Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go Israel!

Kick some Hamas ass.

Now what follows is admittedly nothing but a rant. It is simply what I am thinking. I don't have time to link...

Screw all of you "Palestinians". You don't "raise" your children to be loving, but rather train them as little monsters who don't value life or peace. You teach your kids that Jews are "apes" and put automatic weapons in their hands and put them on TV to glorify their future martyrdom. That makes you evil.

Stop bitching about Israel wanting to "occupy" Gaza. The Gaza strip is a shithole and if it were up to Israel, they would let you live there peacefully forever. But you don't want to live peacefully. You want to lob rockets into Israel...much like some brat child who provokes another...and provokes...and provokes...then is surprised when finally the other child defends themself. Well I dare say Israel has had enough.

Yes, I am aware the "geo-political" situation is much more complicated than this. But then again it isn't. Simply put, y'all are punks. Israel should completely destroy you. Completely. They should turn the Gaza strip into a landing strip. But they won't. They have shown remarkable restraint against your provocation. They will continue to show restraint despite your whining that big bad Israel is killing "innocent" women and children.

Why do you care? You don't value those lives either. You train your children to be martyrs and treat your women like shit. In fact, instead of defending your women and children, you cowards stand behind them while firing your weapons making them human shields.

You are going to lose. Badly. Why? Because the Israelis worship a real God, not the fake one you claim is so great. Allahu Akbar? Bullshit. Allah is a fraud, Mohammed was a fraud, and your "religion" is one of hatred and deception. We know the truth. And that truth is that your fake religion was born from a 5,000-year-old inferiority complex (see the story of Isaac and Ishmael).

You could choose to live in peace. But since your "religion" was spread through violence, since your "religion" is defined by violence and since you respond to any challenge of it with violence, you will never embrace peace.


B Smith said...

Add 'stupid' to the list of Hamas' detriments. Israel is the nation that, badly outnumbered and completely surrounded, turned the tide so drastically that it not only won a war in six days, but overran and destroyed its attackers. Its a nation that, despite continual unwarranted attacks against it, continues to be so humane as to WARN its enemies that they are about to get their ass handed to them...again. Such a nation is NOT one I'd fuck with using home-made rockets and stones, David & Goliath notwithstanding.
Even the most bone-dumb desert fakir would have to wonder if maybe there's a reason Israel keeps winning, and if it might not be such a smart idea to keep throwing themselves against that wall. Then again, I guess not.
Go, Israel, kick some for me, too.

The Terminator said...

Bullseye of a post Nigel.
Spot on to the point.

Thank you for supporting Israel.