Friday, July 13, 2007

Are you freakin' kidding me?

I know Texas takes their cheerleading seriously, but this is just stupid:

YORKTOWN - The attorney for the Billy Fischer family, whose daughter was cut from the Yorktown High School junior varsity cheerleading squad, says her clients have no other option but to sue the school district.

"At this point we are planning on going forward with a lawsuit," said Lisa Duke of the San Antonio law firm of Anderson and Duke. "We have not filed the paperwork yet, but we will soon."

Incoming freshman Wycoda Fischer was cut after tryouts were held for six positions on the squad. Seven girls tried out. The family contends that because an exception was made for the varsity cheer squad, nine girls were allowed on instead of the eight called for in the high school's cheerleader constitution, that an exception should also be made for allowing Wycoda on the squad. The high school principal and cheerleading sponsor approved the expanded JV squad, but superintendent Deborah Kneese ordered tryouts.

There's a cheerleading constitution?

Boo Hoo. Your kid got cut from the cheer squad. Fine...let her try out for a real sport then if your little girl needs that self-esteem boost. Because nobody will tease her if her attorney gets her on the cheer squad.

Of course since little Wycoda was the only one who was cut, you'd think that the school could come up with one more cheer uniform for her and avoid this whole mess.

Stupid. Just stupid.

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