Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I am thinking

Yeah. Like y'all really give a rat's ass...


Today's "money quote" comes from Ann Coulter on "Victimhood":

“You have the gays jumping on the bandwagon, you have rich white women living in Scarsdale (Betty Friedan: ‘Oh I’m so oppressed because I’m bored being a housewife’), you have the illegal aliens, you even have the Muslims getting in on the act, [claiming] oppression when they go through airport security…

“We live in a world in which he who is offended first wins. So liberals, whenever they need to get their way, they just claim to have had some sacred feeling of theirs horribly wounded…

“The reason that works in a country like this is that American people are such lovely, charitable people. They see someone wailing in indignation and think it must be genuine. They want to aid the afflicted.

I've thought recently about shutting down this blog. I just don't have the time anymore. Then I remember that it ain't costing me anything. And I'm really just posting to see myself on the internets anyway. And sometimes I use this POC blog to blow off steam. And occasionally I get the added benefit of being able to piss off a liberal!

So on we go...

I have a dear Jewish friend who suffers from the liberal affliction. He is an unabashed "Obama supporter" (his words).

And I don't get this. At ALL. This friend is VERY tied in to what is happening in Israel right now. He visits there often as part of his job and knows the situation there inside and out (that's about all I feel comfortable saying about him at the risk of "outing" him and his position).

Fortunately he doesn't read my blog (though he knows it exists), so I can reveal part of a recent email exchange.

I asked why the Jewish community almost overwhelmingly supports Obama in light of:

1. Israel is clearly are concerned about Obama's Presidency and his future support of their existence.

2. Recent revelations that the Obama administration will begin talks with Hamas...legitimizing them on the world stage.

His response? He feels that Obama is "smart enough" to recognize Israel's conditions for a cease fire with Hamas.

That was the entirety of his response. I didn't press the issue with him because I suspect I hit a nerve. His admiration for "The One" clearly eclipses any concern he might have that the Obama administration is about to begin having talks with a terrorist organization that wants the destruction of Israel.

And because this was on Fox News, I doubt that my dear friend even knows who Rashid Khalidi is:

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B Smith said...

I have questions about everyone who supported Urkel. There is a STAGGERING disconnect in this country currently, and just in the last couple days, I've started to see people seriously questioning Obama's program...far, far too late.
Of course, there are also those who will NEVER stop supporting him, because the cult of hope, or the sense of entitlement, or the hatred of Bush is just too deep-rooted.
And then there are those who will realize, but never waver, because to do so would mean admitting they were wrong.
The implications are far wider-reaching than just Israel---I think we live in times far more 'interesting' than most people realize...worldwide.

"Hang on, this is gonna get bumpy"