Monday, March 31, 2008

John Cusack: Torture is a cost-plus enterprise

Sounds like someone has been taking classes from Ward Churchill:

Now John Cusack talks as if he knows what he's talking about. Like your typical Hollywood moonbat, he uses all the right liberal cliches without actually providing examples.

True...corporations like Halliburton are making money in Iraq. Of course John would have you believe that the government set the entire war in Iraq up for the express purpose of corporate profit.

In fact...he has to make you believe that. Or his new movie will flop just like all of the other "Iraq war proves America is evil" films have.

Update: Egad...more Hollywood preaching about evil corporations...only this one is aimed at your kids.

Al Qaeda to 9/11 Truther: Talking to you is like talking to a goat

Today's "truth" via Hot Air:

9/11 Conspiracy Theories 'Ridiculous,' Al Qaeda Says

Obama: Babies are a "punishment"

I just can't freakin' believe Obama just said this:

Wow. Just wow.

Look, I know what he's trying to say here. This was in response to a woman who asked him to "stop these abortions"...what he's trying to say is that one solution would be to educate kids about abstinence (I agree!) and contraception (because, of course, as a liberal he probably believes kids are going to "do it" anyway).

Remember, Barry wants to begin this education early...

But what he really wants to say here is this:

"If my daughter were careless enough to have sex at 16...if I wasn't diligent enough as a parent to influence her morals...I would certainly want her to have the option of a 'get out of jail free card' known as an 'abortion'.

"Because we all know what a royal pain in the ass having a baby can be when you are 16. The abortion would save our family embarrassment, and save my daughter from having to deal with the responsibilities of motherhood before she was ready for it. It would be really hard for us all to enjoy our lives if we were inconvenienced and punished by a screaming lump of flesh that constantly needed to be fed and changed."

(Obama fake quote put in pink...for obvious reasons)

Now before any militant feminazis out there scream that I don't have a right to chime in on this because I am a man, allow me to personalize this for you. mom was 16 when she became pregnant with me. Her pregnancy was certainly an embarrassment to both her side of the family and my father's. Were abortion legal back in 1965, I likely would not be alive and pissing off liberals right now.

And I thank God that I was not considered a "punishment" to anyone in my family...but rather a blessing.

The Presidential Pentathlon

Is it just me, or has anyone noticed how pathetically uncoordinated and unathletic your typical liberal is? :

Obama got a 37? He can't roll the ball 20 times down a lane and average at least FOUR pins?

Our current prez can still throw a baseball at 70mph and mountain bikes like a maniac.

Here's what I'd really like to see...a presidential pentathlon. Screw foreign policy or the economy...I want to be sure our country is not being led by some limp-wristed pussy. McCain vs. Obama in 5 events:

Boxing (Do this one first...McCain would kick Obama's ass and that might be the end of the entire competition)

50 Yard know, for that sprint from the White House press crew to Marine One. (McCain would win that one too...did you see Obama prancing around in that video?)

Shooting... since our military also uses guns, Obama would probably just surrender this event to McCain

One on One's an event Obama might actually win. Because he' know...taller than McCain.

Border Marathon...each candidate runs the distance between the gaps in our US/Mexico border fence. Something tells me this is an evenly matched event.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Going to San Antonio!

Hell Yeah!

Now is the time in the blog where we dance:

Nipples, Nipples, Nipples

Cranky, don't fear the brown people:

Give me my fatwa you goat-humping Islamotards!

I know I'm a little late to the game, but in the interest of solidarity and generally pissing off Fascist Islamotards here's Fitna...the film followers of The Religion of Peace are wetting their robes over:

I'm with Michelle:

Prepare for more March Madness. I don’t know what “solidarity” is in Dutch, but show it by embedding the video, e-mailing it, and writing about it. Their fight for the right to criticize the Religion of Perpetual Outrage is our fight.

The Jawa Report is a great place to go to get the latest in Islamic outrage.

As long as we're at it, let go for the whole ball of wax. Let me introduce you to my pet, Mohammed:

The's not just for wiping your ass with. Rusty at The Jawa Report has more Koran "art."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

San Diego County has a massive syphilis problem

At least that's what you'd think if you read the front page of the UT yesterday:

Alarmed by San Diego County's more than 1,100 percent rise in syphilis cases between 2000 and last year, state health officials are using five investigators to help the region stem the spread.

“San Diego's increase is a cause for concern because we're just not understanding why it's being transmitted in the frequency that we're seeing,” said Dr. Douglas Hatch, chief of California's division of communicable disease control.

Well're a complete idiot if you don't understand why. But more on that later in this post...

And now...the scary graph!:

AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Run for the hills!

(But then look at the actual numbers)

Yup. A whopping 340 people out of over 3 million have contracted syphilis in the past year. Let's see thats...uh....00001% of our population. (And it's not even the worst kind of syphilis).

Now everyone knows California has a budget crisis. Considering what we spend our money on here, is there any wonder?

The county has allocated more than $1.5 million in state funds for this fiscal year to five nonprofit groups that work on STD prevention. They are the Family Health Centers of San Diego; San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Community Center; San Diego Youth and Community Center; San Ysidro Health Center; and Vista Community Clinic.

The Vista clinic does outreach in neighborhoods where people who engage in high-risk sexual activities congregate, said director Barbara Mannino. The four other groups declined to discuss how they're using their grants.

Because 348 people contracted syphilis last year, we are going to spend 1 1/2 MILLION dollars on "education"? Huh? And note who we're giving the money to. AND note that these groups refuse to discuss how they will be blowing spending OUR money.

If you think I got a problem with this, you're darn tootin'. Especially when these funds are going to "educate" a group of idiots who should know better:

Nationwide, an increasingly large portion of people infected with syphilis are HIV-positive men who have unprotected sex with other HIV-positive men.

The trend is reflected in San Diego County. Last year, 84 percent of the people diagnosed with syphilis in San Diego County were men who had sex with men, and a big segment of them were HIV-positive, state health officials said.

You know, I am sure that nobody in the homosexual community has heard that having unprotected sex might lead to a disease that might rot your penis off. Yeah...let's spend millions more in taxpayer money to educate these dipwads...especially since most of them have HIV and continue in high risk sex anyway. A little syphilis on top of HIV...well, that could be deadly you know.

Actually I have a better idea...and I can save the county and state some money. Give me 1/5th of that money and I will spend the next year on progam that will completely eliminate this problem. Just give me a bullhorn and (after a fact-finding junket to New York City) I'll actually go to Hillcrest each evening and hang out in each gay hotspot with the educational message:


Here's your free condom...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary wasn't lying!

Linda at Something...and Half of Something uncovers the original CBS footage that vindicates Hillary:

Hillary...I am so sorry. How could I ever have doubted you?

It's Official: I'm a Moron...


Big ups to Conservative Belle and Doubleplusundead (DPUD to you morons) for forming the cadre of dorks who hang out at Ace of Spades HQ and drool over the prospect of occasionally getting linked there.

You'll know us by our badges...which we wear proudly:

Make sure you go over to DPUD daily for a complete rundown of of the Moronosphere. And thanks to DPUD for linking yours truly yesterday...much appreciated! more thing. Michele has graciously blessed me with the opportunity to guest-blog over at The Music Chamber. This may come as some relief to those of you who whine about my incessant posting of music videos...I'll be posting them THERE now. My first post is up.

Oh. And if you did whine about those videos...well screw you anyway:

Oh. And see what those guys are doing with their hand at the beginning of the video? You know, kind of like a football referee signaling a "false start" ? I had that move in 5th grade at all the school dances...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton...lied?

No. F***ING. WAY.


What is going on in this crazy, crazy world when we can't trust a Clinton to tell the truth?

(Oh shit. I forgot to take my liberal hat off)

You know what that makes Hillary? Heh...heh...(sorry Linda):

Bob Parks has the Hillary photoshop of the day...

Found: A long lost band mate

I suspect that David St. Hubbins has been blogging under the name of bmac. Just a hunch...

And eerie similarities between his blog and mine are purely coincidental.

Glory days:

Today I am a liberal

Don't mess with me.

The wingnut site Moonbattery is advocating drilling in ANWR again. Why the hell doesn't Van Helsing just shut up and go buy a solar-powered car ? I think he lives in Arizona...he's just carelessly wasting all that sun.

Van Helsing would have the pristine beauty of the Alaskan plains damaged by oil drilling:

Just look at all that nature.

Then I tripped across this tasteless bit of hate speech from Laurie Kendrick in which she advocates beating children, makes fun of urban speech patterns and casts aspersions on Hispanic family values. So how does she defend herself? Thusly:

Is this post “racist”? Hardly. It’s observational humor. It acknowledges the cultural differences we have as humans (and here’s a newsflash–we are different), but it also celebrates our similarities by pointing out our ability to laugh at these differences.

Ha. Ha. You're a riot, Laurie. Don't you know that in order to make any observations on need to be a minority? OK, bring the kids into the room because and don't worry about the language since I'm sure their 4th grade teacher has already shown them this video:

Finally, here's that Christianist Brian from the noted white supremacist site Six Meat Buffet "live-blogging" the Easter Service at Trinity UCC:

Reverend Metaphor is trying to get his “code message” about “the night” across but he’s getting a little strained and makes an odd reference to greedy capitalists getting by on cocaine.

This man is an entertainer who intentionally stutters and stammers for dramatic effect. Talking about nothing and hoping the audience is getting as riled by his feigned heavy breathing. Like he has to get a running start to tell the truth.

Whatever gets the rubes to shake the purses and checkbooks, I guess.

As he rounds up “The Hour of Power” he warns that God will punish the US for “staying in the night” by its imperialist ways.

Now Brian misunderstands the Trinity UCC experience. First he has to understand that this church is there to contextualize the political landscape and to provide some comfort for those oppressed by white capitalism.

But that concept could be difficult for a Nazi Red-stater like Brian. He's white. He's probably attended a Klan rally or two in his day. And I say that knowing full well that it doesn't matter if he actually has been within 200 miles of a Klan rally...because what I just said is accurate if not true.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Follow the bouncing puck

Make sure you stay until the end of the video so you can see what goalie Vesa Toskala saw:

Gang banger accused in football star's death was an illegal alien? (updated)

Chalk another unnecessary death up to the sanctuary policies of California's Governator and Los Angeles mayor Antonio VillaLaRaza:

An alleged gang member accused of killing a 17-year-old high school student just one day after being released from jail has been living in the country illegally, possibly for more than a decade, federal immigration authorities said Saturday.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has filed paperwork naming 19-year-old Pedro Espinoza, the suspect in the March 2 killing of Los Angeles High School football star Jamiel Shaw Jr., as a potential candidate for deportation.

LA's Fox News 11 has more:

Nice timing. A dirtbag gangbanger who has been continually jailed was not once challenged on his immigration status. Until of course, he had snuffed out a life filled with promise:

Virginia Kice, a spokeswoman for the immigration agency, said an immigration hold was issued for Espinoza on March 13, nearly a week after he was arrested in connection with Shaw's death.

No such hold was placed on Espinoza on March 1, the day he was released from a Los Angeles County jail after serving roughly four months for exhibiting a firearm and resisting arrest, said Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore.

The gall of Mayor Tony Villar...whose policies allowed this murder to take place:

The federal immigration agency confirmed the deportation filing on the same day that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa participated in a ceremony dedicating a memorial in Arlington Heights where Shaw was killed.

A highly regarded running back for his school's football team, Shaw was named the Southern League's most valuable player in 2007. He had drawn the interest of recruiters from Stanford and Rutgers universities, his family said.

The Shaw family mourns Jamiel's senseless death

The Immigration Watchdog has more...

Update: Michelle Malkin checks in:

At the risk of, you know, being spat upon, let me link back to these past posts on the targeting of innocent black Americans by illegal alien Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles.

These are the racial crimes the Left doesn’t want to talk about.

Let’s have a conversation about that.

Barack? Hillary? McCain? Anyone?

Happy Easter

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Huge sigh of relief:

Props to the Texas A&M Aggies...they played with a ton of heart. After the game, Kevin Love went over to the Aggie bench to console some of their players...they certainly earned the respect of every Bruin at the Honda Center today.

"Great seats, hey buddy?":

I'm tired after a long day of waaay too exciting basketball. I might elaborate more tomorrow on the six oafs they assigned to referee today's tournament games in Anaheim...especially the dingleberry who thought the 18,000 or so fans had come to watch the Curtis Shaw show.

No way...

I have a few friends from Boston who won't drink Starbucks coffee. They swear by Dunkin' Donuts coffee and won't lower themselves to enter a Starbucks.

Now I am a coffee snob when it comes to my morning joe. I buy gourmet coffee...just like this guy (language warning):

(and like this guy, I don't store dead...uh...bodies in my garage)

Anyhow, I could never see how an establishment that sells hash browns in a cup and pizza (as well as donuts of course) could possibly have great coffee. I wrote my Boston friends off as simply having a regional bias.

So my local grocer stocked some Dunkin' Donuts ground coffee and I decided to finally try it. I'd been to Dunkin' Donuts on my last trip to Boston, but I went for the donuts (eh...) and some milk (since it was 1am and I didn't want to stay up much later).

It was only $6.99 for a package... Boston friends are right. I have been enjoying the best freakin' pot of coffee I have had in a long time. No...way...

'Dis be my only post today. I am off to Anaheim to watch my Bruins beat down Texas A&M...

On the subject of coffee..."There's a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was...":

Friday, March 21, 2008

Maybe it's just me...

Taking a break between games to watch some news...and an observation:

Why do liberals often answer questions from conservatives with "Well, you have to understand..."

Mr. Liberal...can you just freakin' answer a question in a straight manner without trying to "contextualize" things? I don't want your B.S. excuses. Answer the question! The question, Jerk!:

(yeah I know...another video...but I was trying to "contextualize" my post)

OK, back to basketball...

Now THAT's what I call a game show!

If American game shows had penalties like this instead of just losing "points" or money, I'd probably watch more of them:

For my money, I just can't get enough of stuff like this.

Yeah, yeah...I know. All I am doing is posting videos. Hey...I'm watching March Madness, I'll come back to the real world next week.

Here's why you can't trust those gambling "experts"

Hopefully none of my four or five readers has a gambling addiction bad enough that y'all would subcribe to a gambling service. Like this tool, "Tony T." from Gambler's Television, who wants you to "get addicted":

Hey want that one back?:

Congrats to the San Diego Toreros...hope my Bruins get to pound face you guys in the Sweet 16...

Mind you own business...chump!

Bud Light gives you new powers:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sportsmanship (Update:Trojans burst under pressure)

I just wanted to pass along a little sportsmanship to the USC Trojans Fans out there. I know that you folks have enjoyed putting your collective boot to our throats this past fall. Now that the NCAA Basketball Tournament is here and your team is making another sporadic appearance, I just wanted to wish you all good luck this weekend. ; - )

Nigel-Hey Trojan fans...we were just kidding about wishing you luck this weekend. Nice choke job! Way to represent the Pac 10...

Oh...the agony of defeat...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Madness...Let's Git It On! (w. a little tourney live-bloggin)

Blogging will be light for the next few days as I will be planted in front of my TV. A reminder of why this is the best time of the year in sports:

Go Bruins!

Thu. 12:38: Congratulations, Kent State. You just had the worst half of any tournament team in 24 scored a whopping 10 points. Against a UNLV team that my JV Girls could beat.

You Suck (I was an idiot for picking you)

Thu. 12:56: Gosh these games suck. No upsets and the games are all blowouts. At least we have Sonic Commercials:

Here's one featuring my future wife:

Thu 6:15pm. Well, when I said Go Bruins!, I didn't think this could happen. Nice try, Belmont Bruins...

Fri: 1:26pm. Last night my Bruins took care of business...did they ever. Watching USD beating UConn right now...that would be a big upset. The finish of the tournament so far...Western Kentucky takes out The Drake:

Sean Penn acts like a total juvenile fag

At least the San Francisco Chronicle reporter thinks he was "acting":

"Harvey will be coming out soon," an extra assured the crowd in front of City Hall on a recent Sunday. They had gathered to be in a scene in "Milk"- the movie about the life and death of Harvey Milk - in which the San Francisco supervisor delivers an impassioned speech. It was really Sean Penn, of course, who plays the martyred supervisor, who would be appearing. But, this extra explained, because he's a "method actor," he wants to be called Harvey.

A production assistant followed Penn around the front of City Hall with a large navy blue umbrella. She held it over his head to shield him from the sun. Seeing he had a captive audience, Penn broke loose of the umbrella to deliver an impromptu speech that Milk would have loved.

"I almost wish Jerry Falwell were alive to see this. Almost," Penn shouted to the crowd. After dropping some names of conservatives who are still with us - "Bill O'Reilly, who is too stupid to talk about," and "Sean Hannity, the butt boy of Rupert Murdoch," Penn said, "We know something more. We know their end is near."

What a childish prima donna. Were Penn to actually have the balls to appear on either of their shows to try to defend his moronic moonbat tendencies, O'Reilly and Hannity would eat his lunch.

Maybe he could try to explain his presidential endorsement. Behold...the brilliant mind of Sean Penn:

Now Penn just predicted the demise of O'Reilly and Hannity (and Fox News I'm sure). Actually it wasn't just a prediction. He knows.

Oh? From today's Drudgereport:

(Nice debut by another self-important airhead, David Gregory)

Anyway, since the Prophet Sean Penn says so:

Your Johnson and You

Not just a post label this time, but some hard-hitting journalism from CBS News:

Sexual arousal usually isn't voluntary. The conscious mind is complicit in it, but a lot of sexual arousal goes on in the sympathetic nervous system. In addition, impulses from the brain during the REM phase of sleep cause erections, whether you're dreaming about sex or about a test you forgot to study for. Heavy lifting or straining to have a bowel movement can also produce an erection.

I can honestly say that I have never gotten an erection from heavy lifting nor from dropping the kids off at the pool. Though arousal may not be "voluntary", the act of dropping a deuce pretty much counteracts any arousal that may occur.

Among men, there is no consistent relationship between the size of the flaccid penis and its full erect length.

In one study of 80 men, researchers found that increases from flaccid to erect lengths ranged widely, from less than a quarter inch to 3.5 inches longer.

Whatever the clinical significance of these data may be, the locker-room significance is considerable. You can't assume that a dude with a big limp penis gets much bigger with an erection. And the guy whose penis looks tiny could surprise you with a big erection.

Ha! Just like I told everyone in the locker room back in Junior High!

In an MRI picture, the penis looks distinctly boomerang-like, as noted by a French researcher who studied men and women having sex inside an MRI scanner.

OK, who volunteers to have sex inside an MRI scanner with some "researcher" watching you? (Not me, I'm claustrophobic)

Here's how to avoid penile fracture: don't use your penis too roughly.

Boy, did I learn that lesson early. I ain't gonna bump no more with no big fat woman...

Almost all Jewish and Muslim males in the world have circumcised penises, and together they account for about 70 percent of all circumcised males globally.

You know, with that common'd think that Jews and Muslims could get along.

(courtesy of Ace Of Spades left column)

In a closely-related matter, it's a good idea to avoid focusing solely on your Johnson:

Why I love Scrubs

I've been waiting for this scene to hit Youtube:

Seen it about 15 times and I still laugh my ass off every time I see it...

World's Shortest Fairy Tale

H/T-Dave K.:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Casting Aspersions on Yo Mama

If you listen, you might hear some dissin':

Oh. If anyone finds this inner-city type of humor tasteless or racially insensitive...remember: This is probably the fault of Republicans or corporations who figured out a way to make money off of this while they were introducing crack cocaine into the inner city.

Just sayin'.

Trinity UCC offers to feed you!

Well, now Trinity UCC finally allows Reverend Otis Moss III a little time on their Youtube he is with this "sound bite"...with no conspiracy theories about how Corporate America and Republicans are to blame for crack addiction and gangsta rap:

Hey great work Trinity. The things you have done for your community are laudable. And yet you complain that the focus isn't on those works because of "sound bites". Pastor Moss says you need a full meal, not just "bites"...

But if those "bites" are poison, wouldn't that cause you to vomit up your entire meal?

(Just speaking metaphorically essence your works are negated by your hateful rhetoric)

Curiously, Trinity is now flooding their Youtube site with plenty of Jeremiah Wright videos (see when they were added)...with substantially less inflammatory talk. Note that in none of them do you get a full get only sound "bites".

Hey Trinity, here's an idea. Go ahead and put full sermons on the internet. All of them. Many churches (including mine) do this...for free. Because if the message is what is important, you don't need to make any money by selling the sermons. And if you want us to have a "full meal", then let us hear EVERYTHING Pastor Wright has said.

(Perhaps we'd even see Barack Obama in attendance...wouldn't you want to show that? Their website claims to have a link to past messages, but for some reason that link is disabled.)

UCC's Barry O. "uniting" Christians last summer. Bet you didn't know Christians are supposed to support abortion and gay marriage.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Scandi Kindergartners encouraged to explore their sexuality

New news? Not so much, but I didn't catch this last October and I heard it on the radio on the way home from work today:

OSLO, Norway, October 17, 2007 ( – An Oslo pre-school teacher, backed by child psychologists, has suggested that kindergarten children be encouraged to “express” their sexuality through “sex-play” and games, including dancing naked and masturbating, in pre-school and day-care centres.

The English language edition of Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper reports that Pia Friis, the respected operator of an Oslo kindergarten, told an interviewer that children should be able “to look at each other and examine each other's bodies. They can play doctor, play mother and father, dance naked and masturbate”.

But their sexuality must also be socialized, so they are not, for example, allowed to masturbate while sitting and eating. Nor can they be allowed to pressure other children into doing things they don't want to,” Friis said.

Whew. Well at least the kids won't be allowed to play with themselves while they eat. That would be gross.

Talk about that slippery slope. Remember, there is one presidential candidate who favors teaching Kindergartners about sex.

Revisited: One of the funniest blog posts ever

No, it's not one of mine. I could never be this funny...

Make sure you find your way back to the original post and find the comment section.

(Commenter Mahmoud didn't see anything funny about that at all. His comment is not postable. Though he did give me some insight into the proper way to "waste a whore")

The Jawa Report Sucks...

...for this:

OK, more specifically Bluto at The Jawa Report sucks for posting this. Though I do agree that a woman should be cleaning the White House...Hillary is more qualified to be a maid than President.

(I guess since I just posted this, that means that TGT11 sucks too. Like I needed to post this video to come to that realization).

The Spitzer Conspiracy.

You have to be a total freakin' moron to believe this one.

(Thanks to Moonbattery for probing the internet sewers most of us are just not brave enough to probe)

RIP Ola Brunkert


MADRID, Spain (March 17) - A former drummer for the Swedish pop band ABBA was found dead with cuts to his neck in the garden of his house on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Police said Monday an autopsy showed it was an accident.

A neighbor found the body of 62-year-old Ola Brunkert on Sunday evening at his house in a coastal area outside the eastern town of Arta, a Civil Guard spokesman told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

According to ABBA's official Web site, Brunkert and bass player Rutger Gunnarsson were the only musicians to appear on all ABBA albums.

Honestly, I didn't even know ABBA had a steady drummer. But as my four readers may know, I am a closet ABBA fan. (Obviously, I'm not too big of a fan, or I guess I'd have known they had a drummer.)

Anyway, Rest in Peace, Ola. Turns out that Berkeley Breathed's Opus had an unintentional (I'm sure) tribute to you yesterday:

Click on it to make it big enough for you to read, dummy!

The video, sans Ola:

Associated Press gets a taste of their own medicine

Brian Ledbetter from Snapped Shot emailed me this morning feeling a little giddy...and with good reason. Seems the Associated (with Terrorists) Press (and other media outlets) may have themselves in a little hot water for...ahem...appropriating some photos of Ashley "Kristen" Dupre' without consent:

LEGAL SMACKDOWN PENDING—Holy cow! If I had a "Drudge Siren," I'd be activating it right about now. Click on over here to see the counsel for Ms. Dupré openly threatening the entire media!

Somehow, I think the AP's legal department is going to have a very interesting morning tomorrow.

Photo of Ashley Dupre' that I swiped from the Associated Press who... uh..."appropriated" it from her Myspace site

According to the AP though, it was perfectly acceptable to steal use these photos:

Associated Press director of photography Santiago Lyon says AP consulted with its legal department before deciding to use the photos.

"Given the news value of the photographs, we decided that these were images that the public needed to see," Lyon says.

Ms. Dupre's lawyer has a different take, however:

"In view of what happened, we feel constrained to put the media on notice that as counsel for Ms. Dupre' we will take all steps that we deem necessary or appropriate to protect Ms. Dupre from any unwarranted exploitation of her name, picture, voice or likeness for purposes of profit."

Ah. And there's the rub. See...I really don't have a problem with the AP lifting the photos from Ashley's MySpace site. I've done that myself. My feeling about "private" photos and images is this...if you don't want them showing up elsewhere...don't put them on the internet! Ashley could have used a privacy setting on MySpace that would have kept her photos from being lifted.

But this whole thing is about the money. The AP and other media outlets "appropriated" the images for the express purpose of profiting from them. Ashley Dupre is threatening legal action not because the poor girl is feeling so exploited. She loves being long as you pay her at least $4,300 an hour for doing so.

The Associated Press argues that it was acceptable to use the photos from the MySpace site because Ms. Dupre was newsworthy. As public servants they determined that we had to see these photos and they were obligated to bring them to light.


When Snapped Shot exposes the AP's fraud and bias in "photojournalism", there is no profit motive. Brian Ledbetter is not looking to profit from his work (if he is, he's doing a really crappy job of it). So for the AP to use such a heavy-handed approach by sending their legal goons to indimidate him ...well, that's just douchebag hypocrisy.

Here's hoping the AP ends up paying the prostitute just like Eliot Spitzer...

Fauxtography flashback...why sites like Snapped Shot, Little Green Footballs and The Jawa Report are so important:

(I've been looking for an excuse to post that)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Barry O's new pastor: Reagan and Corporate America are to blame for gangsta rap and inner-city crack addiction UPDATE:Trinity UCC pulls video!

Welcome... all you liberal donkey-molesting idiots from Newshounds!

(2nd update: New and improved Pastor Moss returns to YouTube)

(An update...well apparently Trinity UCC doesn't want their new pastor to be accountable for what he has said...they have been pulling their controversial videos of Otis Moss III off of Youtube. The transcript below is 100% accurate, taken from last summer's "Day of Decency" held in Chicago.)

Here's Barack Hussein Obama with his "official" denounciation of the remarks of his pastor for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright:

Now I call "Bullshit" on his assertion that he had never heard his pastor spew that garbage before (updated link via Ace of Spades...note the date of the article). C'mon. Obama's stated views in the San Antonio debate and his wife's big mouth tell me all I really need to know about what Barack Obama has learned from Pastor Wright.

Obama: "With the Reverend Wright's retirement and the ascension of my new pastor, Reverend Otis Moss III, Michelle and I look forward to continuing a relationship with a church that has done so much good..."

(Kudos to Trinity for every homeless person they have sheltered and for every hungry mouth they have fed)

Now about that new pastor; seems as if Pastor Moss isn't going to stray too far from Pastor Wright's messages of blaming the white man:

Moss: "When we begin to examine the fact that 70 percent of all hip-hop is purchased by suburban youth, and the reason that they don't mind the N-word, the B-word and the H-word is because it leads into the particular stereotype that the world has already created...

"What we are talking about are people in corporate boardrooms who are making money off of this music, making money off of this pain and not giving a dime to our community..."

Oh. I get it. It's the responsibility of these greedy corporations to give their profits back to the communties that these hip-hop artists allegedly exploit. It's about the money. Isn't it?

After all, as Moss asserts, hip-hop was a pure art form until it was corrupted by "The Man":

Moss: "But then something happened when a brother, a person by the name of Ronald Reagan became president in 1980, all of a sudden the FCC was dismantled and then some young people in Harlem in 1983 had to create a song called 'The Message'":

Moss, continuing on his historical review of hip-hop: "But then something happened in 1984 at the same time that Time Warner/AOL and SONY and MCA realized they could make money off of this music, guess what, we will give you a contract and distribute your song if you put in the N-word, if you put in the H-word, if you put in the when we talk about gangsta rap, we are not talking about something that came from the street, we are talking about what came from the corporate boardrooms...

"And the same time that gangsta rap rises, we also have crack hitting the streets...I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it's mightily strange that gangsta rap and crack hit the same time in our community."

Interesting. I wonder what Barry has to say about that...

Fun with Blenders and Slo-Motion

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender - Watch more free videos

Now, especially for the pigs at The Jawa Report and Ace of Spades, here's some more slo-motion fun:

Best Slow Motion Balloon Pop Ever - Watch more free videos

And now for you ladies who all need to get more acquainted with kitchen appliances, here's some more blending fun:

Uh...I was KIDDING about that last crack, ladies.

One more:

Victor Davis Hanson on Barack Hussein Obama


What we have here is a bright, eloquent, and utterly insular candidate, incredibly naïve, with terrible judgment who is absolutely clueless about America. He seems an improved model of Howard Dean—opinionated, snazzy, faddish, riding on popular insanity—and then in one fell swoop (“Yeaaahhhhhhh”) ridiculous. It may well be that the old guard Democratic elite, as nervous now at the popular Obama hysteria as they were over the flash-in-the-pan Deanomaniacs, may have to impose a buyer’s remorse “Kerry solution” and step in as super-delegates to stop the hysteria nonsense and get behind the plodding Hillary workhorse. But unlike the Dean implosion, the Obama crack-up is much later in the game.

You see, the problem is that the Obamas have had two only audiences in their lives, both narrow and, worse, fawning: one, apparently a highly politicized and often angry Chicago African-American constituency that believes in AIDs conspiracies and the pathological role of the United States, and, two, a guilt-ridden elite white audience in the Ivy League and the media who does not object to, or in fact enjoys, being told why America is the sort of awful place Rev. Wright depicts.

(Links by Nigel)

Read the rest of Hanson's brilliant ponderings here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The comfort of Islam

You're weary, you're need a little comfort, grace and mercy. You've made a mistake. Why not try know, that "religion of peace"?

From that Stable of Zionist Whores:

Paul Anka rocks?

Think Paul Anka covering Nirvana is a bad nightmare? Here he is covering Van Halen.

A raging case of hemorrhagic goat syphilis to A. Moron over at Ace's Flame War who linked this first. Now if I can just get my ears to stop bleeding...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Two peas in a pod...

Another video that stretches the bounds of good taste from the boyz at The Nose on Your hell, they passed "good taste" about two years ago:

Headed for a California State Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison?

Yeah, yeah...presumed innocent before he's proven guilty and all that crap:

EAST COUNTY: A youth softball and basketball coach was arrested yesterday on suspicion of molesting six children in Ramona and Julian over the past four years, sheriff's officials said.

Scumbag (allegedly)

James Russell Phillips, 41, was arrested on Harbison Canyon Road in Dehesa about 7 p.m., sheriff's Sgt. Hank Turner said.

Phillips worked as a coach for youth softball and basketball teams in Ramona and Julian. One alleged victim was a member of one of the teams, Turner said.

An investigation by the sheriff's child abuse unit began in last month. Phillips is accused of molesting children ranging in age from 9 to 13, between October 2004 and January.

Turner said Phillips cooperated with the investigation and admitted one child's allegations. He was booked into jail on three counts of continuous molestation of a child and three additional counts of child molestation.

There seems to be an epidemic of youth coaches preying on their athletes here in San Diego, so I think I'm just going to post every story I see on this from now on. This makes me sick...

Macon honors #9

Here's a top 9 list that unlike the ones at The Nose on Your Face is not made up. Only in minor league baseball:

March 12, 2008 - (Macon, GA) The Macon Music announced today that the team will host “Eliot Spitzer” Night on Friday, June 13th 2008 when the Music play host to the Aiken Foxhounds.

During “Eliot Spitzer” Night, the following elements will exist:

1. The Music have extended an invitation for former New York Governor Spitzer to be on hand and throw out the first pitch

2. The team will give away a New York Vacation including a one night stay at the MayFlower Hotel

3. Client #9 (or fan #9) will receive a free Music prize pack

4. Any fan with the name Eliot, Spitzer, or “Kristen” along with any fan from New York will receive $1 off admission

5. The Music will play Frank Sinatra music throughout the evening in honor of New York

6. Wire Taps will be placed throughout the ballpark this evening

7. ATMs will be available for cash withdrawals not to exceed $5,000 per hour

8. Any fan who has resigned their position will be given $1 off admission

9. The 871st fan will receive a gift certificate for the Macon Music Team store.

"Kristen" will take two tickets please...

This promotion has been approved by the South Coast League:

“If you look at Minor League Baseball as a whole, it’s all about the wildest, wackiest promotions out there,” South Coast League chief development officer J.D. Hardin said. “Hopefully, people will take this with a light attitude.”

Hardin said, as of Wednesday afternoon, Spitzer had not yet accepted or declined the invitation to attend the game. The promotion, however, will go on as planned regardless of Spitzer’s decision.

“I think this is probably the craziest idea to come out of the Music office yet,” Hardin said.

“Again, we’ll take it with the light-heartedness that’s intended behind it, but we intend to push forward with every one of those elements to make sure that Eliot Spitzer night goes off without a hitch.”

Another reason to post Slublog's excellent photoshop:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taking a break...

I need one. I'll be back this weekend. Or not.

Until then, chew on this from Hot Air:

There's a word for people like John Kerry. Hmm. Oh yeah:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey New York...Nice Governor you've got you had (?), there...(updated with video)

Update: Johnny Dollar provides this video explaining why Eliot Spitzer may end up being indicted:

Sorry for the confusing Allahpundit at Hot Air said:

Man, is this moving fast....

When this story first broke today, I was thinking that I need to post on it. But I hesitated because there seemed to be new information every 5 minutes:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, an administration official said this morning.

Nice to have a sex scandal for once that doesn’t involve a Republican, eh?

Follow Hot Air's links to all the latest updates...Spitzer is resigning... no he's not... now he's being indicted...oh, I guess he'll resign now...turns out he may not be indicted...whew. It's enough to make me breathless.

Bluto at The Jawa Report:

Thank God Spitzer's a Democrat. Otherwise this revelation might adversely affect his career...

Via Ace of Spades, Slublog has the best photoshop of the day. At least I think it's a photoshop:

The Smoking Gun has a copy of the FBI document revealing Spitzer as "Client 9". A moniker I doubt he will ever be able to shed...

I think I'll leave the rest of this one to the pros:

This morning, NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer had been scheduled to speak to the Family Planning Advocates’ 31st Annual Conference. The abortion racketeers are seeking more money. And he was preparing to push legislators to do their bidding–before he was forced to cancel his appearance.

MSNBC leaves no doubt...

...about their political agenda, as they axe one of their few remaining psuedo-conservatives and gives another self-important liberal boob his own show:

NEW YORK (AP) - The bow tie is out at MNSBC. David Gregory is replacing Tucker Carlson as host of a one-hour show each evening.

The news network is making a handful of changes to respond to heavy political interest. Gregory's new show is called "Race for the White" and will be on each weekday at 6 p.m. starting next Monday.

Carlson has been at MSNBC for nearly three years.

MSNBC also says that Andrea Mitchell will anchor an hour each afternoon. Keith Olbermann's popular "Countdown" program will rerun every night at 10.

Oh where to go with this? Let's address the last paragraph first, shall we? Olberdouche's show is "popular"? Well, I guess if getting your ass kicked by about 150% by Bill O'Reilly and finishing 3rd out of the 3 major news channels makes you "popular"...

But then again, the Associated Press and MSNBC are comrades in liberal arms, aren't they?

Back to David Gregory. Will Gregory allow guests, or since he seems to think the world revolves around him, will he just keep the camera on himself for the full hour?:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stacy is SWEET!

I think I've just discovered how Stacy and I are cosmically connected:

(Yeah, my blog sucks because all I do is post videos. I can live with that.)

Another Bruin Miracle

This is where I was yesterday. An incredible ending:

Cal fans, don't whine about Anderson not getting the foul call in the corner. If you go here and have Quicktime, you can see an excellent slow motion replay (in HD) that confirms that Anderson was not fouled.

The shot over the backboard? Yeah, probably illegal...but how can a referee make that call in that situation in real time?

(Thanks to Bruinsnation for the links)

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm a total fag?

Via Ace of Spades (too much good stuff lately), here are the 50 "gayest" songs of all time. I thought maybe I'd be in the clear here, as I only have 8 of those in my MP3 player.

But if this is number 1, I must be a queer. Because for some inexplicable reason, I love this song (and the group):

Damn. Pass the Zima...

(Ace's selection is here. I dare you to try not to laugh...)

Just sayin'

I'd probably be a little more tolerant towards the global warming Chicken Littles if they actually practiced what they preached:

HT: ChamberPost

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Has Code Pink gone militant? (Updated/bumped)

Ann Coulter might say that it was too bad it wasn't a Code Pink suicide bomber. Ann Coulter might say that. Not me:

NEW YORK - Police have released footage from a private security camera showing a cyclist riding up to the Times Square military recruiting station where a small bomb was detonated.

The bicyclist is seen getting off the 10-speed bike at 3:40 a.m. Thursday, and the blast occurring three minutes later. It is followed by a brief flash and a cloud of white smoke.

Police say they later found the bike in the trash.

No one was hurt in the blast.

But Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the device, though "unsophisticated," could have caused "injury and even death."

Go get 'em mayor:

Hat tip: Friend and occasional reader by coercion, KT...

Update: From Michelle Malkin, seems the Berkeley Code Pinkos have no shame:

The Code Pink brigade is still harassing the recruitment station. You would think they might give it a break in light of today’s NYC bombing at the Armed Forces Recruitment Center in Times Square.

But no.

They have no shame, no taste, no decency.

Ain't that the truth?:

" Now repeat after me: Bush Lied, People Died..."

General silliness (Updated with more silliness)

All courtesy of Ace of Spades... (update, well except for this laugh of the day courtesy of Cranky at Six Meat Buffet...and check out what we added at the bottom of this post)

First up, a movie that I will see as soon as I can:

Anyone who knows me well, knows I enjoy a good shot to the nuts. Well, not getting one myself, but watching other dudes get it:

Since its nearly tax time (yeah, I know it's Canadian):

And raise your hand if you like stories about big breasted Asian women. I do!:

Actress Serena Kozakura's conviction for willful destruction of property has been overturned by the Tokyo High Court because her large breasts revealed flaws in the testimony against her.

Reconstruction during an appeal hearing of the 38-year-old actress's alleged crime of breaking down the door in a man's apartment showed her breasts prevented her from climbing through a door as the man testified she had done, casting doubt on his reliability.

Photograph of hot Asian babe NOT from the Associated Press

"I lost work after being charged, but justice prevailed in the end," she said at a news conference she held in Tokyo after the conviction was overturned. "I was always worried about being a bit fat, but this time I was glad." (Nigel: Cosmo says you're fat? Well I ain't down with that...)

Kozakura was charged with having kicked down the door of a man's apartment after she had been kicked out following an argument with another woman there in November 2006. In July last year, the Tokyo District Court found her guilty of willful destruction of property, but she appealed against the conviction.

During the appeal hearing, the court heard testimony from the man and a witness who both said Kozakura had kicked a hole in the door, through which she wriggled through to re-enter the apartment.

The hole in the door was a rectangular shape 72 centimeters long by 22 centimeters wide. But Kozakura has a 101-centimeter bust and her breasts alone extend out 29 centimeters from her chest bone.

Let's go to the videotape:

I'll answer Laurie Kendrick's question in a couple of hours...

Another update...if you don't click on Ace of Spades' left-hand sidebar items, you are missing out:

Nigel from TGT11 is a crack-job nutcase moron

Because I am going to go see this movie when it comes out...and I'll be prepared to believe it:

So I guess Ben Stein's a crack-job nutcase moron too.

We've been told the "debate is over" and "the science is settled" for years on this (sounding like another alleged "science" that is already settled and we aren't allowed to question). My grandfather was a scientist for the Navy. I asked him about evolution when I was in college because there just seemed to be so many gaping holes in this theory that I was being taught as "science". What he told me is what Ben Stein's documentary promises to expose...that as a scientist he would cease to be taken seriously if he ever for a minute questioned evolution.

I'll not further the debate here and now. Let's just say that my thoughts on this (were I to expound) would leave no doubt in anyone's mind where I stood on this. I can defend every single one of my beliefs in amazing clarity. But not here.

Marijuana is totally harmless

Unless of course it is baked inside some "killer brownies":

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Camarillo High School hiring drug addicts, Softball coach gives player STD

I'm in a foul mood today...but I think I probably would have wished a nasty case of itching, blistering, Hemorrhagic Goat Syphilis on Kristen Rene Santoyo even on a good day for this:

A teacher's assistant was sentenced to six months in jail this week for stealing lunch money from a disabled student at Camarillo High School.

Kristen Rene Santoyo, 37, was also given four years probation during a hearing Tuesday before Ventura County Superior Court Judge James Cloninger. In addition, Santoyo was ordered to pay $285 restitution to the student and to attend at least one year of weekly child abuse counseling sessions.

The victim, a 14-year-old high school freshman who suffers from severe autism and cannot speak, was sent to school with a lunch box that had snacks and $5 to purchase a cafeteria meal, prosecutors said. After she came home from school hungry and went straight to the refrigerator multiple times, her parents grew suspicious and contacted the school principal and teacher.

But wait. At least Kristen had a good excuse:

Defense attorney James Harmon argued that Santoyo suffered from a drug abuse problem that resulted in bad judgment.

School officials said Santoyo, who worked for the district for about 12 years, was fingerprinted and underwent a background check before she was hired in 1996.

So basically nobody at Camarillo High School was watching Santoyo perform her duties where her judgment was so bad that she would steal from an autistic student?

Then there's this:

The coach of a North County traveling girls softball team has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 17-year-old player.

Christopher Facione of Carlsbad is charged with two felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Facione is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Superior Court.

Facione, 37, is the founder of The Next Level Athletics, an Encinitas-based sports organization for athletes 6 and up. In addition to the girls softball team, the organization has offered clinics and camps in other sports such as football and basketball.

On Jan. 18, the declaration says, Facione spoke with the player, whose doctor thought she might have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Facione assured her that he routinely gets tested, the declaration says.

Oh. That must have been reassuring. Of course it's kind of sad that with a dirtbag like him coaching, that the players are the ones who should be tested. But check this out...after giving her an ejaculatory germ:

Facione sent the girl text messages, including one saying he missed her and asking her out to dinner, according to the declaration.

As my three or four readers probably know by now, I coach high school girls basketball. I went through an extremely rigorous background check. It's creeps like these two that make my job more difficult...and worse, gives parents cause and pause to consider everyone who works with their children.