Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The upside of the foreclosure "crisis"

A quick anecdotal observation:

I am in the mortgage business. Yesterday, I met with a 42-year old single mother. She is raising 2 teenagers in a crappy studio apartment in a crappy neighborhood.

She makes just over $25,000 a year. According to the government, she is officially in "poverty".

She does not have an X-box, plasma screen TV, or microwave oven.

She DOES have (and pays for) health insurance for her and her children.

She is a LEGAL immigrant from Mexico who entered our country legally, assimilated, learned English, and became a US citizen.

She drives a 1996 Toyota Corolla.

She has paid every bill on time and has perfect credit.

Somehow, she saved $8,000...$25 here, $50 there...

This weekend she bought a cute little foreclosed home for herself and her two children. Purchase price? $145,000.

The home was purchased by the previous owners for $409,000.

Update: Acorn thugs and Obama's housing plan would take away these opportunities in favor of people like this:

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Most Underrated President

(Reposted from last year. Via Hot Air, C-Span produced a ranking of United States Presidents.

A shock: Barack Obama isn't already in the top ten. A bigger shock? Our choice ranks #32?!?!)

He's not on any American currency, there are no monuments to him in Washington (though you can stay at a Bed and Breakfast named after him while visting). Most American History classes pretty much ignore his administration. He never even won an election.

But looking at him now, it's clear that America could use another Chester A. Arthur. Elevated to the Presidency upon the assassination of James Garfield, Arthur enacted policies that pissed off both Democrats and Republicans...

Heard of The Pendleton Act? Chester Arthur signed that law that...get this...actually required government appointees to show some level of competence before they get appointed. No more cronyism. While The Pendleton Act is still allegedly in effect, clearly our current administration doesn't pay much attention to it.

Arthur also enacted our nation's first immigration law:

The Arthur Administration enacted the first general Federal immigration law. Arthur approved a measure in 1882 excluding paupers, criminals, and lunatics. Congress suspended Chinese immigration for ten years, later making the restriction permanent.

Now that's an immigration policy I can get behind. Not the part about the Chinese...but excluding paupers, criminals and lunatics. You poor? Sorry, you're not bringing your destitution here to leech off our social services. Criminal? Get your gang-bangin' ass back to El Salvador. Lunatic? If you came from a country that thinks that a child-molester is a prophet...

Got a little pork in that bill you got through Congress? You couldn't get that past Chet Arthur:

The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it.

Because Arthur decided to actually look out for the American people and failed to hire Republican cronies, Arthur didn't even get his party's nomination in the 1884 election. Not that he particularly wanted it. See...the dude was dying and wouldn't have even made it through the first year of his second term. And before you think I am being disrespectful for calling him "dude"...well, dude...his nickname was The Dude President.

My favorite author Samuel Clemens said this about my favorite Arthur:

I am but one in 55,000,000; still, in the opinion of this one-fifty-five millionth of the country's population, it would be hard to better President Arthur's administration.

Another Chet Arthur fan

Happy Presidents Day, Chester A. Arthur. Mt. Rushmore should have had space for ya...

Updated: Think Barack Obama has a questionable background? Check out this piece on the mystery man that was Chester Arthur:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't leave Al Gore (PBUH) alone with your kids

Glenn Beck makes one GREAT point. How can a former Vice President of the United States meet with 3 THOUSAND kids...and nobody in the media is covering it?:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

While we're busy pissing of feminazis...

Let's talk abortion...

Courtney Martin needs to get laid

Anyone out there willing to take that bullet?

Seems Courtney and her other dried-up feminists are all up in arms over Bill O'Reilly's little joke about that witch Helen Thomas sounding like...well...a witch.

Yeah, the joke wasn't exactly a side-splitter. But that's what it was...a joke.

But angry feminists don't have a sense of humor. Look at "tough" Courtney taking on O'Reilly:

O'Reilly calls Courtney Martin "brave" for her appearance on the factor. Well...he's being nice. "Humorless" "Hypocrite" and "Moonbat" are far more accurate descriptions of Mz. Martin.

BTW, I scoured Google for Mz. Martin's assertion that she has "defended" Sarah Palin in the past. These are the sum total of her defense of Palin.

One was an attack on McCain for talking about Palin in endearing terms. Another was an attack on O'Reilly for making a joke about the stupid media blitz on Palin's wardrobe.

That's it. Not a single criticism of Saturday Night Live for their parodies of Palin, not a single criticism of the media for questioning whether Palin could...or for VP when she has a family, not a single word of praise for a woman who feminists SHOULD be proud of.

Except unlike Mz. Martin, Sarah Palin has actually accomplished something in her life...unlike Mz. Martin, Sarah Palin actually has a sense of humor...and unlike Mz. Martin, Sarah Palin actually "gets some" on a regular basis.

Update: My bad. Mz. Martin has written a book. Credit where credit is due, and all that.

She still needs to lighten up.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's metaphor for the "Stimulus" package...

...comes from The ONN:

(EXTREME language warning)

The Buffet of Hope and Change

The guys Comrades over at Six Meat Buffet were among the first to use some of President Barry's "stimulus" funds to give their site a facelift. Have a look:

Michele's devotees may have noticed that she no longer writes here. She was kidnapped about a month ago, but she has been re-educated and will now be writing her propaganda manifestos here.

And while America blindly follows their "Messiah"...

...Iran begins preparation for the return of theirs:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Talk about the "friendly skies"...

...uh, if you see a helicopter flying erratically over San Diego:

Hopefully, that Starbucks cup was filled with mouthwash...

But seriously, this pilot should have been grounded anyway:

SAN DIEGO — The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the actions of a La Jolla helicopter pilot after a video of him engaged in sex acts midflight surfaced on the Internet.

The video shows David Keith Martz, a professional pilot with a history of FAA violations, at the controls of his chopper over San Diego while fondling an adult-film actress, who then performs a sex act on him.

The video, shot in 2007, appeared Tuesday on the gossip Web site and has become widespread since.

Along with the video, TMZ reported that someone had sent the FAA an e-mail about the episode, including photos of Martz fondling the actress – who goes by the name Puma Swede – while in flight.

Looking for that definitely NSFW video? It's here.

Uh...back to the REAL issue here. Why is this guy allowed to fly?:

Martz first ran afoul of the FAA for flying on a forged medical certificate in 1986. His license was revoked.

Then in June 2002, Martz was seen doing aerobatics below 1,500 feet and over a populated area, Tourmaline Park in Pacific Beach – both violations of air safety rules. He was suspended for 30 days.

In October 2003, the FAA again revoked Martz's license, saying he “landed close to people on the ground at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.”

In June 2005, the agency suspended Martz for 230 days, saying he flew passengers from Mexico to Brown Field and then Montgomery Field, despite knowing the tail section of his helicopter had been damaged by hitting a wire.

Jokes about "45 seconds" may or may not be posted in the comments section.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The definition of stupidity... being a global warming alarmist who decides to have a "sky is falling" conference in...Buffalo.

In February:

Talk about great timing.

Buffalo State College hosts the national teach-in on Global Warming Situations today — a day the local temperature bottomed out at minus 6 degrees.

No evidence of global warming here, at least not this morning, when unofficial reports to the National Weather Service listed temperatures as low as 9 degrees below zero elsewhere in Erie County.

Meanwhile, Al Gore (PBUH) is busy telling your kids to ignore their parents:

"Step up, Bitch!"

Yup...this is what this once-proud 6th-tier blog has come to...a blog on Reality Skanks: