Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ann Coulter to endorse...Hillary? (Update: Ace analysis)

Hell freezes over:

From Ann's latest column:

The bright side of the Florida debacle is that I no longer fear Hillary Clinton. (I mean in terms of her becoming president -- on a personal level, she's still a little creepy.) I'd rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain. With Hillary, we'll get the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility.

Also, McCain lies a lot, which is really more a specialty of the Democrats.

At least under President Hillary, Republicans in Congress would know that they're supposed to fight back. When President McCain proposes the same ideas -- tax hikes, liberal judges and Social Security for illegals -- Republicans in Congress will support "our" president -- just as they supported, if only briefly, Bush's great ideas on amnesty and Harriet Miers.

Hot Air has more, including another conservative diva who won't back McCain, though she may change her mind if McCain changes his:

Update: Ace sums up what many conservatives must be feeling right now (language warning):

Whether all the over-my-dead-body threats from Republicans are on the level, I don't know. Some are. Some aren't. Some will end up voting for him, reluctantly. Others won't. Many won't bother donating to his presidential campaign, choosing instead to put their money in the hands of actual conservative Republicans.

There's a lot of talk from some right now about reconciling, and getting on the McCain Express. I say: Fuck that. In case you jokers haven't noticed, there's still a campaign on; your boy hasn't won yet. McCain has been saying "Fuck You" to us for a long time; why don't you all cool it with the "let's be friends" pussyshit and allow us to say "Fuck You" back to McCain for a while longer?

Maybe we'll be done saying it by November. Then again, maybe we won't. In any event, I think the McCain backers and soft-supporters ought to consider very seriously that at least some Republicans will not vote for McCain under any circumstances whatsoever.

So before you guys try to mau-mau us to rally behind him for party unity, perhaps you should first try instead rallying behind Mitt Romney.

Puppy vs. Robot Thursday Night Smakdown!

Forgive me for the gratuitous cuteness:

Hey Dr. Moody...can you really be this stupid?

Remember Dr. William Moody, the tough guy White Plains, NY dentist who made headlines in November for his courageous beatdown of 5'2" Yolanda Infante over a parking spot?

This week he appeared on the Dr. Phil show, perhaps to give his business a boost...because there are just so many dental patients who want to be treated by a rage-a-holic with a drill in his hands.

And here's a big shock...even before the show aired, Dr. Moody was arrested for violating a restraining order Infante had gotten against him. What a dumbass:

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBS) ― There are new charges against the Westchester dentist who gained Internet fame after CBS 2 cameras exclusively caught him engaging in "parking rage" in November.

Dr. William Moody, who will appear on the "Dr. Phil" show on Thursday afternoon, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after apparently violating his order of protection against Yolanda Infante, the woman who he was seen pushing to the ground in the November incident.

Infante's order of protection against Moody says the dentist cannot have any contact or communication with her or her brother, Luis, both of whom felt Moody's wrath during the confrontation on Court Street in White Plains.

It's been more than two months since Infante's order of protection went into effect, but on Tuesday, Infante says Moody approached her on the street near the building where they both have officers and sarcastically asked her if she knew what time "Dr. Phil" airs on CBS 2.

So basically Dr. Moody figured it was worth a little jail time as long as he got a chance to run some lame smak at Infante? Can you lose your license to practice dentistry in New York for being a moron?

The original video:

The Bush/McCain conspiracy

Cue the Twilight Zone music and excuse the trutherisms, but this not-so-new video is interesting in light of the direction this Primary Season has taken, and the revelation that John McCain's new reach-around partner is dual US/Mexican citizen Juan Hernandez.

This is actually Yiddish's find, so please direct all the "you are a ****ing whacko" comments at him, will ya?

And just for good measure:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Straight talk from Mel Martinez

I thought I had heard this correctly last night...kudos to Preston Taylor Holmes over at Six Meat Buffet for this catch:

Oops. Thanks for nothin', Mel...

This Goes to 11 Flashback: Remember Mel during the Shamnesty debacle last summer? Mel claims he isn't interested in the VP slot, but do you doubt that he is at least positioning himself for a place in McCain's cabinet? Can you see Mel Martinez as Secretary of State?

Or how about this guy as the DHS head? If you don't know about Juan Hernandez, you should be very afraid:

Monday, January 28, 2008

The real hoosegow honeys

With apologies to Iowahawk, an inside look at a prison beauty pageant.

"The finalists were: A convicted arms dealer, a document forger and a cocaine smuggler:"

Miss Congeniality: "I'm sick of these people, I'm sick of this food, I'm sick of this border, I'm sick of this weather, I'm sick of the bugs, I'm sick of everything in here...I don't like this country."

No word yet if any of these beauty queens were "available", and I didn't find them here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Valentine's Day Approacheth

Don't know what to get your liberal, feminista girlfriend? Put your coffee down before you open...

Fun with Hippie Lettuce

The "Medical Marijuana" scam just got a little bit easier:

Oh, make no mistake about it..."Medical Marijuana" is a scam. Proponents say so themselves:

Think marijuana is harmless? Think again:

Illegal AlienMexican Immigrant Murders San Marcos Witch

Hell, I like my headline more than this innocuous headline by the UT:

Roommate suspected in woman's death

Uh...BORING! Anyway, I guess here in San Diego we are just so used to illegal aliens undocumented workers raping, molesting and murdering, that we just don't find this to be news anymore:

SAN MARCOS – Mimi Rohwer took in a day laborer a few years ago, giving him room and board in her San Marcos mobile home while he looked for work.

But when deputies entered the home and discovered the 75-year-old woman's body early Wednesday, her roommate was nowhere to be found.

Yesterday, Julio Cesar Jacobo-Curiel, 57, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, became a suspect in a murder investigation after an autopsy revealed Rohwer had been strangled, sheriff's investigators said.

Obviously Crime Stoppers seems a little overly optimistic about catching Jacobo-Curiel:

Jacobo-Curiel was last seen leaving the Casitas del Sol mobile home park on Barham Drive in Rohwer's 1996 red Toyota Camry, bearing California license plates 3TRH829.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. To leave an anonymous tip, call (888) 580-TIPS.'s a safe bet. Jacobo-Curiel is GONE. The Mexican border is just a 40-minute Camry drive from San Marcos.

Jacobo-Curiel may have murdered the wrong senior citizen. Turns out Rohwer is a witch. Here's hoping she gets him from the afterlife:

Rohwer, who was a Wiccan high priestess, had met Jacobo-Curiel when he was in the neighborhood on a job moving a mobile home, Eades said. She offered him a place to stay while he tried to find more work.

She had recently been having problems with Jacobo-Curiel and wanted him to move out, Eades said.

Lazy Parenting Legislation - 2008

It's a brand new year and it only took 3 weeks to find the first attempt by the Libtard Gustappo to legislate more lazy parenting skills. You have to love the public relations campaign behind this steaming turd pile of nanny state ninnyism: "NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE". The Democrats (unnamed Democrats, that is) want to tax televisions, video game consoles, and video games. Hey! I've got a great idea "Unnamed Democrats", how about promoting more shame and scorn for lazy, apathetic parenting, and leave the entertainment and extra-curricular decisions to mom and dad, got it?! Alrighty now. While your cheeto-eating, pudding-bleeding, fat ass kids play XBox all day today, me and my kids are headed to Palomar Mountain to go trekking in the snow, climb some rocks, and check out the observatory. Have a stellar Saturday folks!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Two women who are yanking on my heartstrings...'s not some obsessive crush or anything (heck, one of them is happily married), but these ladies know how to play me...musically.

First there's Michele over at The Music Chamber...don't miss "Open Mic Night" on Tuesdays... as well as great discussions about music and artists such as Nik Kershaw.

Then I wander over to Laurie Kendrick's site and discover she may be my musical cosmic twin.

I want to get these ladies alone in an harmonic threesome...just us, and the world's biggest jukebox. Then I can die happy...

Until then:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So...I call myself a blogger

Puhleeze. Yeah, I use a template on Google's "Blogspot", and I post videos and stories that I mostly rip off from others. But I ain't really a blogger. You know who's a blogger?

This guy, who caught the moment when the man who broke millions of hearts in GOP-land wandered into a Starbucks... His wife is pretty smart as well, though I cannot understand their support for John McCain. Maybe that's what makes me so dumb, and them so smart...

Then there is this guy, who I have already previously declared to be freakin' brilliant. Today he digs up an official document from Alberta's Human Rights Commission on the Ezra Levant hearing.

Of course there's these guys whose stuff I am constantly ripping off and posting here. Their recent forays into video creation is nothing short of they are challenging us to sniff Bill Clinton's finger, and asking the rhetorical question "Where's an assassination attempt when you need one?"

Oh shit. They've just sent Islamic Rage Boy over to harass me...

Finally today, there's this gal who exposes the rage and lunacy of a Paultard.

Me? I'm just a no talent hack who wishes he could play in the same game as these folks. I'm lucky they let me hang around...

OK, for my big contribution to the blogging world today, I give you this expose'...the sad story of the thuggery of our immigration enforcers deporting a fast food worker:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'll be back...

A message to my 3 1/2 has me slammed and I am prepping my JV Girls basketball team (17 wins 3 losses) for our game Friday against our league rivals. Yeah, I'd love to blog about the demise of a gay cowboy or Hillary Clinton's campaign promises to Mexicans. But I'm a little busy right now.

Here. Enjoy one of my favorite childhood cartoons:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Uh...about that global warming...

I'm just sayin'...

(CNN) -- Bitter cold gripped most of the United States on Monday, with temperatures dipping below normal from coast to coast.

Temperatures in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains were about 30 degrees below normal, CNN meteorologist Bonnie Schneider said.

"It's very hard to find any part of the country that's warm," Schneider said.

Wanna see more global warming idiots? Go HERE...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jay Grodner is not only a Giant Douche, but an unbelievable DICK...

...if this account from the Chicago Tribune is true:

Jay Grodner, the Chicago lawyer who keyed a Marine's car in anger because the car had military plates and a Marine insignia, finally got his day in court last week.Grodner pleaded guilty in a Chicago courtroom packed with former Marines. Some had Marine pins on their coats, or baseball jackets with the Marine insignia. They didn't yellor call him names. They came to support Marine Sgt. Michael McNulty, whose car Grodner defaced in December, but who couldn't attend because he's preparing for his second tour in Iraq.

Grodner was late to court for the second time in the case. Grodner called Assistant State's Attorney Patrick Kelly, (Marine Corps/Vietnam 1969-1972), informing Kelly that he would be late to court.

"He wanted to avoid the media," Kelly said Friday. "So he's coming a half hour late."

Of course that wasn't going to fly with Judge William O'Malley who...surprise!:

...served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1961-1964.

"I don't run my courtroom that way!" responded Judge O'Malley, ordering Grodner be arrested and held on $20,000 bail when he arrived.

Finally, Grodner strolled in. A short man, wide, wearing a black fedora, dark glasses, a divorce lawyer dressed like some tough guy in the movies.

Grodner told me he'd describe himself as a "radical liberal" who's ready to leave Chicago now with all this negative publicity and move to the south of France and do some traveling.

France would be a great place for a dickhead like Grodner. Not to wish ill will on anyone (well,actually...yeah I do) but appropriate justice for Grodner would be to get his ass kicked in one of those Islamotard riots France has become known for. Maybe Grodner can find true love in the arms of some young jihadist...apparently that freak, he'll bang anything:

Read the full account of Grodner's dicketry here.

We have had no chance

Oh well. It was a great season. But according to almost everyone who claims to know anything about football, my Chargers have no chance to beat the Patriots today...especially with Tomlinson, Gates and Rivers all banged up. Game time temperatures are expected to be in the 20's...and it will get colder for the boys from sunny SoCal as the sun goes down.

Yup, absolutely no chance. Why did the Chargers even get on the airplane to play this game? Has a team ever overcome such unbeatable odds?


Halftime update: Isn't this game over yet? LaDainian Tomlinson is OUT and Philip Rivers is throwing off of half a leg. Surely the Patriots are winning by three touchdowns already...


Post-game: Three chances inside the Patriot 10-yard line...three field goals. Is there any respectable New England fan who doesn't know in their heart that if we had the greatest goal-line runner in NFL history available, things might have been different?

Congrats to the to play some poker...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

R.I.P "Sam the Butcher"

Oh Sam...we hardly knew ye:

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 19) - Allan Melvin, a character actor best known for playing Sam the Butcher on "The Brady Bunch," has died. He was 84.Melvin died of cancer Thursday at his home in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, said Amalia Melvin, his wife of 64 years.

Yeah, yeah...I guess now is where I should insert some tasteless joke about Sam "giving the meat" to Alice all those years...but I am above that aren't I?

Besides, I've been meaning to address Greg Brady's drug problem for some time now, and this is as good an opportunity as ever:

Giant Douche Jay Grodner arrested?...pleads guilty (updated)

There is a lesson to be learned in the saga of Jay Grodner. Mess with a US Marine...and you will pay. Blackfive has been on the story all along, please go here for the latest.

While a light fine (donation actually) may not seem like punishment, Jay Grodner may not be able to get another case with all of the negative publicity he has received.

(Update: Michelle Malkin has more.)

Tom Cruise finally comes out of the closet...

With no apologies to South Park for the headline, the boyz at TNOYF have discovered some very revealing footage of Tom Cruise speaking at a Scientology gathering:

So I'll feel less guilty about mining for blog hits:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Laugh of the day: MEChistA deported

One less drain on our California Junior College system. Ha! Ha!:

The president of the MEChA club at Palomar College has been deported to Mexico, immigration officials said yesterday.

Paola Oropeza, 22, was arrested Jan. 8 by a fugitive operations team with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for the department in San Diego.

Oropeza had been ordered to leave the country by an immigration judge, but she failed to comply with that order, Mack said. At the time of her arrest, Oropeza was in the country illegally and was taken to Tijuana, Mack said.

Oh. Nice description of MEChA by the Union Trib. I'll try to help a little:

MEChA, or Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, is a Latino student group with chapters in high schools and colleges. It focuses on revolution empowerment through intimidation education as well as political, cultural and social revisionist history awareness.

The Immigration Watchdog has more...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why can't doctors keep their digits out of our butts? (Update: or ours out of their mouths?)

First there's the story of the New York construction worker who is suing his hospital for giving him an unwanted and unauthorized rectal exam. After all, as Cranky from Six Meat Buffet says (see comments section):

A Man's Rectum is His Castle!

Now comes this story of a Scandi doctor who has an interesting technique for relieving headaches and back pain:

A doctor who received a warning for using a controversial 'anal massage' technique to cure various aches and pains has won an appeal at Stockholm County Court.

Several years ago, the man was warned by Sweden's Medical Responsibility Board (HSAN) on at least three occasions after using his method to treat an elderly woman's headaches and back pain.

At the time the doctor was working in the Stockholm area. The woman described his treatment as "an incredibly offensive encroachment".

The doctor has also run into difficulties in neighbouring Denmark and Norway.

The doc claims that the complaints arise not from his unusual treatments, but rather because he is a bad comedian:

The man described his dismissal in Norway as part of a witch-hunt against him, and said that his technique was successful.

The Norwegian counterpart to HSAN issued a warning after the doctor told Swedish jokes to a group of Norwegians who were mourning a death.

The man said at the time that he considered himself misunderstood.

"I have a personality disorder, or rather a syndrome, a form of Aspergers. Just like Bill Gates or Einstein, for example," he told Aftonbladet.

"I have made it impossible for myself within the healthcare sector because I behave childishly sometimes. I am different, but cleverer."

Update: Via Ace, how would you like to go in for an eye exam and end up getting a "toe job"? Ick.

Kangaroos are green

And other fun Kangaroo facts:

Well cool. I just can't get enough Kangaroo fart information. And it looks like Kangaroos just can't get enough of golf...or uh...bell ringing?:

I know I've seen this Kangaroo classic before:

And since we're on the subject of "bell-ringing", this has nothing to do with Kangaroos, but what the hell:

Austrian politics and sexual perversity in Islam

Stacy from Still Stacy links to this story about Austrian politician Susanne Winter who had the audacity to tell the truth about Islam:

Susanne Winter, a right-wing politician with the FPÖ party running for a city council seat in the city of Graz, blasted Muslims on Sunday, saying that "in today's system" the Prophet Muhammad would be considered a "child molester," apparently referring to his marriage to a six-year-old child. She also said that it is time for Islam to be "thrown back where it came from, behind the Mediterranean." Not yet finished, she also claimed that Muhammad wrote the Koran in "epileptic fits."

Of course Austria being a European country, you can expect that such truth-telling would bring about the usual pants-shitting:

Her comments have resulted in a storm of protest in Austria, with politicians and commentators of all stripes taking Winter and her party to task. Austrian prosecutors are also looking into the possibility of filing charges against the 50-year-old politician for incitement.

Hell, if Winter can get indicted for actually revealing the truth about Islam, what could I get for reposting this?:

Her comments, said Omar Al-Rawi, head of integration for an Austrian association of Muslims, showed "a lack of respect" and they "had no basis in fact." He told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that such Islam bashing has reached a point in Austria that "one wants to puke."

Oh yeah? Stacy has you schooled, Omar:

No basis in fact Mr. Al-Rawi? It is a known fact amongst Muslims and infidels that Muhammed consummated his marriage to Aisha at the ripe, old age of 9; and it still occurs to this day.

Go here to read the rest of Stacy's brilliant post, including some not so shocking sex-ed pointers from this man:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Line of the week

"Here's your latte..."

Wanda Jackson has Pacman Fever

Unfortunately it's not from playing the video game:

Suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been accused of hitting a woman in a strip club in the early-morning hours of Jan. 3.

Wanda Jackson, an Atlanta defense attorney, filed a report with Atlanta police against Jones, according to reports out of Georgia and Tennessee. WSB-TV in Atlanta first reported the story on its Web site.

Jones is accused of striking Jackson inside the Body Tap Strip Club. He has neither been arrested nor charged.

According to reports, Jackson is handling a divorce case that involves Jones. On Jan. 3, the two began arguing in the club and Jackson has alleged that Jones punched her in the left eye.

Atlanta has strip clubs? Who knew?

Not to blame the victim, but what the hell is an allegedly respectable attorney doing meeting her client in a strip club?

To be fair, Jones practically lives in strip clubs:

Last April, Jones was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for the entire 2007 season for his role in inciting a Las Vegas strip club fight that led to a triple shooting last Feb. 19. The shooting left one man paralyzed.

Jones appealed that suspension. The night before the appeal, Jones was hungry and decided to go grab a bite. With all of the incredible restaurants in New York, guess where Jones went?:

Jones told ESPN2 that he did visit a strip club the night before a hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in New York in April. Jones said he went in to get something to eat and that was what he told Goodell.

"If I could do anything different, I wouldn't have went and gotten nothing to eat then. There wasn't even no girls in there," he said with a smile.

She's baaaack!

I just love me some Cynthia McKinney!:

Withdraw from Iraq immediately. Eliminate the No Child Left Behind law. Legalize marijuana. Those were just some of the goals stated by candidates at the Green Party presidential debate Sunday in San Francisco.

The nearly three-hour event was co-moderated by "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan and KPFA radio host Aimee Allison, who allowed the candidates timed answers to questions about the war in Iraq, illegal immigration, the farm bill and health care, among other subjects.

"Please. This is serious. This is not a joke. This is about starting a real movement in this country," said candidate Cynthia McKinney to a standing ovation.

The former Democratic congresswoman from Georgia who converted to the Green Party last year was, at one point during the debate, acknowledged as the front-runner. The party's presidential nominee will be selected in July in Chicago.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! 'Dis is gonna be fun! And when Cythia McKinney uses the word "inflammatory", she certainly knows what she is talking about:

Upon watching the video however, I think Cynthia will be facing a stiff challenge for the nomination by Kat Swift:

Darn. Turns out she's already in a "committed relationship."

But you have to love Kat's choice for her running mate:

Monday, January 14, 2008

Last digs at Peyton Manning

As I have mentioned previously, the Chargers own Peyton Manning. But Eli's older brother is a pretty good sport with a sense of humor...remember this from Saturday Night Live?:

But Peyton forgot he was miked for yesterday's game. The last play of Peyton Manning's season:

One more thing. Nobody jumps harder on bandwagons like San Diegans. An hour after the upset over Indianapolis, this was a taste of the scene on Highland Avenue in National City:

If the Chargers upset the Patriots on Sunday, this town will go absolutely nuts.

Why I won't piss off Laurie Kendrick

Because she's just too damn smart and besides, she's got an awful mean streak:

You know, I’ve never much cared for Hillary. I’ve proven that true right here on my blog. It’s never been anything more than poking innocent fun at her life and her politics and her overtly beefy cankles and her marriage and her questionable ethics and her values and her sexual orientation and her mothering skills and of course, her penis.

If she can do that to Hillary, and do this to "Michael" (see comments section), then I best stay on her good side...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Wuz I speeding?"

Stolen from Are We Lumberjacks, this has got to be a candidate for Six Meat Buffet's next installment of White Trash Wednesdays:

No Child Left Behind leaves American kids way behind African children rifle assembly and mine clearing:

From The Onion

The Legacy of Kim Il Zong

No...not this guy:

We are talking about this ex-Seattle Seahawk great:

Sorry CBS...Sorry NFL...Sorry Phil Luckett

You got screwed. You did NOT get your precious Indianapolis/New England matchup in the AFC Championship game like you all wished.

Chargers 28 Indianapolis 24. The Chargers' winning drive was executed without quarterback Philip Rivers and without LaDainian Tomlinson.

Charger hero Darren Sproles on his touchdown to end the 3rd quarter

Peyton Manning is the Chargers' bitch. Again.

Special apologies to NFL official Phil Luckett. I'm sorry I held you in the same esteem as a goat-humping Jihadi in my last post. You are off the hook.

To Charger coach Norv Turner...I am sorry for all of my criticisms of you this season. The link to Fire Norv Turner will now be ceremoniously removed.

And to Colts coach Tony Dungy...God bless you whatever you decide to do. You are the epitome of class.

Unlike the parents of this little twerp who neglected to take his video camera away from him:

Now is the time in our blog when we the disco classic "San Diego Superchargers"!:

BULLSHIT! (updated)

I was going to completely avoid blogging the San Diego/Indianapolis playoff game today, but I have just seen the worst officiating call in NFL playoff history.

Perhaps there will be video on this later, but Antonio Cromartie's interception return for a touchdown was just nullified by a BULLSHIT holding call.

Let me repeat that. It was BULLSHIT. Watch the replay.

Look at the wet spot on incontinent dickhead Phil Luckett's ass...

If the Chargers lose this game, this will be on NFL official Phil Luckett. He is the ex-referee who left the NFL in shame because he could not get a coin flip right during the 1998 Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and followed that up by several more crappy officiating decisions.

Worse was CBS hack "analyst" Dan Dierdorf's attempted defense of Luckett. Pathetic. We all know that CBS would rather have a Patriots/Colts AFC championship...just don't be so obvious.

Update: Concurrence from Sports on My Mind:

Phil Luckett is a referee in the NFL is a sign of impropriety in the league. Yes, I said the unsaid, the unwritten, at least since Luckett’s past performances. That Luckett is able to participate in and impact the outcome of a playoff game makes stellar and impeccable crew chief Jerry Markbreit appear as though he is part of a fix of monumental proportions.

Antonio Cromartie intercepted an errant Peyton Manning pass and ran it back 89 yards for a touchdown.

But Luckett dropped a flag long after Cromartie passed the 40 yard line. The call was a hold on Chargers rookie, Eric Weddle. Dan Dierdorf, former NFL lineman, official NFL shill, and secondarily CBS color commentator, said the hold was obvious and questioned why San Diego head coach Norv Turner was arguing the call.

At halftime Boomer Esiason averred that there was no hold. Esiason said flatly, “It was a bad call.” He also said the man making the call was Phil Luckett.

When the telecast resumed from Indianapolis, a replay of the hold was immediately shown; an odd move for sure, especially for an “obvious hold.” Dierdorf then said Weddle did not allow Joseph Addai “the outside position he established” and therefore was holding Addai. Dierdorf, at this point in his NFL being, knows NFL rules about as well as I do. Yet suddenly he is spouting the nature of a holding penalty like he’s Markbreit. It was obvious the NFL flew a kite to Dierdorf so that they could defend their boy Luckett and his sheisty call.

Now, if you watch the play, the hold was actually on Addai, as he grabbed Weddle by the shoulder pads, yanked him to the left, then right and threw him to the ground. Normally, that is defensive holding.

Not on Luckett’s watch.

Canada...this is why you suck

The Alberta "Human Rights" Commission. The fact that you even have this joke of a "commission" operating in your country is all the reason I need to make this assessment.

The story is all over the blogosphere. Click on any of the links for the background and videos. I'll simply post this:

Ezra Levant...we got your back!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Learning to Fly

Does anyone out there dream that they can fly? I always do...which makes deep sleep one of my favorite activities (sadly, I just don't get enough of it).

Well...check this out...via Innocent Bystanders:


Of course these guys have bodies that are high speed/low drag. Me? I only have the hairline for it...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Get your office in shape with Richard Simmons

It's working over at ESPN:

Global Warming brutalizes Iraq

I missed Algore (PBUH) covering changes in weather like this in an Inconvenient "Truth", but I'm sure he did:

BAGHDAD (AFP) — Light snow fell in Baghdad early on Friday in what weather officials said was the first time in about a 100 years.

Rare snowfalls were also recorded in the west and centre of Iraq, plunging temperatures to zero degrees Centigrade (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and even colder, an official said.

More fighting in Iraq breaks out as Global Warming savages Baghdad

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fred Thompson en fuego!

I had no intent on watching yet another debate, but tonight's Republican debate on Fox is turning into a Fred Thompson throw-down...

Stolen from Ace of Spades who swiped it from Hot Air:

and this!:

I'd stick around and watch more, but I have an important basketball game to watch...

Come to the Music Chamber!

Michele from Cutting School is a good blog friend who I met commenting over at Six Meat Buffet. She is a terrific writer (who I suspect has an alter-ego, but I will let that be our little secret), and knows music. And although I suspect she could, she doesn't look down at me because I happen to like bands such as Men Without Hats:

Anyway, she has created a new blog...just for music (especially bad 80's music) and music video fans just like me. It's the Music Chamber...and I will be spending time there. Probably too much time.

Oh...and she's got great legs too:

Close Gitmo detention facility? OK...

Michelle Malkin reminds us that tomorrow is the ACLU's "wear orange" day in support of Guantanamo Bay detainees:

Look for waterboard wannabes to stage mock torture theater around the country and the Arab government-funded anti-Gitmo legal machine to crank up the noise.

She then posts this video of Mike Huckabee who says we should close Guantanamo Bay's facility because of what it "symbolizes":

"There are other places to keep these detainees".

Mike...when you're right you're right! And we've found just the place. Thule Air Force Base:

Which is located here:

Click to make bigger

Mike Huckabee is worried about the "message" it sends to our world neighbors by keeping Guantanamo Bay's prison full of Al Qaeda. Fine...let's close it up...and ship all these terrorists to Thule. After all, according to Algore (PBUH), Thule Air Force Base will soon be a tropical paradise.

Instead of Orange Chicken, inmates can feast on dried herring and whale blubber:

No more soccer games, but ex-Gitmo detainees could get their exercise by kayaking. Worried about them escaping? Hell...where are they going to go?

Best of all, Thule Air Force base offers the advantage of practically no media coverage, and few trips by ACLU dorks who wish to whine about the conditions these detainees are under. And Mike Huckabee will remove the stigma of "Guantanamo Bay".

Dirtbag who cheated on pregnant wife blames "office piranha"

Getting down in the gutter this morning because I'm sick of politics, sports, and Algore (PBUH) harping about global warming when I'm freezing my ass off.

From the UK:

Once, retail boss Colin had an enviable life. He was in line for promotion, had a beautiful North London home, two children he adored and a loving wife who was expecting their third baby.

Then he hired a 26-year-old secretary. She was to herald the unravelling of his life in the most spectacular way.

Fuelled by alcohol and intoxicated by the fact that this nubile young woman made it crystal-clear that she desired him, he found himself in bed with her after the office Christmas party. It was to leave him nursing the biggest hangover of his life: within six months he was homeless and estranged from his wife and children, and out of a job.

Colin...posing with the beautiful wife he cheated on...

Of course in classic Clintonian style, this cheater looks everywhere else to point the finger when caught with his pants down:

"Office piranha is the right terminology for her," says Colin ruefully today of the young woman he blames for ruining his life. "I was reeled in hook, line and sinker by a woman who deliberately set out to find a husband.

"She knew I was married and that my wife was pregnant, but she still targeted me for herself. She seemed happy to try to seduce me and then destroy my marriage in the hope that I would marry her.

"She came on strongly, and I was incredibly flattered. But now I have lost everything I held dear, and will regret the affair for the rest of my life."

Well, in the words of Michelle Malkin: boo freakin' hoo. Of course there is no way that Colin could possibly have known that the office trollop he decided to hook up with would turn pscyho on him:

The next morning, Clare began bombarding Colin with texts and phone calls, and over the next few weeks pursued him with a vengeance.

"The texts said things like: 'You were good in bed', and despite my feelings of guilt, it felt fantastic to have a woman's attention again.

Having succumbed to the sexual flattery of the office piranha, Colin was foolish enough to agree to meet Clare secretly, and during the next six weeks they had a series of liaisons.

"When I tried to tell her it was over, she would beg me not to go, and cry. She threatened if I didn't leave Ellen and marry her, she would kill herself. Once, she acted as if she were carrying out her threat, running across the road and was almost hit by a car."

So why is this newsworthy? It's not, except for the fact that apparently this is turning into some kind of syndrome in the UK:

Last week, matrimonial lawyer Diane Benussi warned male bosses who unexpectedly hit it off with a female employee that they might have caught themselves an "office piranha" - a man-eating woman who preys on married, high-status men.

And Ms Benussi, who has almost 30 years' experience in the legal profession, sounded her warning after noting an increasing number of cases involving single women chasing the married fathers of their children for financial support.

Many such women, she says, join companies with a large number of male employees with the sole intention of looking for a partner. The office party then offers the ideal environment to trigger such relationships.

Ms Benussi's warning comes too late for Colin, who was divorced by his wife Ellen, 38, nine months ago on the grounds of adultery.

So all of you married guys out there who are thinking of boinking the office bimbo, just remember. It's not your fault...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Activate Pong...

Hardee har har!:

Is it bad blog etiquette to simply repost everything these guys do?

Dude! They cut down the Shoe Tree!

This bummed me out today:

They went and cut down the best thing about Balboa Park, the "Shoe Tree". Now where are all the homeless bums and perverts going to go to get their pups covered?!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The blogger trap

Gosh, I feel like I should post something...but I just don't feel like it. So here:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Jay Grodner is a Love Machine

Get ready to laugh...or throw up. Don't blame me...blame those nuts over at The Nose on Your Face:

I really hope those guys don't mind that I seem to be ripping everything off that they do...but damn, it's just too funny.

Ron Paul supporters are not whack jobs...

They're not, they're not, they're not!:

Sean Hannity is a "terrorist"? Wow, with logic like that, how could any sane American not be convinced by the Ron Paul rEVOLution?

Use your "automatic selector" to tune into more Ron Paul moronocity here.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

You keep making them...I'll keep posting them...

More brilliance from the boys at The Nose on Your Face:

(Another Bruce Dickinson production)

Whew...Bolts shut down Titans (updated: bet paid)

Arriving at my seats before the game, I was aghast that the two seats to my left were occupied by Titan fans Mr. and Mrs. Cletis Hatfield who had taken out a mobile home equity line of credit for their dream vacation to San Diego. I'm glad they got rained on...

And Vince Young had a rough day too:

Chargers beat the Titans 17-6. Now the boys at Six Meat Buffet owe me a tribute on their site to the Chargers for the next week. I'm waiting...(not to worry...they're not the type to renege).

And after years of disappointment, I was in the house for the Chargers first playoff win since this:

Update: Preston and Brian come go read the rest of their brilliant blog...

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Via Bruinsnation, UCLA guard Russell Westbrook drops a bomb on the Cal Bears:

NASA study fortells global cooling? (Update: Russian scientists agree)

(H/T: Ace of Spades moron commenter Biff... )

If this analysis by Orlando's Space and Science Research Center is correct, get ready for some record cold temperatures:

The Space and Science Research Center, (SSRC) in Orlando, Florida announces that it has confirmed the recent web announcement of NASA solar physicists that there are substantial changes occurring in the sun’s surface. The SSRC has further researched these changes and has concluded they will bring about the next climate change to one of a long lasting cold era.

Today, Director of the SSRC, John Casey has reaffirmed earlier research he led that independently discovered the sun’s changes are the result of a family of cycles that bring about climate shifts from cold climate to warm and back again.

“We today confirm the recent announcement by NASA that there are historic and important changes taking place on the sun’s surface. This will have only one outcome - a new climate change is coming that will bring an extended period of deep cold to the planet. This is not however a unique event for the planet although it is critically important news to this and the next generations. It is but the normal sequence of alternating climate changes that has been going on for thousands of years. Further according to our research, this series of solar cycles are so predictable that they can be used to roughly forecast the next series of climate changes many decades in advance. I have verified the accuracy of these cycles’ behavior over the last 1,100 years relative to temperatures on Earth, to well over 90%.”

Wait. Algore (PBUH) told me the debate was OVER. How dare these NASA Scientists contradict him!

Algore (PBUH) wants us to believe that humans can control our climate. He forgets about one very key factor:

Update: Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences notes the same solar cycles and has this suggestion:

Earth is unlikely to ever face a temperature disaster. Of all the planets in the solar system, only Earth has an atmosphere beneficial to life. There are many factors that account for development of life on Earth: Sun is a calm star, Earth is located an optimum distance from it, it has the Moon as a massive satellite, and many others. Earth owes its friendly climate also to dynamic feedback between biotic and atmospheric evolution.

What can’t be cured must be endured. It is wise to accept the natural course of things. We have no reason to panic about allegations that ice in the Arctic Ocean is thawing rapidly and will soon vanish altogether. As it really is, scientists say the Arctic and Antarctic ice shields are growing. Physical and mathematical calculations predict a new Ice Age. It will come in 100,000 years, at the earliest, and will be much worse than the previous. Europe will be ice-bound, with glaciers reaching south of Moscow.

Who is the "brains" behind the Duckabee campaign? (Updated/Bumped)

(Updated): Someone in Huckabee's camp pulled their head out of their ass and Huckabee was on Hannity's show yesterday. I didn't get to hear the entire interview, but Huckabee did say something I like (direct quote):

Close the stinkin' border...

That was in response to Hannity asking him about giving illegal aliens in-state tuition help in Arkansas colleges. Huckabee claims that it's not his fault that illegal aliens are in his public schools (paid for by Arkansas tax payers), so if they have gone through his public school system, he may as well pay for them to go to college so at least Arkansas's illegal aliens are well-educated.



First the Mike Huckabee campaign makes an enemy out of Rush Limbaugh. Then today, Mike Huckabee was scheduled to appear on the Sean Hannity show.

Only someone in the "Duck"abee campaign didn't like some of the questions Sean might ask. For example, what about his record on pardons and commutations for violent criminals? Or his position on illegal aliens and amnesty? You know, just the basic questions conservative voters might want answers to before they elect their nominee...

Mike Duckabee is afraid to answer questions from this guy?

So Mike Duckabee decided not to appear on Hannity's show.

Now we know that Ed Rollins is allegedly the "brains" behind the Duckabee campaign, but can he really be this dim? This is even worse than when the Democrats were afraid to have a debate on Fox News...

Clearly Mike Huckabee is not qualified to be President . Because if Mike Duckabee can't answer direct questions from a friendly conservative like Sean Hannity, how could he survive the questions from this terror?:

(Update: Into the lion's den...even Hillary sent over her campaign chief Terry McAuliffe to do battle with Hannity. least that showed a little more guts than Duckabee. Of course it would have been really gutsy to show up herself...but you really can't expect that, can you?)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dance craze sweeping world newsrooms...

Hot Air links us to the Cincinnati news anchors and their Friday evening Dance Party. Now here is an Iraqi news anchor getting down to the sounds:

Then from Sweden, here's an anchor and producer groovin' to Sinatra:

And excuse the poor quality, but here's CBS-2 in NY getting their groove on:

If you aren't sick already, here's CBS college football commentators Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist trying to match moves with some celebrant Georgia Bulldogs:

Iowahawk wins Iowa Caucus

With the Prick party nomination all but wrapped up, Dave Burge turned his focus to the Republican and Democratic caucuses. Last night he was a caucus host, and he live blogged it:

8:15 PM: That was weird. I heard the exhaust fan running in the upstairs bathroom so I went up to turn it off. When I opened the door Barack Obama was in there torching a one-hitter. "Hey man, want a hit?" he goes, with a big grin. I'm pretty toasted already so I said no thanks. "That's cool,' he says. Really seems like a nice guy. So then he shakes out some blow on the counter and offers me a line. "No thanks man," I say. "That's cool," he says. "Y'all Chase the Dragon?" he asks, pulling out a spoon, lighter and some rubber tubing. I declined again. I'm not sure how good a president he will be, but he's certainly a lot better house guest than Hillary.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Conservative voices come in many differen't designs

For the past several months we've all been fed an enormous troft of "politi-cociousness" about tonight's Iowa Caucus. The Democrats are offering just about anything to buy your vote, and the Republicans have been trying to keep up with the pandering of their own design. What does this all mean to me? Who is most willing to stick to their conservative principles and not sell-out in this "Love Me Contest". Who understands what's most important for the survival of our esteemed Republic. Does the net result of tonight's political pork parfait have much bearing on who our next President will be? Not likely. But, it's a reminder to those that amass a little "critical acclaim" via victory, that your constituency isn't all dressed up in dark suits with verticle stripes and a patriotic-themed tie. Conservative voices come in many differen't designs. I would suggest that tonight's candidates take heed of what many young conservatives believe and support.

"So how does it feel to know that someone's kid
in the heart of America has blood on their hands
fighting to defend your rights
so you can maintain a lifestyle
that insults his family's existence
Well, where I'm from we have a special
salute that we aim high in the air
towards all those pompous assholes
who spend their days pointing fingers
(F*#& You)"

"Tabloid gossip queen worthless man
(There's no need for us to bury you)
Selfish agenda once again
(Right this way you've dug your own grave)"

"All the way from the east to the west we
got this high society
looking down on their very foundation
constantly reminding us that our actions
are the cause of all their problems
Pointing their fingers in every
direction and blaming their
own nation for who wins the elections
They've never contributed a fucking thing to the
country they love to criticize."

M. Shadows - 2007

Jay Grodner...where are you?

The Chicago Tribune's John Kass has some questions for you:

Private attorney Jay R. Grodner, 55, of Chicago has been charged with a class A misdemeanor -- criminal damage to property -- punishable by up to one year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine, said Andy Conklin, spokesman for the state's attorney's office.

Late Wednesday, I reached Sgt. McNulty, who declined to comment for the paper but confirmed the facts in the police report.

And I wanted to get Grodner's side of it because he's been accused but not convicted of anything. So we called all the Grodner numbers we could find -- home and business -- including those on the police report and others in the suburbs and Chicago. Many were disconnected, and his cell phone voice mail was full.

I'd like to ask him two questions:


And, are you proud?

For those needing a little review, Jay Grodner is the Giant Douche who allegedly keyed Sgt. McNulty's car...and then couldn't find the courthouse on his court date. Oh...and who really likes sex (eww...).

Fortunately for us, John Kass is a real journalist (not a hack blogger like myself) and got in touch with an eye witness:

"Mike says, 'Hey, what are you doing to my car? Open up your hand!'" Sullivan told us. "And [Grodner] goes, '[Blank] you! Just because you're in the military you don't run the roost!'"

Run the roost? Heh.

There were allegedly many more epithets and cuss words, some allegedly applied to the United States Marine Corps, to the U.S. armed forces and to Sgt. McNulty himself.

"Quite frankly, you don't even look like a soldier. You're a small little [blank]," Grodner said according to Sullivan.

Jay a pic I'll bet he now wishes he had never posed for...

Naturally when police arrived, Grodner went with the usual liberal defenses. Kass continues:

According to the police report I read, other investigative accounts and interviews, Grodner was upset to have been accused of purposely scratching the car. So upset, that he accused his accusers of being anti-Semitic.

The Chicago police officer responding to the call didn't take the accusation seriously, according to the report, because he couldn't justify it. And Sgt. McNulty's brother and Sullivan say it is outrageous and nonsensical.

"The officer wasn't going to hear this kind of talk. He put the kibosh on the whole thing," Sullivan said. "So [Grodner] became apologetic."

According to the police report, "The offender denied scratching the victim's vehicle, but did admit to rubbing past it."

Rubbing past it? I guess it all depends on what the definition of "rubbing" is.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Old angles

From The Second Draft, here's another take on the 2000 Al Doura "shooting"...2 parts, worth the time (about 18 minutes):

Heartbreaking: The Palestinian girl who expresses her desire to be martyred. The Palestinians are raising an entire generation of children who have no value for life...

Don't look back...

...oh...OK. Maybe just one more time:

Jib Jab video via Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Global Warming causes record snowfall in New Hampshire (updated...bumped)

This Global Warming is a bitch:

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Today's snowstorm made this month the snowiest December in New Hampshire in more than a century.

The National Weather Service in Gray, Maine, said Concord, where New Hampshire records are kept, beat the previous record of 43 inches of snow in December by an inch and a half. That record was set in 1876.

Update: Hell freezes over. The New York Times today printed this article which slams Algore (PBUH) and Global Warming hysteria. The New York Times. Let me repeat that...The New York Times.

(Via Newsbusters and Ace of Spades)

Meanwhile...looks like the price of Orange Juice is about to go up...