Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving Day

I'm outta here...

Today I'm saying goodbye to my Pacific Beach rathole of the last 12 years and moving into a nice 3 bedroom home somewhere else in San Diego.

So it only seems appropriate that I finalize my OTHER move. I am leaving TGT11 to the storage room of forgettable blogs...because Preston, Cranky and Brian have invited me to join their lunacy over at Six Meat Buffet.

Now that kind of feels like leaving a tin-roof shack for a...well...better furnished tin-roofed shack. But I appreciate the opportunity. I have already been posting there for about a week.

To both of my loyal readers...thank you. It's been a blast.

Monday, May 25, 2009

We can never repay...

...the sacrifices made by our men and women in the military in the name of freedom:

One more thing. Until my grandfather's ashes were entombed at Annapolis last summer, I had never heard the full story of his military service. My grandfather served honorably and valiantly on the USS Endicott.

If you "google" USS Endicott, you won't read much about its World War II operations. That's because much of the ship's World War II mission was classified. The reason I never heard my grandfather speak of his World War II service is that in his mind "classified" meant classified...and until he received an order allowing him to speak of the Endicott's operations, he would keep silent.

Last summer I heard part of that amazing story. I know my grandfather would not want me to share the story and besides, it's not really my place to do so.

But I will tell my future children so that they may know of his bravery...and the bravery of all who served on the USS Endicott.

Update: TGT11 is shutting down. I'm doing my screaming over here now...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why California is out of money

Remember this the next time Ahnold tells us that he might have to lay off teachers:

Thomas Friedman, the star columnist, returned a $75,000 speaking fee after accepting it from a California government agency in violation of a Times guideline.

When Friedman accepted $75,000 — his standard rate — for speaking to a regional government agency in Oakland this month, he ran afoul of a Times rule that staff members may take fees “only from educational and other nonprofit groups for which lobbying and political activity are not a major focus.”

Yeah, The State got the money back. But don't threaten to lay off firefighters, and then tell us that lives might be lost during the next fire season because we didn't vote for another tax increase.

California ex-pat Cranky at Six Meat Buffet lays out a few more brilliant spending decisions by our Suckramento pols...

(No, I'm not "back". Really, I'm not...)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Screenshot of the Week shit, Barry!:

BTW, I'm moving next week. Out of my craphole beach abode into a suburban palace with a back yard and quiet neighbors.


I may be blogging again. Just not here. Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is Barack Obama still doing blow?

Hey, I didn't ask that question...

Ace did.

But I figure the headline might get me a few Google hits.

While we're on the subject of liars and crybabies, Nancy Pelosi must be absolutely radioactive after getting nuked by my favorite wheelchair pundit, Charles Krauthammer (via Hot Air):

"I had a sense that if you'd attached a lie detector to her in that newser, it would have short-circuited"


No, I'm not "back". But that was fun...

Update: Speaking of Google hits, who knew that when I called Nancy Pelosi a stupid bitch, that it would keep paying off? I'm number 1, baby!

Monday, May 11, 2009

What are you doing here?

Didn't you hear?

This blog is essentially dead.


I'm not sure it will ever be resurrected. There is so much going on elsewhere in my life.

For's looking like the future Mrs. Nigel will be here very shortly. She's an immigrant. A legal immigrant. She passed her embassy interview yesterday and it looks as if she will be here in the next 6 weeks.

Which means I need to pay for a wedding, a new home, furniture for the home, a new car and the remaining expenses associated with bringing and keeping Mrs. Nigel here.

So I am not participating in this recession. I've got to make as much money as I can before our President figures out how to redistribute it.

I have made many friends in the blog world...and I've stayed in touch with many of them. Perhaps I'll be back here, perhaps I'll resurface somewhere else.

If you've spent any amount of time over here...thank you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Who is Glenn Beck...and what is he doing in your living room?

His FNC ratings are skyrocketing...and he connects with so many of us.

Here he compares himself with Howard Beale:

Oh...and screw you Bill Maher. Beck's ratings blitz your's and the Olberdouche's combined:

Hot Air points out that Beck is now the top rated show on Fox News among 25-54 year olds:

With ratings like that, I don’t know how Fox can afford to keep him out of prime time. I’m expecting the announcement any day now that Special Report will be moving to 5 p.m., Shep to 6, and Beck to 7 to lead in to the Factor. God only knows what ratings he’d do with a real audience.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My blog is dying

What? You haven't noticed?

I'll update soon. Needless to say, I have so much going on that blogging is taking a back seat to the rest of my life.

And something odd has occurred. Despite Barack Obama's best efforts to screw this country up, I simply do not feel the rage. Yeah, I know there is much I SHOULD be indignant about right now...but I'm simply not feeling it.

Blame that on the future Mrs. Nigel. She's put me in a "happy" place right now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"My McNuggets ARE an Emergency!"

You know that feeling when a blog seems to be winding down? When the blogger starts posting only once a week, and then instead of acute political analysis, he posts stuff like this?:

Angered that her local McDonald's was out of Chicken McNuggets, a Florida woman called 911 three times to report the fast food "emergency."

Latreasa Goodman, 27, last Saturday called police to complain that a cashier--citing a McDonald's all sales are final policy--would not give her a refund. When cops responded to the restaurant, Goodman told them, "This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one."

Go here for the rest of the hilarity...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The upside of the foreclosure "crisis"

A quick anecdotal observation:

I am in the mortgage business. Yesterday, I met with a 42-year old single mother. She is raising 2 teenagers in a crappy studio apartment in a crappy neighborhood.

She makes just over $25,000 a year. According to the government, she is officially in "poverty".

She does not have an X-box, plasma screen TV, or microwave oven.

She DOES have (and pays for) health insurance for her and her children.

She is a LEGAL immigrant from Mexico who entered our country legally, assimilated, learned English, and became a US citizen.

She drives a 1996 Toyota Corolla.

She has paid every bill on time and has perfect credit.

Somehow, she saved $8,000...$25 here, $50 there...

This weekend she bought a cute little foreclosed home for herself and her two children. Purchase price? $145,000.

The home was purchased by the previous owners for $409,000.

Update: Acorn thugs and Obama's housing plan would take away these opportunities in favor of people like this:

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Most Underrated President

(Reposted from last year. Via Hot Air, C-Span produced a ranking of United States Presidents.

A shock: Barack Obama isn't already in the top ten. A bigger shock? Our choice ranks #32?!?!)

He's not on any American currency, there are no monuments to him in Washington (though you can stay at a Bed and Breakfast named after him while visting). Most American History classes pretty much ignore his administration. He never even won an election.

But looking at him now, it's clear that America could use another Chester A. Arthur. Elevated to the Presidency upon the assassination of James Garfield, Arthur enacted policies that pissed off both Democrats and Republicans...

Heard of The Pendleton Act? Chester Arthur signed that law that...get this...actually required government appointees to show some level of competence before they get appointed. No more cronyism. While The Pendleton Act is still allegedly in effect, clearly our current administration doesn't pay much attention to it.

Arthur also enacted our nation's first immigration law:

The Arthur Administration enacted the first general Federal immigration law. Arthur approved a measure in 1882 excluding paupers, criminals, and lunatics. Congress suspended Chinese immigration for ten years, later making the restriction permanent.

Now that's an immigration policy I can get behind. Not the part about the Chinese...but excluding paupers, criminals and lunatics. You poor? Sorry, you're not bringing your destitution here to leech off our social services. Criminal? Get your gang-bangin' ass back to El Salvador. Lunatic? If you came from a country that thinks that a child-molester is a prophet...

Got a little pork in that bill you got through Congress? You couldn't get that past Chet Arthur:

The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it.

Because Arthur decided to actually look out for the American people and failed to hire Republican cronies, Arthur didn't even get his party's nomination in the 1884 election. Not that he particularly wanted it. See...the dude was dying and wouldn't have even made it through the first year of his second term. And before you think I am being disrespectful for calling him "dude"...well, dude...his nickname was The Dude President.

My favorite author Samuel Clemens said this about my favorite Arthur:

I am but one in 55,000,000; still, in the opinion of this one-fifty-five millionth of the country's population, it would be hard to better President Arthur's administration.

Another Chet Arthur fan

Happy Presidents Day, Chester A. Arthur. Mt. Rushmore should have had space for ya...

Updated: Think Barack Obama has a questionable background? Check out this piece on the mystery man that was Chester Arthur:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't leave Al Gore (PBUH) alone with your kids

Glenn Beck makes one GREAT point. How can a former Vice President of the United States meet with 3 THOUSAND kids...and nobody in the media is covering it?:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

While we're busy pissing of feminazis...

Let's talk abortion...

Courtney Martin needs to get laid

Anyone out there willing to take that bullet?

Seems Courtney and her other dried-up feminists are all up in arms over Bill O'Reilly's little joke about that witch Helen Thomas sounding like...well...a witch.

Yeah, the joke wasn't exactly a side-splitter. But that's what it was...a joke.

But angry feminists don't have a sense of humor. Look at "tough" Courtney taking on O'Reilly:

O'Reilly calls Courtney Martin "brave" for her appearance on the factor. Well...he's being nice. "Humorless" "Hypocrite" and "Moonbat" are far more accurate descriptions of Mz. Martin.

BTW, I scoured Google for Mz. Martin's assertion that she has "defended" Sarah Palin in the past. These are the sum total of her defense of Palin.

One was an attack on McCain for talking about Palin in endearing terms. Another was an attack on O'Reilly for making a joke about the stupid media blitz on Palin's wardrobe.

That's it. Not a single criticism of Saturday Night Live for their parodies of Palin, not a single criticism of the media for questioning whether Palin could...or for VP when she has a family, not a single word of praise for a woman who feminists SHOULD be proud of.

Except unlike Mz. Martin, Sarah Palin has actually accomplished something in her life...unlike Mz. Martin, Sarah Palin actually has a sense of humor...and unlike Mz. Martin, Sarah Palin actually "gets some" on a regular basis.

Update: My bad. Mz. Martin has written a book. Credit where credit is due, and all that.

She still needs to lighten up.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's metaphor for the "Stimulus" package...

...comes from The ONN:

(EXTREME language warning)

The Buffet of Hope and Change

The guys Comrades over at Six Meat Buffet were among the first to use some of President Barry's "stimulus" funds to give their site a facelift. Have a look:

Michele's devotees may have noticed that she no longer writes here. She was kidnapped about a month ago, but she has been re-educated and will now be writing her propaganda manifestos here.

And while America blindly follows their "Messiah"...

...Iran begins preparation for the return of theirs:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Talk about the "friendly skies"...

...uh, if you see a helicopter flying erratically over San Diego:

Hopefully, that Starbucks cup was filled with mouthwash...

But seriously, this pilot should have been grounded anyway:

SAN DIEGO — The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the actions of a La Jolla helicopter pilot after a video of him engaged in sex acts midflight surfaced on the Internet.

The video shows David Keith Martz, a professional pilot with a history of FAA violations, at the controls of his chopper over San Diego while fondling an adult-film actress, who then performs a sex act on him.

The video, shot in 2007, appeared Tuesday on the gossip Web site and has become widespread since.

Along with the video, TMZ reported that someone had sent the FAA an e-mail about the episode, including photos of Martz fondling the actress – who goes by the name Puma Swede – while in flight.

Looking for that definitely NSFW video? It's here.

Uh...back to the REAL issue here. Why is this guy allowed to fly?:

Martz first ran afoul of the FAA for flying on a forged medical certificate in 1986. His license was revoked.

Then in June 2002, Martz was seen doing aerobatics below 1,500 feet and over a populated area, Tourmaline Park in Pacific Beach – both violations of air safety rules. He was suspended for 30 days.

In October 2003, the FAA again revoked Martz's license, saying he “landed close to people on the ground at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.”

In June 2005, the agency suspended Martz for 230 days, saying he flew passengers from Mexico to Brown Field and then Montgomery Field, despite knowing the tail section of his helicopter had been damaged by hitting a wire.

Jokes about "45 seconds" may or may not be posted in the comments section.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The definition of stupidity... being a global warming alarmist who decides to have a "sky is falling" conference in...Buffalo.

In February:

Talk about great timing.

Buffalo State College hosts the national teach-in on Global Warming Situations today — a day the local temperature bottomed out at minus 6 degrees.

No evidence of global warming here, at least not this morning, when unofficial reports to the National Weather Service listed temperatures as low as 9 degrees below zero elsewhere in Erie County.

Meanwhile, Al Gore (PBUH) is busy telling your kids to ignore their parents:

"Step up, Bitch!"

Yup...this is what this once-proud 6th-tier blog has come to...a blog on Reality Skanks:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Raise your hand if you're NOT sick

Sheesh...does everyone on the planet have this ****ing cold?

I've had this cold since...oh...last Tuesday. Funny...I thought his Obamaness would have cured the common cold by now. At least I don't have to make my house or car payments...

BTW, this strain seems to be impervious to Zicam. So don't bother...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Obama Springs Into Action

Here's what pissed me off this morning...less than a week into the messiah's reign:

President Obama on Friday lifted a ban on federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions, reversing a policy of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Obama signed the executive order one day after the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in all 50 states.

Hmm. So let me get this straight. The US economy is teetering, and Barry wants to take MY TAX DOLLARS and send them to foreign countries to finance the killing of babies abortions?

I don't agree with using my tax dollars to fund abortion in my own country. But let's leave the ethical arguments against abortion out of the argument for right now. How can Barry possibly justify sending millions of dollars OUT of our country to fund a procedure that does not enhance the global economy...and in fact is a long-term detriment to it?

From a purely fiscal perspective, that is just stupidity.

And so is this:

QUESTION: Mr. Boehner, you had three strong words in reaction to the Democratic House proposal. What was your message to President Obama?

HOUSE REPUBLICAN LEADER JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH): You know, I’m concerned about the size of the package and I’m concerned about some of the spending that’s in there. How you can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives – how does that stimulate the economy?

The Barry O. "Stimulus Package"

You know what Boehner should have done? He should have walked out to the presser with a case of condoms and abortion leaflets and started handing them out without saying a word. And then he could have turned to the cameras and said, "I just want America to know what our President will be blowing millions of your hard-earned tax dollars on."

And just an aside...I wonder if Baby-Killer Barry has been to church yet?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"You wanna explain to me how this is more interesting than humping my sister"?

"I didn't know that those black folks could be so smart..."

The Klan show begins about 4 minutes in:

Another Klan flashback here.

(, I am not trying to turn TGT11 into a 'Zo site...I am just a little burned out...and I've got nothin'. Maybe I'll be back. Maybe I won't).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

If Global Warming is real...

...then why am I freezing my ass off?:

(I wish I'd thought of that idea for a blog first)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't let Hollywood "snow" you

Words of wisdom from my favorite black dude:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I am thinking

Yeah. Like y'all really give a rat's ass...


Today's "money quote" comes from Ann Coulter on "Victimhood":

“You have the gays jumping on the bandwagon, you have rich white women living in Scarsdale (Betty Friedan: ‘Oh I’m so oppressed because I’m bored being a housewife’), you have the illegal aliens, you even have the Muslims getting in on the act, [claiming] oppression when they go through airport security…

“We live in a world in which he who is offended first wins. So liberals, whenever they need to get their way, they just claim to have had some sacred feeling of theirs horribly wounded…

“The reason that works in a country like this is that American people are such lovely, charitable people. They see someone wailing in indignation and think it must be genuine. They want to aid the afflicted.

I've thought recently about shutting down this blog. I just don't have the time anymore. Then I remember that it ain't costing me anything. And I'm really just posting to see myself on the internets anyway. And sometimes I use this POC blog to blow off steam. And occasionally I get the added benefit of being able to piss off a liberal!

So on we go...

I have a dear Jewish friend who suffers from the liberal affliction. He is an unabashed "Obama supporter" (his words).

And I don't get this. At ALL. This friend is VERY tied in to what is happening in Israel right now. He visits there often as part of his job and knows the situation there inside and out (that's about all I feel comfortable saying about him at the risk of "outing" him and his position).

Fortunately he doesn't read my blog (though he knows it exists), so I can reveal part of a recent email exchange.

I asked why the Jewish community almost overwhelmingly supports Obama in light of:

1. Israel is clearly are concerned about Obama's Presidency and his future support of their existence.

2. Recent revelations that the Obama administration will begin talks with Hamas...legitimizing them on the world stage.

His response? He feels that Obama is "smart enough" to recognize Israel's conditions for a cease fire with Hamas.

That was the entirety of his response. I didn't press the issue with him because I suspect I hit a nerve. His admiration for "The One" clearly eclipses any concern he might have that the Obama administration is about to begin having talks with a terrorist organization that wants the destruction of Israel.

And because this was on Fox News, I doubt that my dear friend even knows who Rashid Khalidi is:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Romi has a new blog

Since entering the blogging community a few years ago, there have been only three women whose blogs have made me spray coffee and laugh...

1. Annika, whose posts here and here predate this blog. Annika has her own blog here, though I believe she's moved on to her lawyering career and does not post much anymore.

2. Laurie Kendrick, who is as scary as she is funny. I love that girl, and if I am ever picking sides in a blog war, I'll make her my first pick.

3. Romi. I have had a crush on this Indian Spice Girl since I first saw her in flannel pajamas. She offered to seduce me...then she did. 2008 was the Year of the Chick, and Romi took us all along for a great ride in her search for her soulmate.

Now the year is 2009, and Romi has found her man. Or has she? (Alas, it was not me...but I now have a future Mrs. Nigel, so I'm not complaining). Anyway, go check her new blog out...and re-read her old one if you need to catch up.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Stupid Trojan Tricks

Stay classy, USC:

Hey, Rey. You're freakin' hilarious. I predict a short NFL career followed by a long prison sentence for you...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go Israel!

Kick some Hamas ass.

Now what follows is admittedly nothing but a rant. It is simply what I am thinking. I don't have time to link...

Screw all of you "Palestinians". You don't "raise" your children to be loving, but rather train them as little monsters who don't value life or peace. You teach your kids that Jews are "apes" and put automatic weapons in their hands and put them on TV to glorify their future martyrdom. That makes you evil.

Stop bitching about Israel wanting to "occupy" Gaza. The Gaza strip is a shithole and if it were up to Israel, they would let you live there peacefully forever. But you don't want to live peacefully. You want to lob rockets into Israel...much like some brat child who provokes another...and provokes...and provokes...then is surprised when finally the other child defends themself. Well I dare say Israel has had enough.

Yes, I am aware the "geo-political" situation is much more complicated than this. But then again it isn't. Simply put, y'all are punks. Israel should completely destroy you. Completely. They should turn the Gaza strip into a landing strip. But they won't. They have shown remarkable restraint against your provocation. They will continue to show restraint despite your whining that big bad Israel is killing "innocent" women and children.

Why do you care? You don't value those lives either. You train your children to be martyrs and treat your women like shit. In fact, instead of defending your women and children, you cowards stand behind them while firing your weapons making them human shields.

You are going to lose. Badly. Why? Because the Israelis worship a real God, not the fake one you claim is so great. Allahu Akbar? Bullshit. Allah is a fraud, Mohammed was a fraud, and your "religion" is one of hatred and deception. We know the truth. And that truth is that your fake religion was born from a 5,000-year-old inferiority complex (see the story of Isaac and Ishmael).

You could choose to live in peace. But since your "religion" was spread through violence, since your "religion" is defined by violence and since you respond to any challenge of it with violence, you will never embrace peace.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hey France...Happy Freakin' New Year!

And I see you Frenchies are back to ringing in the New Year in a way that is"French":

REUTERS - The French press reported that the Interior Ministry released a final "verified" count of 1,147 vehicles burned in France over New Year's Eve. The number is up 30.64% from last year's total, 878.

Car burnings are regular occurrences in France but the registering the New Year's Eve total has become something of a tradition since they achieved symbolic status in the violent rioting that shook many of the country's poor suburbs in 2005.

There were around 50 burnings in the eastern city of Strasbourg, where police made 17arrests, including four people caught while setting fire to cars.


And now these French lads have turned to setting fire to buildings and using explosives too. And neither the French authorities or the press can put their fingers on the cause:

Officials were also on guard against possible attacks after five sticks of dynamite were left in a Paris department store just before Christmas by a so-far unidentified group demanding a withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan.

"There were few 'contacts' with police, gendarmes and fire services but an increase in the number of burnings for which we don't have an explanation at the moment," the official said.

Anyone out there have an explanation for this sudden rise in rage-filled incendiary behavior? The French need your help.

H/T: Ace...whose own post is completely bereft of possible explanations.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

USC Football players put the "duh" in Studuhnt Athlete

Remember, these guys all qualified academically at the "University" of Southern California:

More USC brilliance here...