Thursday, February 5, 2009

The definition of stupidity... being a global warming alarmist who decides to have a "sky is falling" conference in...Buffalo.

In February:

Talk about great timing.

Buffalo State College hosts the national teach-in on Global Warming Situations today — a day the local temperature bottomed out at minus 6 degrees.

No evidence of global warming here, at least not this morning, when unofficial reports to the National Weather Service listed temperatures as low as 9 degrees below zero elsewhere in Erie County.

Meanwhile, Al Gore (PBUH) is busy telling your kids to ignore their parents:


Yiddish Steel said...

Dude. Heard that on the radio yesterday. This is how the Brownshirts get it done; they f@*& with the kids heads and break their trust with their parents. Parents need to be absolutely vigilant about this and call these bastards out for it. I make every concerted effort to publicly shame any Teacher, Principal, or Useful Idiot School Parent that tries to indoctrinate my daughters with their bogus agenda.

B Smith said...

"When WE were kids, and WE asked our parents,'Why is it okay for the law to discriminate...'"
Yup, You heard it here. In addition to inventing the internet, inspiring 'Love Story', And being the High Priest/ Sole Repository of Global Warming Wisdom, Al Gore was ALSO responsible for equal-rights legislation and freedom for the poor, oppressed minorities!!!
When I see this kind of---well, SHIT seems to be too mild a word---I'm sort of glad I never had kids of my own. It also makes me resolve all the harder to reinforce my friends' authority to THEIR kids (Which is usually easier for me, because I'm sort of "the cool uncle" to most of them...for now, anyway).

And 'PBUH'? Surely you mean, "POX Be Upon Him"?
Usually, I reserve "PBUH" (in its correct meaning) for John Moses Browning. Try not to confuse the masses, k? ;-)

Nigel said...

Sorry B., I have used PBUH for our prophet Algore since the beginning of this POC blog.