Sunday, July 15, 2007

When in New York, watch out for falling drunks

Of course at a Yankees game, you kind of expect this sort of thing:

NEW YORK (July 14) - A tourist who suffered a broken neck at Yankee Stadium when another fan fell on him is recovering from his injuries.

Paul Robinson, 53, of Kirkland, Wash., was sitting in the stadium's steep upper deck with his wife and 13-year-old son last Sunday when an unidentified fan standing above him took a violent tumble down several rows of seats.

"His neck is in a big brace. He's not paralyzed. Luckily, the surgery was very, very successful," said Steven Osborne, a spokesman for Montefiore Medical Center. "And this is a miracle, because that vertebrae, if you go a fraction of an inch, you're paralyzed, or you can't breathe."

The man crashed into Robinson's head, breaking his vertebrae, then came to rest in the next row.

In typical Yankee fan fashion:

The man who fell was dragged away by his friends and never bothered to apologize or check how badly Robinson was hurt. The family believes he was drunk.

"I found it odd that they didn't even ask if Paul was OK," Robinson's wife, Kathy, told the Daily News. "It's very steep up there, but if it was an innocent trip, they would ask if Paul was OK."

Yankee fans always seem to be doing stupid and drunken things:

From 2005:

NEW YORK -- A fan who jumped from the Yankee Stadium upper deck to the netting behind home plate was released from a hospital Wednesday and appeared in court to face criminal charges.

Eighteen-year-old Scott Harper plummeted about 40 feet onto the large screen during the eighth inning of Tuesday night's game between New York and the Chicago White Sox. After the final out, he was carried on a stretcher from the ballpark to Lincoln Medical Center, his head immobilized in a neck brace.

Harper had told three friends he was sitting with that he was going to test whether the net would hold his weight -- and then he jumped, police said.

It was the second time in five years a fan dropped from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium. In May 2000, 24-year-old Stephen Laurenzi of Yonkers, N.Y., was unconscious for a short time while sprawled on the net as a game between Boston and New York went on. He also was arrested and taken to a hospital for observation.

And just so you don't think that the Yankees have a monopoly in New York on stupid, drunk fans:

NEW YORK - A New York Mets fan has filed suit, contending a drunken, 300-pound man fell on her during the home opener at Shea Stadium and broke her back.

Ellen Massey, a 58-year-old Manhattan lawyer, sued the team, the beer concession, the union that represents the security guards at the ballpark and “John Doe,” the unidentified man who toppled on her.

Massey had surgery for spinal injuries and was hospitalized for about two weeks, said her lawyer, Stephen Kaufman. Doctors put rods and screws in her back and will have to operate on her again, he said.

Massey said that on April 9 she was in the second row of the right field upper deck near a “visibly intoxicated” man who was “acting in a rowdy, boisterous and dangerous manner for a long period of time.”

Exit question. Was Flounder from Animal House a Yankees fan or a Mets fan?

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