Sunday, February 8, 2009

Talk about the "friendly skies"...

...uh, if you see a helicopter flying erratically over San Diego:

Hopefully, that Starbucks cup was filled with mouthwash...

But seriously, this pilot should have been grounded anyway:

SAN DIEGO — The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the actions of a La Jolla helicopter pilot after a video of him engaged in sex acts midflight surfaced on the Internet.

The video shows David Keith Martz, a professional pilot with a history of FAA violations, at the controls of his chopper over San Diego while fondling an adult-film actress, who then performs a sex act on him.

The video, shot in 2007, appeared Tuesday on the gossip Web site and has become widespread since.

Along with the video, TMZ reported that someone had sent the FAA an e-mail about the episode, including photos of Martz fondling the actress – who goes by the name Puma Swede – while in flight.

Looking for that definitely NSFW video? It's here.

Uh...back to the REAL issue here. Why is this guy allowed to fly?:

Martz first ran afoul of the FAA for flying on a forged medical certificate in 1986. His license was revoked.

Then in June 2002, Martz was seen doing aerobatics below 1,500 feet and over a populated area, Tourmaline Park in Pacific Beach – both violations of air safety rules. He was suspended for 30 days.

In October 2003, the FAA again revoked Martz's license, saying he “landed close to people on the ground at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.”

In June 2005, the agency suspended Martz for 230 days, saying he flew passengers from Mexico to Brown Field and then Montgomery Field, despite knowing the tail section of his helicopter had been damaged by hitting a wire.

Jokes about "45 seconds" may or may not be posted in the comments section.


B Smith said...

Earlier today, a massive rescue operation was mounted (pardon the pun) when a local pilot accidentally keyed the mike just before saying, "She's going down!". Story at eleven.

B Smith said...

Heh heh heh...Puma Swede---is that a Scandinavian cougar?

SHE said it was "four to five seconds" !!

Apparently, the rotor wash wasn't the only thing blowing...

And (mercifully) finally, do those implants meet the FAA regulations regarding safety flotation devices?

Nigel said...

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen...that was B. Smith. He'll be hosting open mike night on Friday.

Don't forget to tip your waitresses...

Shooter said...

I guess the pilot's missile was as big a dud as North Korea's was.