Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't leave Al Gore (PBUH) alone with your kids

Glenn Beck makes one GREAT point. How can a former Vice President of the United States meet with 3 THOUSAND kids...and nobody in the media is covering it?:


B Smith said...

If I had kids, they certainly wouldn't be alone with Al Gore... he's almost as freakishly scary as Michael Jackson.
There are so many things that I'd like to savage and ridicule Gore about on this speech ALONE that if I did, this comment would be as long as an 'economic stimulus bill'. I'll pare it down, I promise.
About the best you can say is that this prick is calling for some serious 'Lord of the Flies' action. It's almost funny- does he actually think he'll be exempt from his own doctrine here? That he'll still be listened to and respected when these kids are chanting, "Don't trust anyone over twenty", and euthanizing seniors?
But I think Beck has it right... this is a coordinated attempt by the Left to undermine values in children, something they've been trying since the days when I myself was a tyke. Al Gore is just the latest tool toward that end (and yes, pun intended).The fact that most major media outlets were mum on this incident seems to bear this out. Is it still paranoia if they ARE out to get you?
I'm comforted by the fact that a lot of people reported this garbage, with suitable levels of outrage and disgust. Then I remember that an avowed Socialist with terrorist ties was elected President by 52 percent of the popular vote, and I usually go clean guns, or check my survival stores.

Zee said...

It's amazing that 20 some years ago this same man (and his wife) decided that teens needed shielding from profane laced lyrics. I wonder why all these supposed iconoclasts who now worship at his feet ignore that bit of history. Taking it in to account reveals the autocratic bent of this deranged poser.

And while I am here, thank you for linking me, I had been unaware. I have reciprocated, not because it's polite, but because, after browsing, I find I do surely like you attitude and prose. Pleased to make the acquaintance.