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Giant Douche who keyed Marine's car can't find the courthouse? (Update w. photo and dating profile)

(The latest on Jay Grodner here)

Blackfive has the update:

A Blackfive reader sends this update about the hearing today...:

Attn: Black Five

I am writing to produce an update of the results of Sgt McNulty's case against Jay R Grodner. I was present in support of Mike and thought you may be interested in an update for this story.

Sgt McNulty was called forward by the State's Attorney in order to discuss the case. I am not sure what transpired behind the closed doors, however, I overheard the State's Attorney expressing her intent to prosecute this guy to the fullest extent. It seems as if BlackFive is the sole catalyst to this story getting out and I am sure Sgt McNulty has probably heard the effect of yours and other blogs from the results of today's proceedings to include several Marines and civilians who showed up in his support.

Jay R Grodner was called before court and in his absence, the Judge issued a warrant for his arrest effective immediately. Sgt McNulty was departing the court when Grodner rolled in to the courtroom more pathetic than anyone I had ever seen. The Judge had questioned him on his tardiness and he explained that traffic had been busy and he 'made a wrong turn'. The Judge chastised him for his tardiness, pathetic excuses, and that he was lucky the warrant had not been executed prior to his arrival.

What a liar Grodner is. A lawyer doesn't know where the freakin' courtroom is? Bullshit. I'm sure that Grodner thought he could just drop in whenever he pleased.

Hennessy's View reports that Grodner had his law license suspended back in 1984. The disciplinary findings from the Illinois Supreme Court are here (thanks to Kaitian868 for the link!).

From the Illinois-based Citizens for Legal Responsibility:

In addition to being disciplined for being involved in a scheme to forging documents, it has been reported to CLR that attorney Jay Robert Grodner has since then engaged in a conflict of interest with his clients, has abandoned his clients, has engaged in false billing, has engaged in a fraud upon his clients, provided ineffective assistance of counsel, and has engaged in a "fraud upon the court".

Is it not also fraud when attorney Jay Grodner does not inform his clients, or clients to be, of his previous discipline?

Looks like Grodner will soon need to go find a new career. But I don't think he's gonna like his new boss:

Update: Linda at Something and Half of Something has located a photo of Jay the Giant Douche Grodner. Eww... Don't make Linda mad, she's got connections...

And it gets more gross. From his dating profile:

I love sex. I'm wild about so many ways that sex makes life worth living. I joined this site because the women I'm seeing are both beautiful and adventurous. I have plenty of work a free time to talk. someone needs to act.

So ladies, I'm curious...would you?

BTW, did not see "keying cars, pissing off Marines or whining like a little bitch" as any of his hobbies...

Sondra K has the "photoshop of the day". Looks like Grodner "$%#&ed with the wrong Marine"!

Chelsea Clinton disses 9-year old's a surprise: a member of the Clinton family who can't answer a direct question. I guess Chelsea Clinton doesn't have the chops to handle a 9-year old reporter:

Sydney Rieckhoff, a Cedar Rapids fourth grader and "kid reporter" for Scholastic News, has posed questions to seven Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls as they've campaigned across Iowa this year. But when she approached the 27-year-old Chelsea after a campaign event Sunday, she got a different response.

"Do you think your dad would be a good 'first man' in the White House?" Sydney asked, but Chelsea brushed her question aside.

"I'm sorry, I don't talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately. Even though I think you're cute," Chelsea told the pint-sized journalist.

The reporter the Clinton's are afraid of...

To be fair, Chelsea Clinton really doesn't do interviews...although she doesn't seem to mind playing reporter herself.

But she's out in Iowa grubbing votes for her mom. It seems like it may have been a good move to just answer Sydney's question with a simple yes or no before the Clinton thugs staffers could shoo the intrepid reporter away.

Sydney is a member of the liberal press so at least this dis isn't costing Hillary a vote:

For her part, Sydney looked a bit crestfallen after Chelsea turned her away. But luckily for Hillary Clinton, Sydney's mother has made up her mind to caucus for the former first lady.

"I like her position on family values and health care. And I think it's time we have a female president," Robyn Rieckhoff said.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chicago lawyer Jay R. Grodner is a giant douche (Update!)

Is this the final chapter in the Jay Grodner story?

(See bottom of post for update)

Kudos to Marine Sgt Mike McNulty for showing a little restraint and not kicking this guy's ass. Via Blackfive:

Marine Sgt Mike McNulty is on activation orders to Iraq (second tour). On December 1st, 2007, Mike went to visit a friend in Chicago before deploying to say goodbye. In order to get to his friend's residence, and keep in mind that Chicago is a myriad of diagonal and one-way streets, the front entrance (right way) to the one-way street was blocked. Mike, being a Marine, overcame and adapted by driving around the block to the other end of the street and backing up all the way to his friend's place.

While saying goodbye, at about 11am, he noticed a man leaning up against his car. Mike left his friend's apartment and caught the man keying his car on multiple sides.

After caught in the process, the man told Mike, "you think you can do whatever you want with Department of Defense license plates and tags". (In Illinois you can purchase veteran, Marine, or medal plates. Mike has Illinois Marine Corps license plates.) During the exchange, he made additional anti-military comments.

Mike called the Chicago police and had the man arrested. A citation against the man was issued for misdemeanor criminal damage to private property.

Turns out the "man" who keyed McNulty's car is Chicago-area lawyer Jay R Grodner...who clearly doesn't really have much respect for the law. Note that McNulty, who surely could have pinched this twerps neck off, had enough respect for the law to calmly call the police and let law enforcement do its job.

Go here to Blackfive to read the legal shenanigans Grodner is trying to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. According to the comments section Grodner's website is curiously down and his contact phone numbers all disconnected...hmm. Guess he pissed off the wrong Marine(s)...

(Update: Go here for the latest...OK, now go HERE...2nd update)

The fight for animal rights

It's about time all those Baby Harp Seals and Siberian Tigers got up off their asses and did something about their plight:

I'm becoming a big fan of Nancy Fichandler. I don't like Hermit Crabs either... be a Pip

Full disclosure...when I was a kid I saw Gladys Knight and the Pips on Soul Train...and I thought that being a Pip would be a cool gig. Imagine...sporting a cool burnt orange tux and groovin' behind the soulful Gladys Knight. And gettin' paid on her coattails.

I couldn't find that appearance on Youtube...nor can I be sure they were singing Midnight Train to Georgia. But who's doing the work here?:

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome back Golden Boy

It took 26 days of Dan Guerrero's theatrics of indecision, but, in the end, UCLA got the right man for the job. The Bruins finally have a Head Coach that knows how to recruit, knows how to manuever "X's & O's", and knows how to win. Welcome back, Bruin. I look forward to Rick Neuheisel stripping Pete Carrol of his coronation.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Texas assistant coach Chris Jessie is a coach who totally gets into the game. Literally:

An aside...he's Head Coach Mack Brown's stepson. So his job is safe. Texas pounded Arizona State 52-34 anyway in last night's Holiday Bowl.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Kwanzaa...

...for those of you who observe a "holiday" created by a Marxist convicted felon and practitioner of torture:

Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 – by convicted felon Ron Karenga.

Five years after he invented Kwanzaa, Karenga was sentenced to prison "for torturing two black women by whipping them with electrical cords and beating them with a karate baton after stripping them naked. He placed in the mouth of one of the victims a hot soldering iron, also scarring her face with the device. He put one of her big toes in a vise, and detergent and running water in both their mouths."

At the time he was inventing Kwanzaa, Karenga had also organized a terrorist group at UCLA called "US" (for "United Slaves"). In 1969, Karenga's followers killed two Black Panthers. While he was in prison, Karenga converted to Marxism. This was regarded by California State University at Long Beach as evidence of his being rehabilitated. So they made him director of their black-studies program.

Ah liberalism...don't you love it? Torture and entice to kill...and academia merits you with a department leadership and honors your made up "holiday".

And let's not leave out your Christianity-bashing either:

"The Christian is our worse enemy. Quiet as it's kept, it was a Christian who enslaved us. Quiet as it's kept it's a Christian who burns us. Quiet as it's kept it's a Christian who beats us down on the street; and quiet as it's kept when the thing goes down it'll be a Christian that's shooting us down. You have to face the fact that if the Christian is doing all this there must be something wrong with Christianity."

So I guess Karenga thinks he was just practicing Christianity when he enslaved, burned and beat Deborah Jones and Gail Davis.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Jeff Dunham Christmas

Via Ace of's just too good not to steal:

More Achmed the Dead Terrorist here:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

A Christmas Greeting from Eric Cartman:

Via friend and reluctant occasional reader KT, the San Diego Chargers send you their Christmas greeting...

Warmest Christmas wishes for all of my friends out in the blogosphere...Cranky Preston, Brian, Tiny and Annika at Six Meat Buffet...Vinnie and Merri...Potfry and Buckley (and Islamic Rage Boy) at The Nose on Your Face...John and Mrs. Wuzzadem at Wuzzadem...Michele at Cutting School, and the enchanting Woman of Abomination...Stacy at Still Stacy...Van Helsing at Moonbattery, Ace and all of the morons at Ace of Spades HQ...the Conservative Scalawag... Jaime at Eye of Polyphemus...Beth at MVRWC...all of the folks over at Hot Air...T-Man in Tennessee and Toni at Bear Creek Ledger.

Prayers go out to Linda at Something and Half of Something for both her and her brother...

And of course a huge Merry Christmas for my blog brother Yiddish Steel. Thanks for all of your great contributions. You can take tomorrow off...

I wrap up with thoughts from fellow rookie blogger and new blog friend Murphy Klasing:

The real gift at Christmas is that God made a way for us to take the burden of living with ourselves and our horrible inadequacies off our own back and place that burden in the manager instead. That little baby gladly takes that burden from you and replaces it with Joy, Contentment, Love and Peace. In exchange for those gifts He only asks that you Love Him and desire to know Him. All the yuck in your life will take care of itself once you surrender yourself to Him. We didn’t earn His Love nor do we deserve it–yet He gives it to us anyway. It isn’t easy–you have to surrender daily because you are after all human–and your real desire is to take back the reins and control your own path. Believe me–sometimes you have to surrender many times a day.

This Christmas let me make one suggestion—surrender all of your plans, hopes, and especially your expectations for this Holiday Season to the One that we are celebrating. Let Him give you peace and rest and relaxation this year–things with your family and friends may not go as you hope or expect so surrender those things to Him and experience the joy of a God who loves us so much He would rather die on a cross than see us perish.

Merry Christmas all. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, let's not forget the true meaning of Christmas:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Lights Out" turns Christmas lights on for San Diego family

San Diego Charger linebacker Shawne Merriman is known for his "lights out" dance and his terrorism of NFL quarterbacks. Here Merriman plays Santa Claus for one family who lost their home in the San Diego wildfires of 2007:

The San Diego American Red Cross is still accepting donations for fire can go here to donate.

Only two shopping days left!

Cranky from Six Meat Buffet has your last-minute gift ideas for the liberal in your life...

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Another Christmas Classic to warm your cockles

Good to see that Bruce Dickinson is back in the sound booth:

A happy Eid-al-Adha to Buckley, Potfry and Islamic Rage Boy over at The Nose on Your Face...

A real life Smurf?

Either that or he was auditioning for a permanent role in Blue Man Group:

Paul Karason puts a whole new spin on "feeling blue.” For more than a decade, the 57-year-old has been living with a blue face.

Fourteen years ago, Karason developed a bad case of dermatitis, which results in swollen, reddened and itchy skin. He started self-medicating, using a treatment called colloidal silver, which is made by extracting silver from metal.

Uh...self-medicating? In case anyone else wants to self medicate themselves you can buy that stuff here.

Often touted by manufacturers as a cure-all, colloidal silver usually is found in a liquid form. Looking for relief, Karason drank the concoction and rubbed it on his skin — something the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not recommend.

His skin slowly turned blue."The change was so gradual that I didn't perceive it and other people around me likewise," said Karason. "It wasn't until a friend I hadn't seen in several months came by my parent's place to see me and he asked me 'what did you do?.'"

So you'd think that Karason would have learned now about self-medicating. You'd be thinking wrong. Because that's how Karason Smurfs...

So far, Karason hasn't sought any medical attention for his condition. When he was asked if he's still drinking the colloidal silver, he said yes, but much less.

Hoping for this in my Christmas stocking


Oh...and I'm not gay. I'm not, I'm not, I'm NOT...

(ripped off from Hot Air)

Friday, December 21, 2007

"We've been bloggercized!"


A story in Saturday's Dispatch about an immigration project run by Olentangy Liberty High School Spanish teacher Erica Vieyra sparked instant outrage. First, it drew fire from nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, then from dozens of Internet bloggers before finally showing up on the Drudge Report, an online aggregator of news sites.

Liberty High Principal Mark Raiff is whining about being exposed

Before long, the e-mail inboxes of administrators filled up and national radio talk-show hosts called looking for interviews. Even CNN wanted a comment.

Though the district went through an Internet phenomenon once before, after the superintendent banned two books from a high-school summer reading list in 2006, the national attention this time around caught Liberty Principal Mark Raiff off guard. Locals, it seemed, weren't calling or stopping Raiff on the street to complain. The story grew online.

"We've been bloggercized," Raiff said. "But I am in 100 percent, absolute support of Ms. Vieyra and, as I watched this project all the way through from beginning to end, I knew the students were learning incredible things."

They sure are. As Michelle Malkin says:

So, these government-subsidized educators are teaching children how to subvert immigration law and learn the ways of the open borders racket. But we’re the fringe” and the “mob”

Interesting that someone at Liberty High wanted publicity for their little "project", and now that they got it they can't handle the criticism. What were they expecting when they publicized how they were teaching their kids how to break the law?

Before bloggers, this project of liberal indoctrination would have passed unnoticed as a sleepy local story. Perhaps now more parents will take notice of what is going on in their public schools...

For the record, my post was the original one linked at Michelle Malkin's site, but it was Ace of Spades commenter Fletch who originally exposed this. So all you liberal whiners...if you must vent, go over to Ace's site and bitch at him.

Eric Cartman to be new Monday Night Football announcer? (Updated)

While searching for a South Park youtube to use to accessorize another post, I ran across this:

I vote for Eric Cartman to introduce the lineups for all of the bowl games...I might actually watch some of them.

Heck, who's for Cartman replacing that horrible Tony Kornholer on Monday Night Football?

Update: Ace has Cartman announcing the starting offensive lineup. There's something ironic about that last sentence...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Islam sucks

I'd like to wish all you Muslims an absolutely crappy Eid-al-Adha you torturous freaks...

I'm not exactly a PETA member, but this is just sick. I'll not post photos...and don't visit Sweetness and Light if you are an animal lover or squeamish about animal torture.

Can you Muslims celebrate anything without cutting something's head off?

Today's funny...

An oldie but goodie stolen from The Jawa Report:

Actually I could post that every day...because it's never not funny.

Allahu Akhbar to you too, you Islamotard slime. Aren't you pissed now that you found out there aren't 72 virgins awaiting you in paradise?

Isn't the debate "over"?

Global warming. Algore (PBUH) and the liberals told us to "shut the hell up" because "the debate is over."

Oh really?

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore.

The new report issued by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s office of the GOP Ranking Member details the views of the scientists, the overwhelming majority of whom spoke out in 2007. Even the some in the establishment media now appears to be taking notice of the growing number of skeptical scientists.

In October, the Washington Post Staff Writer Juliet Eilperin conceded the obvious, writing that climate skeptics "appear to be expanding rather than shrinking." Many scientists from around the world have dubbed 2007 as the year man-made global warming fears “bites the dust.” (LINK)

This, combined with the news yesterday that temperatures around the earth have been cooling this year, has me nearly apoplectic. Then there's this terrific report by John Stossel:

And I spent literally dozens of quarters on carbon offsets. Cranky, I want my money back, you swindler!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Now deleting "anonymous" comments

Now you Liberty High kids get off the internet and do something more productive with your time. Like, I don't know...go sing Christmas carols. Here's a good one for you to start with:

(Another classic from the twisted and sick creative and genius minds of Buckley and Potfry)

Global Warming now causing Global Freezing

Brrrr....Halp Us Algore! (PBUH):

Al Gore says global warming is a planetary emergency. It is difficult to see how this can be so when record low temperatures are being set all over the world. In 2007, hundreds of people died, not from global warming, but from cold weather hazards.

South America this year experienced one of its coldest winters in decades. In Buenos Aires, snow fell for the first time since the year 1918. Dozens of homeless people died from exposure. In Peru, 200 people died from the cold and thousands more became infected with respiratory diseases. Crops failed, livestock perished, and the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency.

Unexpected bitter cold swept the entire Southern Hemisphere in 2007. Johannesburg, South Africa, had the first significant snowfall in 26 years. Australia experienced the coldest June ever. In northeastern Australia, the city of Townsville underwent the longest period of continuously cold weather since 1941. In New Zealand, the weather turned so cold that vineyards were endangered.

Last January, $1.42 billion worth of California produce was lost to a devastating five-day freeze. Thousands of agricultural employees were thrown out of work. At the supermarket, citrus prices soared.

In April, a killing freeze destroyed 95 percent of South Carolina's peach crop, and 90 percent of North Carolina's apple harvest. At Charlotte, N.C., a record low temperature of 21 degrees Fahrenheit on April 8 was the coldest ever recorded for April, breaking a record set in 1923. On June 8, Denver recorded a new low of 31 degrees Fahrenheit. Denver's temperature records extend back to 1872.

Recent weeks have seen the return of unusually cold conditions to the Northern Hemisphere. On Dec. 7, St. Cloud, Minn., set a new record low of minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit. On the same date, record low temperatures were also recorded in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Extreme cold weather is occurring worldwide. On Dec. 4, in Seoul, Korea, the temperature was a record minus 5 degrees Celsius. Nov. 24, in Meacham, Ore., the minimum temperature was 12 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the previous record low set in 1952. The Canadian government warns that this winter is likely to be the coldest in 15 years.

I concur. I am in Phoenix, Arizona right now...and I am freezing my butt off. Will someone please turn the heat back on?

Liberty High students respond (updated)

(Updated): I went over to Van Helsing's site at Moonbattery to see the responses there. (He has more traffic than I do). One student, "QRS" has been forthright enough to shed a little more light on the Spanish V curriculum:

Nigel-I appreciate your efforts towards being fair about this project. You requested information regarding the other artists studied, because it seems the media has portrayed the spanish classrooms at OLHS very differently then they are in reality.

First, the teacher stated that she does not place everything on her weblog, because that is there for the parents to get updated on what is going on currently in the class. However, a more detailed syllabus is given out at the beginning of the year with all of the content/curriculum for the students and parents. So that might help explain why the other artists were not listed on the weblog.

Here is a list of some, but not all, of the other artists that were studied to provide the students with a better sense of spanish culture:

Pablo Picasso- a short documentary was watched

Joan MiroSalvador Dali- parts of a short film produced by Dali were watched

Frida Kahlo- I would like to point out here that the "racy" scenes of the movie watched were fastforwarded through, and the television screen was covered, so students did NOT watch much of the innappropriate content that people have been concerned about

Diego Rivera- Included in the movie with Frida Kahlo

Diego Velazquez Goya- parts of a film were studied

El Greco- film from spain was watched to explain the art

Fernando Bolero

My response:

I still hold firm on my position that making Frida Kahlo the main subject of a Spanish Art project each and every year is inappropriate material for high school kids. As Chef in South Park always tells the kids...there's a time and a place for everything...and it's called college.

Since Liberty High School is taxpayer funded, it is highly inappropriate for tax dollars to be spent studying a woman glorified not only for her art, but her deviant lifestyle. Right now you high school students may not understand, but in the future all of you will be having families of your own and paying taxes...and many of you will THEN
understand. I maintain that it's not necessary for Frida Kahlo to be cut out of any art study, but rather have the focus of Spanish Art shifted each year to a different artist. To repeat the curriculum each year to focus on her is either indoctrinating or lazy.

The students from Oletangy Liberty High are responding. I'm just wondering if this is another of Ms. Vierya's "class projects":

(Comments edited for brevity, see posts here and here for full comments)

In English you learn about how to speak and grammer structure but you also learn about themes. Spanish is the same way, meaning you learn about the language, themes and culture. Do you know that there is some 15 billion dollars illegals pay into social security and never see a dime? Do you know that their are millions of illegal immigrants here right now?

No. Get your facts straight, you might learn something.

Ahem. Rolling up my sleeves to respond...

I don't think you need to try to "school me" on illegal immigration. I live in San Diego, California. Did you know that there are more than 200,000 illegal aliens living in my county alone? Did you know that there are at least 2.5 million living in Southern California?

So yes, my teenage friend, I am very aware of the numbers of illegals who live here. I am also aware of the social cost. Actually the amount they pay into social security is closer to $7 billion a year. But before you go decrying about what illegal aliens don't get, let's look at what they do get.

First, how does an illegal alien pay into social security in the first place? That's right...they steal someone else's social security number! Example:

Identify theft by illegal aliens has created many problems for Americans. Sometimes those problems involve the Internal Revenue Service.

For example, Audra has been a stay-at-home mom since 2000. Over the last 3 years, the IRS has accused her of owing $1 million in back taxes. This is a picture of the first letter she received from the IRS saying she owed back taxes. Since that first letter, she has received many more.

Her story is clear. She has not worked in 6 years. Yet the IRS says she owes taxes for working the last three years. What she first thought was a mistake, later became clear. It was a case of identity theft. Her social security number was being used by at least 218 illegal immigrants, mostly in Texas, to obtain jobs.

Did Ms. Vierya have you discuss the cost of identity theft? How it ruins an American citizen's credit, can cost them their job, can get them in trouble with the IRS?

And...did you know that illegal immigration costs American taxpayers over $20 billion a year? I know your math teacher can help you with this...perhaps they pay $7 billion in social security, but they cost taxpayers over $20 billion...that would be a loss of $13 billion now wouldn't it?

OK, let's move on to another one, shall we?:

We watch films in order to gain a more developed sense of Spanish culture and to help us become more educated on the world today.

So in A Day without a Mexican, you learned...what? Did you watch "Border" as well to counter-balance the propaganda put forth by A Day...?

i watched the frida movie last year with a different teacher and it is part of the spanish art curriculum. so 1. if you have a problem with that movie (which is most definitly not a lesbian or communist themed movie) you should speak of not just profe vieyra but all of the spanish teachers in the entire liberty foreign language department...

Great point. If Frida is part of the curriculum campus-wide, then I do have a problem. That right there is proof of liberal bias. Why?

There are so many greater Spanish artists to learn about. How about Salvador Dali? Or Francisco Goya? Or Veronica Luis de Velasco? A balanced curriculum would introduce you to more Spanish art than Frida Kahlo. In fact Frida Kahlo's art is less critically acclaimed than the lifestyle that inspired it:

A delicately beautiful woman who smoked and drank "like a mariachi" and enjoyed her own sexual freedom even as she suffered the infidelities of her adored husband Diego Rivera, Kahlo painted ferociously honest visions of her private world. In this first volume of the Bantam-Barnard Biography series, Drucker graphically recounts the artist's devastating accident and tortured physical life with a fearlessness to match Kahlo's own. No apologies are made for Kahlo's many love affairs with both men and women or for her unabashed support of Communism ...

Is this appropriate learning material for children (and yes, despite what you may think, y'all are still just kids), funded by taxpayers?

Kahlo's work is as much a part of Mexican culture as Picasso is to Spanish (and by the way, he held communist beliefs as well, though I doubt if he were the artist in question there would be this contrevorsy.)...An OLHS alum

Hey, no problem with studying Picasso as well. In fact, you should have a class in Spanish Art...and introduce more than Frida Kahlo. And don't use "R" rated movies as learning material when there are documentaries available on the subject.

All of the information that we collected during this project was done by us, we were never indoctrinated or slightly persuaded into believing that illegal immigration is okay...What you must remember is that we went throught both the LEGAL and illegal processes, it was not just a project about illegal immigration.

Actually you were classically indoctrinated. The article states that your teacher stamped everyone's immigration application as denied. Every single one. Now that right there is a fallacy. My business partner was born in Mexico City. Her entire family came here legally...they went through all of the paperwork, paid all of the proper fees, had all the proper medical screenings and background checks. The process took 7 years.

Could that be speeded up? Absolutely. But your teacher "denied" every single application. That is not what happens. And nearly all illegal aliens in this country never even apply for proper residency. Why? Because they broke the law to get here.'s the kicker. Your teacher defended the curriculum as teaching "empathy". Empathy for who? Illegal aliens or those who have been harmed by illegal immigration? You kids are in a Spanish class. Learn Spanish...leave the empathy teaching for your parents.

Until now I have let all of the comments signed "Anonymous" through because I believe them to be from the students at Liberty High. I will now reject any further "anonymous" comments (because I am beginning to get some screwball comments)...any further commenters, please use a psuedonym or initials so I know who to address in comments).

Let me be clear...I am not trying to be unfair to the students. I can understand why they would defend their teacher. But they are receiving a classically indoctrinated and unbalanced education, using clearly questionable materials. Were Liberty a private school, there would be no beef. But since Liberty is a tax-payer funded school, there should probably be a little oversight into the materials and subject matter that is being taught here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An Illegal Alien's Best Friend...

...That would be a California Appeals Court, of course. Once again, the under-handed tactics of a California Appeals Court undermines a legal citizen's right to discover who (or whom) hires Illegal Aliens. The people of San Diego have spoken loudly, and repeatedly; we're tired of hosting and sponsoring Illegal Aliens. The draw for the Illegals is jobs, and those jobs are available from those employers that continue to break the law and hire them. Naturally, that leads to the exodus of Illegal Aliens across our southern border to reside in our communities that have tolerated the impact of illegal immigration for far too long. So, who are these employers in our community that continue to hire these Illegal Immigrants that the Courts tell us we're not allowed to ascertain? Who are these businesses that continue to aid and abet in the deterioration of our sovereignty and infrastructure?

What to do with a liberal penguin?

Click to make bigger (so you it)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wake up Liberty High School...

...Spanish "teacher" Erica Vieyra is indoctrinating your students into bed-wetting liberalism.

This weekend, the Columbus Post-Dispatch ran a story glorifying Ms. Vieyra's project which had her Spanish students pretending they were illegal immigrants trying to find work. Ms. Vieyra claims the project is about teaching her kids "empathy".

Of course her job is to teach Spanish, not "empathy".

It turns out Ms. Vieyra has a blog. I wonder how many parents are actually reading the entries:

FELICIDADES!! Spanish V you finished the Immigration Project and you are in the Columbus Dispatch!! I am so proud of you:)This story can be found at:

Well, that's nice. A little pat on the back for learning that it doesn't pay to try to immigrate to this country legally, but boy can you get over if you do it illegally! And publicity too!

But there's more. Check out what was on the agenda on November 5th:

This quarter is the study of immigration! Students will view: "A day without a Mexican," "Balseros(Cuban Rafters," "Wetback (National Geographic)," and "Maria Full of Grace." Students are reading and translating articles about this topic, and formulating their opinions on this issue.

What Liberty High Students are watching when they should be learning Spanish

Wait. If Ms. Vierya was really going to give her students an unbiased view of the immigration issue, wouldn't she also include a movie like "Border"?

Of course not. See, Ms. Vierya's job isn't just to teach Spanish, her job is to teach her kids empathy...especially a view that is empathetic to her political viewpoint. And she'll use two "R" rated movies and two documentaries sympathetic to illegal aliens to do so.

Not convinced yet. OK, check out more Spanish "culture" she would like your kids to know about:

This week we will be learning about Frida Kahlo through her art. Students will be given a project packet on Monday. Most of this work will be completed in class. Monday and Tuesday students will observe and evaluate her art and on Thursday and Friday students will paint a self-portrait like Frida Kahlo.

I have no problem with a Spanish teacher introducing art and culture to her students instead of just teaching the language. Certainly this would add to their educational experience.

Of course not knowing much about either Spanish art or culture, I wouldn't have a clue about who Frida Kahlo was. I'll bet most parents don't either:

Many of her works are self-portraits that symbolically express her own pain. Kahlo was married to and influenced by the Mexican/Spanish muralist Diego Rivera and shared his Communist views.

Their marriage was often tumultuous. Both Kahlo and Rivera had notoriously fiery temperaments and both had numerous extramarital affairs. The openly bisexual Kahlo had affairs with both men and women (including Leon Trotsky);

And what sort of material is Ms. Vierya using to teach her captive audience about Frida Kahlo?:

Students are sharing their Frida poems and portraits with the class: is a speaking and writing grade. Students should be reviewing all of their vocabulary. (There is no new vocabulary for this week.) Students will be viewing the film, Frida, and completing a viewing activity packet. This will be due at the end of the film.

That's Frida, a film rated "Rated R for sexuality/nudity and language". A movie that glorifies lesbianism.

I wonder if that viewing packet was available for parents to see before they showed the movie in class? What would a 16-year old boy's response be to this?

In your face, Linda Chavez!

This Corey Stewart guy should run for Congress...

Linda doesn't want "anecdotal evidence" of the effects of illegal alien crime. I guess this "evidence" isn't important to her:

Then of course there is this little anecdote:

Today's Stupid

Courtesy of Are We Lumberjacks:

Sunday, December 16, 2007's about freakin' time!

Down in South Florida, Linda can finally celebrate...

Columbus teacher turns students into illegal aliens (updated)

Liberty High School Spanish teacher Erica Vieyra had a very special project for her students. It wasn't enough to simply teach her kids how to habla espanol; drawing from a lesson plan that could have been received from La Raza she had to indoctrinate them:

POWELL -- The students had a role-play project: assume a Latino identity, build an imaginary life in your home country and develop a workable plan to immigrate to the United States.

Try it legally, Erica Vieyra told her 40 senior Spanish students at Olentangy Liberty High School. Fill out the correct documents, follow the proper steps. And then, after they spent days completing the actual paperwork from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, she took out her red ink pad and stamped a big, fat DENIED across every request.

Nice. Because the United States never lets anyone into this country who follow legal channels. Ignore the fact that last year the United States let in more than 1.3 million immigrants who followed the law.

Nope, Erica had a better idea. Let's forget all of that and brainwash your students to sympathize with everyone who broke the law to come here. And enlist the Columbus Dispatch to further push this agenda:

Now, she told the students, come illegally. Forge your documents, find a way across the border. Then, research real ads and find a place to live in Columbus. Figure out what it would cost, how to get food. Plan how to survive.

The students had to go to real businesses and ask for Spanish-language job applications. They had to visit a bank and ask for new-account documents written in Spanish.

Vieyra promised them that the process -- even in make-believe -- would frustrate them. But they would gain, she hoped, an understanding of what is one of the most important political and humanitarian issues facing the U.S. government today.

Of course Erica Vieyra claims that she isn't indoctrinating students at all:

This is the fifth year that Vieyra has assigned this project to students in her Spanish V class. Each year someone, a teacher perhaps, maybe just a friend, cringes: "They say, 'That's such a hot topic. Are you sure you want to go there?' "

She always answers yes. But she cautions that the point isn't to sway the students, only to teach them a little empathy.

Oh. Well which one of her kids plays the role of the illegal alien who spread tuberculosis because they evaded legal immigrations channels? Or how many kids get to play the illegal aliens who commit gang rape? Did she send her 40 kids to the local emergency room all at the same time to get treatment for their colds...and walk out without paying?

As liberals always say, I' know...just askin' questions...

Got questions of your own? Contact the Oletangy School District here.

H/T: Ace of Spades commenter Fletch

Update: Van Helsing at Moonbattery has more:

Here's another role-playing concept: Ms. Vieyra should pretend she's a Spanish teacher, since that's what taxpayers are paying her to be, and save the moonbat demagoguery for after hours.

Here's even more of what Liberty High Spanish students are learning...

Truth in Gangsta Rap

Canadian Jon LaJoie is hard, yo:

Warning...for use of the word "MFer". Probably NSFW. I guess I should have put that at the top of the post. But since the post referenced "Gangsta Rap" and you clicked on the video, if you got in trouble for the word "MFer" blaring out of your computer, you're probably too stupid to even have a job.

HT: Mesablue's Absolute Moral Authority

Anyway, this Jon LaJoie is a pretty twisted dude. Hell, he's Canadian:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Picture of the day

Or photoshop of the day...I haven't figured out which yet.

Good to see that the State of Arkansas believes in truth in advertising:

Global Warming having severe effect on the NFL

While Algore (PBUH) is riding around in his private jet collecting his Nobel Prizes, he seems to be ingnoring the significant effects global warming is having on our professional athletes.

Thankfully, the Onion's crack investigative reporting staff has the latest on the havoc global warming is having on the National Football League:

NEW YORK—Steaming black-guy heads, the traditional sign of approaching winter for generations of football fans, have been occurring later in the season with every passing year, a fact that may be evidence of a climatic change with long-term effects on football itself, top scientists in the meteorological department of the National Football League said in a study released Monday.

"The phenomenon of weather-related African-American supracranial vaporous emission, or 'Steaming Black-Guy Heads,' as it is colloquially known, occurs when cold dry winter air comes into contact with hot, humid, shaven heads of football players, causing their personal water vapor to condense and rise on a column of heated air," the statement read in part. "It is then observed by network cameramen, who overwhelmingly choose to film African-American players due to the dramatic contrasts that result—especially when the player in question is backlit—and beamed to millions of households during time-outs, replay reviews, and other stoppages of play. The viewers then realize that winter has come to America."

Despite all the evidence, the League's commissioner has his head in the sand:

League commissioner Roger Goodell was not available for comment, saying that, although early-season instances of steaming black-guy heads were obviously preferable, the NFL had no official stance on climate change, global warming, or other meteorological phenomena that did not directly affect the scheduling or outcome of games.

H/T: KT...a reluctant occasional reader

Friday, December 14, 2007

Picture of the day

Yup...those oppressive Israeli thugs. Notice how the Israeli soldier whips out his weapon and blows away the enraged Palestinian...


I mean, I would have. If for no other reason than the damage this guy's hummus-breath would have done to my nostrils.

So which one represents the Religion of Peace anyway?

Illegal alien rapes stranded motorist


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO – Authorities have linked a man arrested in connection with the rape of a woman along the I-5 through a DNA match this morning, authorities said.

About 36 hours after he was taken into custody, the Orange County Sheriff Department's crime lab matched a DNA sample taken from the crime scene and a sample taken from Alejandro Martinez Leyva, a 25-year-old resident of San Juan Capistrano, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Sheriff's Department.

The rape occurred early Saturday when the woman was in a solo crash in the southbound lanes of I-5 in San Juan Capistrano, near the Junipero Serra Road exit, authorities said. Her car was disabled on the shoulder when she called a friend for help at 2:30 a.m., just before an older sedan stopped in front of her car.


Authorities said Leyva offered to help, but when she refused, he threw the phone from her hand and forced her into the front seat of the car, where he raped her.

The woman's friend was looking for her and contacted a California Highway Patrol officer who was making an unrelated stop on the freeway. The officer and the friend spotted the woman at 3:39 a.m. inside the car, wearing only a black shirt.

Hmm. There's something else that's pertinent to this story, but I can't seem to place a finger on it... it is. In the last paragraph of the story:

Leyva was in custody with an immigration hold, Amormino said. He's expected to make his first appearance in court today.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis the season...

Blogging is tough right now...I'm immersed in High School Basketball tournaments. Our Christmas greeting to you:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When Jawas attack...

So by now I'm sure you've seen the latest moronic Ron Paul promo on youtube:

You only need to watch about the first 30 seconds of that to get the point.

Jawa Prick Vinnie responds and hilarity ensues:

The Chanukkah Final Report

After 8 days and nights, I have to tell you that my Chanukkah was rather uneventful. No grease burns from the latkes, no Maneschevitz wine hangovers, and a bag of gelt to keep in the cupboard and petrify for another year. One thing that stands out to me, are my daughters teaching my schiksa girlfriend how to play dreidel. But, we all couldn't get through Chanukkah without a little hate to spread around, NYC style. Now it's time to pass the torch to the Christians. Do you prefer your fruitcake with or without nuts?! Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Break out the yarmulke and Zippo...(To remain bumped throughout Chanukkah)

ח' נרות והלכה כבית הלל... Happy Chanukkah!

Last night marks the beginning of the Jewish "Festival Of Lights"; the celebration of defeating the Greek King, Antiochus, by Judah and the Macabees, and the container of oil that fueled the flame in the Temple for eight consecutinve days and nights.

It's not the most celebrated, nor the most important of holidays on the Hebrew Calender, but, due to its close proximity to the Christian holiday of Christmas, it is often perceived as such. To commemorate this holiday, you'll need a menorah, some candles, a lighter, a yarmulke (if you're a man), and an appetite for latkes, blintzes, and bagels.

So, without further delay, and another tired rendition of "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel" let's all celebrate the next seven nights with some modern Chanukkah Music.

Hey want that one back?

Via Olbermann Watch, John Gibson ponders whether Keith Olbermann will go back and correct the record on the surge in Iraq:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Protect your Christmas packages

Ex-major league pitcher Mark Littell has just the thing to keep your chestnuts warm and safe this holiday season. It's the Nutty Buddy.

Mark Littell believes he has a better way to protect himself, and the former major leaguer will risk his manhood to prove it:

The primary advantage to the Nutty Buddy is that it's anatomically correct, Littell says, which makes it more comfortable. Unlike traditional shell-shaped cups, the Nutty Buddy is wider, deeper and full of curves.

At $19.95, the Nutty Buddy costs about twice as much as a typical athletic cup. They come in macho names: “Hammer,” “Boss,” “Hog” and for really big men, the XL-sized “Mongo,” a salute to the Alex Karras character in the movie “Blazing Saddles.”

Buy one today for the Prick in your life.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thieves get leg up on OK City homeless man

Via Ace...this is just so wrong:

If the Oklahoma City police are looking for suspects, perhaps they should consider Shannon Whisnant who fancies himself a limb collector...

Iowahawk is freakin' brilliant

But you should have known that already...

I don't know how his Presidential bid is going, but read this hilarious spoof of Franklin Foer's mea culpa on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp fiasco:

Facing the difficulties of verifying the piece, but wanting to ensure its plausibility before publication, we sent the piece to a correspondent for a major newspaper who had spent many tours embedded in Iraq. Had he noticed the US Army in Iraq? Check. Did they have Bradley Fighting Vehicles? Check. Had he seen dogs? Check. So far, the story seemed to be plausible....

That is but a taste. Read all of it (yes it's long and rambling, but if you are familiar with that windbag Franklin Foer, you'll get the schtick).

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Legal dog gets death penalty for biting illegal alien

Yup...I guess this is the reward for trying to defend your borders against illegal aliens:

An 85-pound German shepherd has become the unlikely face of the immigration debate in upscale Princeton, N.J., after a judge ordered the dog to be put down for attacking an illegal immigrant last summer.

Thousands of people have flooded the Internet and even petitioned the governor to ask that Congo be spared for his attack on Honduran landscaper Giovanni Rivera, who was injured seriously in June and later awarded $250,000 in insurance money.

So wait...the man who wasn't even supposed to be in our country in the first place, not only doesn't get deported, but he gets paid?

Of course big media (ABC) only wants to use this as an example of how everyone is so intolerant and racist:

And while New Jersey Gov. John Corzine has denied calls for a pardon, some town residents are upset the illegal immigrant was allowed to collect monetary compensation for his injuries.

"Too bad Congo doesn't work on the border patrol," one resident wrote online. "Maybe there would be less illegals entering our country."

Another poster called Rivera "illegal scum."

Rivera has called the attacks racist and political.

Well...not exactly. See, Rivera ain't callin' the attacks anything at all since he don't habla so good and presumably he's busy spending his money. So he's having his attorney/spokeshole play the race card for him:

"We've created a subculture in this country right now. The illegal alien is like a subhuman and that's a dangerous precedent," said Rivera's attorney William Garces.

Of course there is more to this story than ABC wants you to know. For example, not only was Rivera not supposed to be in this country...he wasn't even supposed to be on the property that Congo was defending:

PRINCETON TOWNSHIP -- A family whose beloved German shepherd faces death for having led a dog attack on a landscaper is devastated by the news but vows to continue to fight to save him.

"He needs to come home," said Guy James, the Princeton homeowner who managed to call his dogs off the landscaper, but only after the worker was severely mauled in the June 5 attack.

The landscaper, Giovanni Rivera, has won a $250,000 insurance settlement as a result of serious injuries he sustained in the attack, which occurred when he and others disobeyed instructions from James not to get out of their car until Congo and several other dogs on the property could be sequestered for safety.

Rivera, a Trenton man, was on the 10-acre, fenced property on Stuart Road to do yard work. The landscaping crew had arrived before 7 a.m., about an hour before they were expected.

James, who was about to take a shower, called out a window to them in Spanish, telling them to get back in their car and wait because the dogs were in the backyard being fed.

Let's review. Rivera shows up an hour early with his crew and ignores the warnings of the property owner NOT to come onto the property. Isn't that trespassing?

But wait. This gets ridiculous. Turns out Rivera grabbed James' wife:

Instead, Rivera and another worker got out of the car after a few minutes and the dogs began to bark. That worker began to hit the dogs with a metal rake and Elizabeth James, Guy James' wife, yelled for him to stop. Meanwhile, Rivera, who was afraid of the dogs, grabbed her from behind and pulled her to the ground, causing her to scream. At that point Congo began to bite and scratch Rivera and some of the puppies joined in.

Those of you who have dogs at home as protection, please chime in. If a stranger grabs your spouse and throws her to the ground, don't you want your dog to attack? Or do dogs now have to go to tolerance training to learn not to attack illegal aliens?

Leave it to the James' 11-year old daughter to school the moron judge who has ordered Congo to the gallows:

Hannah James, 11, wrote a letter to Judge Russell Annich Jr. saying in part, "I am so upset seeing my dog locked up in jail for doing his job. When my friends are over they play with and around Congo and have no problems. I want you to know that this is coming from my heart and I mean it with all my heart and soul. Actually, my broken heart. We will never ever forget this for the rest of our lives. You have made the wrong decision in my eyes."

Hey, Nigel... Remember me?!

As many UCLA Alum and football fan rejoice at the dismissal of the poster boy for mediocrity, an outcast lurks at the abandoned headset and playsheet on the Bruins' sidelines...

Sons of Westwood, strike up the band!

Monday, December 3, 2007

UCLA Football is relevant again!

My college roommate who I share football season tickets with just called me with the good news!:

Karl Dorrell's tenure as UCLA's football coach came to an end today with the announcement that ended weeks of speculation about the coach's future.

"This was a very difficult decision for me," UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero said in a statement. "Karl has represented this program with dignity and class. He is a true Bruin and I respect what he has accomplished in his five years as our head coach, particularly off the field. But, at the end of the day, the focus has to be on results and I felt that a change was in the best interest for the future of our program."

All disappointment about the football program aside, true Bruins wish Karl Dorrell well in his future endeavors. He simply was not cut out to head a major college program. He'll likely land on his feet as an NFL receivers coach.

Expect a celebration at Bruins Nation.

Now is the time in our blog where we dance:

Race Pimping in Texas

Brian McMurphy of Six Meat Buffet emailed me last night to ask if I was going to follow up on my post about Joe Horn, the Texas vigilante who wasted two slimeball burglars. At the time I was suffering from a little tiredity, so Brian picked up the ball and ran with it. Gloriously...:

Though Texas has evidently loosened some laws regarding use of deadly force to protect yourself, from that 911 call, Horn may be looking at some serious time for 2nd degree and possibly 1st degree murder though no formal charges have been filed. His neighbors are rallying behind him but I would not put down money on how long either will last.

To make matters worse, a former crack dealer turned Farrakhanvict worshipping, independent race pimp entrepreneur named “Quanell X” showed up to provoke a small-scale riot today ...

Now I had not seen this video yet, or I might have tried to beat Brian to the punch. Just so much good stuff here:

At the risk of sounding extremely intolerant and bigoted, don't those Black Panther folks know that they look like total fags in those silly berets? Just sayin'...

Gotta love the Harley revving rednecks! And the girlfriend of one of the perps whining about how her boyfriend didn't get any justice. Hmm...seems like he got some justice to me. Look, if you don't want to end up dead, don't go breaking into a house in the middle of redneck central...

Perhaps Joe Horn acted harshly. Perhaps even outside the law, though that is for a Pasadena grand jury to determine. But in an America where folks are just fed up with a criminals as victims liberal mindset, Joe Horn is quickly becoming a hero.

Follow the rest of Brian's post about the hypocrisy of a race whore like Quanell X. Nice name, bro. And how many hard-working black folks did you rip off in order to buy that suit?

Thanks to The Jawa Report for the video..

Ian O'Doherty shows intolerance toward Islam

Fatwa coming, no?:

I am Islamophobic in the sense that I'm phobic towards the notion of treating women as third-class citizens, flogging people and killing them for having an independent thought.

I'm phobic towards the idea of killing Theo Van Gogh because he made a movie they didn't like. I'm phobic towards killing a Japanese translator because he worked on the Satanic Verses.

I'm also rather phobic to the notion that the Muslim world has the right to riot and kill each other because of a few unfunny cartoons in an obscure Danish publication.

As regards the spurious accusation of racism which is bandied about against anyone who criticises Islam, let me make this clear -- you cannot change the colour of your skin. Pigmentation is irrelevant. But you can dislike someone's superstition and in Islam's case, even among other superstitions, they are particularly horrible.

No, my Muslim friend, it's your religion and your Sharia law I am criticising. It has nothing to do with the colour of your skin.

And you know what? In a free democracy we still have the right to say things like that.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

If there's anything I can't stand...'s a copycat:

"Indeed Muhammad was a man of murder," the pig, voiced by Keller himself, states in the video. "He was a pedophile, having a wife at the age of six. And I came to find out that the Quran really is nothing more than a book of fairy tales."

Keller, a vocal critic of Islam, made the video in response to the case of Gillian Gibbons, who was moved to a secure location last week after street demonstrators called for her death. Gibbons was sentenced to 15 days in a Khartoum jail after being convicted of insulting Islam.

For the record, I named my pig first...

A reason to watch this year's Super Bowl halftime

NEW YORK -- Rock 'n' rollers Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will perform during halftime of the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The NFL made the announcement Sunday.

My favorite band:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bruins lose, Bruins win (Updated w. Morning After reaction)

Yes, UCLA lost to the crosstown asshats from USC today. But here's the good news. This clown will be fired on Monday morning:

Reasons? The O.C. Register's Jeff Miller has a few:

Dark, chilly and damp. The environment early Saturday evening and the mood wrapped around it.

If this was it, well, this better be it for Karl Dorrell as coach of UCLA's football team.

After five years, he doesn't deserve the job any longer. The program hasn't improved under him, doesn't display any mental or physical consistency and isn't clearly heading in the proper direction.

In falling to USC, 24-7, the Bruins came out again like a group not ready (two fumbles in the first seven minutes), were forced to take silly timeouts and executed their offense like they'd never attempted any of the plays before.

Karl Dorrell looks for someone to blame...

Early in the fourth quarter, Dorrell opted to take a penalty and give USC third-and-goal at the UCLA 12 as opposed to fourth-and-goal at the 2.

John David Booty promptly passed to Fred Davis, who shook off (Christian)Taylor for a touchdown, effectively ending the game.

Afterward, Mr. Nice Guy wasn't afraid to publicly blame Taylor, noting in particular that it sure wasn't the coaches' fault.

"We had a great call on," Dorrell said. "We were in the right place. Christian Taylor didn't make the play."

That's just great, Karl. Make a boneheaded coaching decision (one that had me screaming at my TV as he was making it), then throw one of your kids under a bus. That's a leadership quality I want in my head coach...

There are many, many more reasons Karl Dorrell should not return as UCLA's football coach. Too many for me to list here. Bill Plaschke of the LA Times has a few more here. Bruins Nation and DumpDorrell have compiled the best arguments.

Of course in Los Angeles, you can always count on TJ Simers to play the part of the town fool:

The next guy always looks better, but is there a coach in America who could have fared better than 6-6 with the number of injuries that bedeviled UCLA this season?

Well...YEAH. Just about anyone else. In fact, UCLA might have been better off if we'd hired this guy to teach the fundamentals of football to our least he knows how to hang on to the football: