective shrug of the kind you might expect from Republicans catching a glimpse of her somewhere in McCain country.

The lack of popularity of Pelosi's views was evident in the fact that her first day on the ground Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki did not make an effort to see her...

Pelosi may not get much more warmth from the American military leaders she plans to meet either. Pelosi argued against sending additional surge forces to Iraq, a plan overseen by Gen. David Petraeus that is now widely credited with reducing the levels of violence in Iraq. Moreover, Pelosi made waves on Capitol Hill in November by saying U.S. troops were torturing detainees - an accusation generally not taken well by men and women in uniform of any rank.

So why is Pelosi in Iraq? Perhaps she is just passing through to meet with a government who holds views closer to hers:

In other Iraq news from

(BAGHDAD) — An American soldier used a Koran, the Islamic holy book, for target practice in a predominantly Sunni area west of Baghdad, prompting an apology from the U.S. military, a spokesman said Sunday.

Iraqi police found the bullet-riddled Koran with graffiti inside the cover on a small-arms range near a police station in Radwaniyah, a former insurgent stronghold west of Baghdad, U.S. military spokesman Col. Bill Buckner said in an e-mailed response to a query. I also regularly use the Koran for target practice:

Thanks to Rusty at The Jawa Report for my bomb-dropping target

Of course the US Military had to go to CYA mode and kiss Muslim ass...wouldn't want to upset anyone who "practices the religion of peace":

American commanders then launched an inquiry that led to disciplinary action against the soldier, who has been removed from Iraq, Buckner said.

"I come before you here seeking your forgiveness," Maj. Gen. Jeffery Hammond was quoted as saying by the network. "In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers."

The commander also read a letter of apology by the shooter, and another military official kissed a Koran and presented it to the tribal leaders, according to CNN.

Helix High School has a unique sex education program

What the hell is happening at Helix High School?

SAN DIEGO -- For the third time in two years, a teacher at Helix High School in La Mesa is accused of having sex with a student.

Officials said Spring Valley resident Gary Wilcox, 44, was arrested Sunday night. He is accused of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a female student. Investigators said the geography teacher and soccer coach had sex with the girl, who is now 18, at least once in a hotel room more than a year ago.

Jessica Ashley Kahal, 22, a former music teacher and band director at Helix High, was accused in October 2007 of having sex with a 17-year-old student. In April 2007, a judge sentenced former teacher Frank Palumbo, 27, to five years probation Friday for having unlawful sex with a student.

OK, that's three times in two years. Wilcox is just the latest in skeevy predators to prey on San Diego area teenagers. More background here, here and here.

Uh...allegedly. As one defender of an accused predator reminded me:

Please bear in mind Coach Facione has only been ACCUSED at this time. The player making the accusations was recently cut from the team.As a high school basketball coach, how would you feel if a player that you cut from your team turned around and accused you of sexually molesting her? You'd be arrested, thrown in jail, spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees, bail money, etc. and end up with your coaching career in shambles. Then on top of all that, you'd have idiot bloggers like yourself mouthing off without a care in the world as to what the true facts of the case may be.

Here's a novel concept...let's keep our hands off the kids, OK?

Update: Two 8th-graders in Minnesota allegedly had sex...DURING a math class. What was the teacher doing?:

The Best Barack Hussein Obama column...evah!

Rick Moran drops a nuclear bomb on Barry O:

Just what office is Barack Obama running for? Commander in Chief? Or perhaps Keeper of the Constant Whine? Or maybe Lord High Commissioner of the Bitch?

To Obama, it’s always something. Bush challenges his foreign policy positions and he whines about a “political attack” rather than responding.” McCain rightly points out that Obama has absolutely zero foreign policy experience (except that advanced course in foreign relations he took when he was 8 years old and living in Indonesia – or whatever Obama’s claim to superior experience is this week) and the candidate weeps like an 11 year old girl, complaining about McCain using the “old politics” to diss him...

...The more I see and hear Barack Obama, the less I think of him as a man and as a candidate. He hides behind his race as if it was his momma’s skirts. Nothing is ever his fault or the fault of the positions he has taken on issues vital to the safety and security of the United States. It’s either people who don’t vote for him are racists or war mongering fascist neocons who refuse to get with his new program of not being so beastly to our enemies. He is thin skinned, quick to anger, overly sensitive, and a whining, sniveling child who can’t take criticism like a man and respond as an adult.

Uh...Rick? You forgot this:

Go here to read the rest...'s all MY fault

Can this global warming garbage get any more stupid?

As if they didn’t already have enough problems on their hands fat people are now being blamed for global warming.

British scientists say they use up more fuel to transport them around and the amount of food they eat requires more energy to produce than that consumed by those on smaller diets.

According to a team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine this adds to food shortages and higher energy prices.

Researchers Phil Edwards said: “We are all becoming heavier and it is a global responsibility. Obesity is a key part of the big picture."

Well...damn. Nothing like a huge dose of guilt to begin my week.

Here I am at a UCLA football game last October suffering from the ravages of global warming. I have nobody to blame but myself.

I'll tell you what. I am going on a diet save the earth! My car (even with my fat ass in it) already gets 25-27 mpg., I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment that uses miniscule(compared to global warming prophet Algore...PBUH) amounts of energy...but I guess I am just not doing enough to save Mother Planet.

I'm not doing this for me, or my health...I'm doing it for the Polar Bear, Great Tits, and the future of our earth. Y'all can thank me now...

(my old college roommate, TR emails to remind me to credit him for the photo. So TR, consider yourself credited, as long as you don't mind me telling my four readers that you were drunk off your ass on Captain Morgans and Red Stripes)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday stupid

Light blogging this month...getting my ass kicked at work means less blogging.

The Price is Wrong, Bitch!:

Iran to Israel: Happy Birthday!

Click here to see the inside of the card.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Taste the difference!

The City Of Los Angeles has a water problem, and no, it's apparently not the taste. Anyone and everyone that has ever tapped into the Dihydrgen Monoxide sump in the City of Angels knows that the taste is 2nd to none. So how do they continue to supply the massive population of the 213, 323, 310, 818, 562, 626, and 424 with such fine, potable H2O without compromising the quality?! Recycled sewer water. Yeah, baby! Toilet-to-tap; that's the ticket. The leaders and minions throughout the Southland agree: "This is a new day," he said. "We have new technology. We're going to reach out very aggressively to the public and engage them as to the facts." (LADWP GM David Nahai) "We are drinking the same water the dinosaurs drank. All our water has been and is being recycled." (Millie Hamilton - Encino City Council Member) I don't even live in LA, but you folks have me sold. This is obviously common sense in action to avoid another man-made catastrophe at the hands of out-of-control growth and development. You folks just might be in line for a pat on the back from The Goracle himself. Stay thirsty Los Angeles; Taste the difference.

Bob Pope clings to his guns...

...and he's proud of his country. Unlike Michelle Obama:

"If you make a deal, you make a deal!"

Consider me the president of the Nancy Fichandler fan club:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Supreme Court to California Voters: "Screw You!"

I thought we had a vote on this. But our liberal judges know better than we do:

California's supreme court ruled that a ban on gay marriage was unlawful Thursday, effectively leaving same-sex couples in America's most populous state free to tie the knot in a landmark ruling.

In an opinion that analysts say could have nationwide implications for the issue, the seven-member panel voted 4-3 in favor of plaintiffs who argued that restricting marriage to men and women was discriminatory.

The monkeys on California's Supreme Court

"... limiting the designation of marriage to a union 'between a man and a woman' is unconstitutional and must be stricken from the statute," California Chief Justice Ron George said in the written opinion.

*"We don't really give a flying **** what California voters want or believe," George continued. "One of our duties as Supreme Court justices is to determine what is best for society, and our Stanford and Berkeley law degrees leave us much more qualified to make that determination than the voters." *

Great. Why bother voting anymore when a bunch of black-robed monkeys can simply overturn the will of our voters?

Now I guess the next question is whether the court will force our churches to perform gay wedding ceremonies.

*Paraphrased...sort of...from the majority opinion

Update: From, a little hope:

But the decision ... may not be the last word. Conservative religious organizations have submitted more than 1.1 million signatures for an initiative that would amend the state Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. If at least 694,354 signatures are found to be valid, a tally that is due by mid-June, the measure would go on the November ballot and, if approved by voters, would override any court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

Californians have already voted once, in 2000, to reaffirm the 1977 state law that defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The 2000 initiative, Proposition 22, was not a constitutional amendment.

Tim Russert breaks down the Democratic Presidential Race

Does Hillary still have a chance? Are you confused about the role "Superdelegates" play in the Dems nomination process? Tim Russert clears it all up for you:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TGT11 is the last blog on earth to post this

So in case this site is the only one you've ever bookmarked, here's the infamous re-mix of Bill O'Reilly's meltdown.

Funny. Damn funny. And extremely profane, so make sure all you public school teachers gather your kids around:

John Edwards is counting Americas again

"There is one man who knows in his heart that it is time to create one (1) America, not two (2)..."


Got anything else, John? And which America do you live in?

What is your kid learning in school?

Is your kid being taught he/she has freedom of speech? What is your child learning about Islam?

You can watch the entire series here....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who wants to piss off Islamotards today?

I do! I do!

Brian at Snapped Shot brings our attention to this 350-year old Belgian church pulpit that has Muslims pissing all over themselves in rage again:

Pretty innocuous, right? Well look closer...that's Big Mo the child molester and his Koran being walked all over:

Well, if this blogger can get threatened for posting these photos, why can't I get a freakin' fatwa for this? And this?

C'mon...what's an infidel got to do?

I be illin'

Don't know if it was some bad chicken or what:

I'm feeling so lousy I'm contemplating voting for Barack Obama. I mean, why the hell not? Especially if we are going to get subjected to this.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who said this?

I always knew the guy was a ticking time bomb:

I think that a multi-state killing spree could prove therapeutic, but logistically speaking it would be a poor use of time. I have plenty of people in my home state that need to be taken out before I hit the road.

And if they don't know who they are… well… then they should prove all the more easy to kill.

I don't feel like blogging right now

So there.

Watch this instead:

Disclosure...I own a Bad News Bears jersey and wear it to poker games.

I saw the other awful Bad News Bears sequels, but somehow I missed this long lost classic.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just in...from the UCLA research department

When you don't have to worry about breaking up frat drug gangs, you can focus on important research that impacts our every day lives:

(BTW, if you read the news scroll at the bottom, you can also find that we finally passed "Bobo's Law". The animals at the San Diego Zoo can finally sleep)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

There was a drug bust at San Diego State?


I hadn't heard.

(It's only been all over the freakin' news for the last 12 y'all can stop emailing me to blog on it...I'm stuck in Yuma, Arizona on business)

Yes, friends, I did hear about the big drug bust at SDSU. Props to all my Aztec friends...that is some interesting commerce they be teachin' on Montezuma Mesa:

SAN DIEGO – A year-long investigation at San Diego State University has resulted in 96 people being arrested on drug- related charges, including 75 students, officials said Tuesday.

Eighteen SDSU students were taken into custody Tuesday morning and other related arrests have taken place over the past year, San Diego State University Police Chief John Browning said.

Drugs AND Guns! Those frat boys wuz serious!

Items seized in the investigation included $100,000 worth of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy pills, mushrooms, methamphetamine, and illicit prescription drugs. One shotgun, three semi-automatic pistols and about $60,000 in cash also were seized, Browning said.

Drug sales occurred on numerous locations across the campus, including in an alley next to the Theta Chi fraternity house, according to court records.

So what's the harm? Just a some free enterprise with your partying, right? Nobody gets hurt...

Not exactly:

The investigation was launched after a student died of a cocaine overdose a year ago.

Shirley Jennifer Poliakoff, 19, was found dead on the morning of May 6, 2007, in her Aztec Corner apartment. She was a member of Alpha Phi sorority.

A county Medical Examiner's investigator said Poliakoff died from acute cocaine and ethanol intoxication. The death was ruled accidental.

Confused penguins create credibility problem for MSNBC's story on global warming (Updated with original unedited video)

2nd Update: Hardee Har Har, MSNBC. Thanks to Hot Air commenter SilverStar830, we've found your original unedited version. Penguins arrive about 28 seconds in.

You tools:

Update: Looks like MSNBC is taking lessons from Trinity Church and the Associated Press in trying to cover their tracks. Good thing for screenshots, huh?

15-year old Camilla Hempleman-Adams went to the North Pole to ski...specifically to become the youngest woman ever to ski the North Pole.

Unfortunately, she's also been drinking the global warming Kool-Aid, so MSNBC thought it would be the perfect story to further push their "green" garbage:

Uh...did you catch that footage about 45 seconds in? Are those...penguins?:

According to MSNBC: Penguins set adrift on North Pole ice floe because of global warming

Someone might want to remind those stupid penguins that they are at the WRONG pole! Sheesh!

Of course maybe they are migrating North because of the increasing ice sheet accumulating at the South Pole.

Which would confuse me too, since apparently melting ice means global warming...and so does MORE ice:

Some scientists say trends in sea ice in key spots around the continent may be bellwethers for worrisome changes that could accelerate the melt of nearby land ice, most notably the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

But before you think I am harshing on penguins...I understand how confused they can get:

Click to make bigger if your eyesight is as bad as mine

So if you see a lost and disoriented penguin, you may want to steer clear. Lost penguins can be a handful:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Global Warming...please come back!

Playing golf today...and I'll be freezing my ass off:

Click if image is too small for your piss-poor eyesight

Update: Played my round. I'm dethawing now. If I ever meet Algore (PBUH), I'm slamming him square in the nuts.

I finally understand Rev. Jeremiah Wright was saying!

I'm just a stupid white could I have misunderstood his message? Thanks to Conan O'Brien for being the one interviewer who uncovers the "real" Jeremiah Wright:

H/T: Freedom Eden

And don't miss Rev. Wrights new sitcom coming soon on Fox!:

More Rev. Wright hilarity here...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Hannah Montana Photo Shoot: Just good clean Achy Breaky family fun


You disagree?

Go'll change your mind.

Want a divorce?

Just see the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for marriage counseling:

Recruiting Barack Obama to the racist cult of Black Liberation Theology isn't Jeremiah Wright's only notable accomplishment. He also managed to steal the wife of a parishioner who sought his help in saving his troubled marriage.

The rest here at Moonbattery...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Did a Hillary jinx strike the Kentucky Derby?

Please Hillary...don't pick my Chargers to win the next Super Bowl:


Friday, May 2, 2008

Stupid white woman pays gangbangers to keep right on gangbangin' (Updated)

(Welcome Michelle Malkin readers...)

What's not a joke to Los Angeles residents is that Janice Hahn is using taxpayer money to do it:

Yes, Los have a gangbanger named "Bow Wow" on your payroll. As long as the liberal morons you keep electing are running your city, don't expect your gang problems to get any better.

Janice Hahn...on the wisdom of putting convicted felons on the payroll:

I think you're saying that some of these people have been part of the problem in the past...well I'm here to say they're part of the solution now, and I think that's positive. are the type of brainiacs Janice Hahn feels are "part of the solution":

The idiots running Los Angeles are at a loss to solve their gang problem. I have the solution right here as long as we can all agree the ACLU can go screw itself.

An afterthought...I wonder if Barack Obama's new pastor, the Rev. Otis Moss, thinks this is all the fault of Ronald Reagan and corporate America.

UPDATE: From the Long Beach Press Telegram, Janice Hahn is actually seeking to RAISE TAXES to pay for her wonderful little program:

Councilwoman Janice Hahn said she was happy to see the mayor's plan to dedicate more money to gang prevention and intervention.

"What's important is that we're taking action. We've done the studies, we've seen the reports, the evidence is in. We need to act," said Hahn, who has proposed a $30-a-year parcel tax to raise $40million for anti-gang programs.

The verbiage sound familiar? "We've seen the reports, the evidence is in. We need to act."

Hmm...sounds like another boondoggle designed to take taxpayer money: commenter "Pat" finds this article from the LA Weekly:

Connie Rice knew it all along. She knew that Hector Marroquin, veteran of the 18th Street Gang and a self-proclaimed anti-gang activist, was still in the life.

That’s what Rice stated last week, as news broke that Marroquin allegedly sold automatic rifles and silencers to undercover ATF agents on three separate occasions, between September and November.

On Tuesday, she reiterated her claim of knowing about Marroquin, and called on city officials to probe the $1.5 million in city funds that his anti-gang program, No Guns, received.

The back of Hector Marroquin's Jeep says "No Guns". But what
was behind the tailgate?

“What did that money produce? I know Hector did some good work on the Eastside, but if one dime went to his Mr. Hyde life, then there must be an investigation,” she said.

Marroquin’s alleged gun sales came three months after the city cut its ties to him over nepotism and misuse of funds from L.A. Bridges — a 10-year-old, $100 million sinkhole created by the Los Angeles City Council that has produced no tangible results, according to Rice’s $500,000 city-funded report on how to solve the gang problem.

Wow. Just look at all those taxpayer funds being thrown down the drain...all funding weapons, drugs, and violence. And Connie Rice...where have I seen that name before?

Oh the donor list of the gang prevention program that Hahn used to pass through cash to her gang-prevention "employees" like "Bow Wow".

Note the other liberal donors among the celebrities and athletes who were suckered into subsidizing gangbangers:

Harry Belafonte
Danny Glover
Mike Farrell

Commenter FishfearMe at Doubleplusundead suggests that these subsidies might be "Gangbanger Offsets"...heh!

Where to go to get your fix of BOOBS

See Update at bottom of post

Howdy fellow morons. Let's face it, y'all simply cannot get enough of BOOBS. Honestly, can you possibly get enough of this story?

No you can't. Admit it.

And since you can't, I've found the perfect outlet for you. This chick blogs about BOOBS!

(Yeah, yeah...and some other stuff I can't quite remember).

So go there...and be nice to Sue. Maybe she'll even show you hers...

(Uh...probably not, but it wouldn't hurt to ask)

Speaking of BOOBS...this one's for Cranky at Six Meat Buffet. Not that he's into BOOBS (I mean, I suppose he might be), but I know he digs Heavy Metal:

Update: It's BOOBmania everywhere. Methinks someone better be careful at work, lest he get his hands cut off for this:

Click to see who will incur the wrath of Allah!

Tubing this weekend at The Music Chamber

It's sweeeeeeet!

This Ho should get a raging case of hemorrhagic goat syphillis

I think it's a cowardly act to hit a woman.

Except this one. Someone should beat the living crap out of her:

Stolen from Nice Deb's post at Ace of Spades HQ

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"What is wrong with these people?"

Enter the world of a real life "Fight Club" with "Dustbusters, toilet plungers, cookie sheets and toilet seats" (and more) as weapons...

And it's all perfectly legal:

Jimmy Carter's buddies broadcast: Jews planned Holocaust

How big a moron is Jimmy Carter? Look what Hamas TV broadcast the day he met with those Palestinian goons: