Thursday, January 1, 2009

USC Football players put the "duh" in Studuhnt Athlete

Remember, these guys all qualified academically at the "University" of Southern California:

More USC brilliance here...


Yiddish Steel said...

Like i've always said, the only thing you need to get accepted into the (U)niversity of (S)poile (C)hildren is a check and a pulse.

Have you ever heard of any athlete at that esteemed institution of "higher learning" being academically ineligible to play?

Absolute platinum: "Who Joe Biden?!"

Mike Oxlong said...

"Have you ever heard of any athlete at that esteemed institution of "higher learning" being academically ineligible to play?"

Yeah...Stanley Havili.

Meanwhile, across town at that amazingly superior institution...

Tommy Trojan said...

Yiddish Steel?
Check this one out, cheeseball. Courtesy of the cross-town rival school.
With a name like "Yiddish Steel" you'd think you'd be a little less critical of USC Football than something like this:

Nigel said...

Tommy T,

Thanks for the link. I've posted about my Alma Mater's moonbattery before and admittedly it is an embarrassment. Rusty (a Trojan alum) over at The Jawa Report has also posted about anti-semitism on the USC campus.

There are plenty of things that can divide our two schools. But on this I'm sure all of us can agree: liberalism that paints the Palestinians as the "oppressed" and Israel as the "bully" is rampant on our college campuses and infecting the brains of our next generation.

Yiddish Steel said...

Yeah, Tommy & Mikey! But did they catch the mental midgets at Westwood with the savvy tactics of "Gotcha Journalism" like they did with these dolts?! Oh no!


Make your check payable to "The Traveler Glue and Dog Food Factory".

600 Figueroa Blvd
LA, CA 90016

Mike Oxlong said...

Hey Yiddish Squeal, (what is that, oy vey?!)
The real question remains:
Are they stupid enough to park in the handicap spaces?!!!

Nigel said...'re going with Parking Lot Passes smack?


And old.

Like your Heisman Trophy winner who got away with double murder, but is finally doing time for assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

Then y'all got Reggie Bush who will end up giving his Heisman Trophy back because his parents were getting a $3,000 a month house rent free while he was playing for Figueroa Tech.

And your starting quarterback who got away with sexual assault.

Your starting linebacker who committed assault at Halloween party...then bragged that he "owned" the police.

The football players who created a facebook page called "White Nation" complete with Swastikas and depictions of black babies in handcuffs.

And last year's basketball "star" who somehow had a plasma screen television in his dorm room.

You wanna "go" on this? The Toejam list of morons, delinquents and thugs is long...very long. And yet the USC athletic deptartment and the "university" itself doesn't suspend disassociate itself with such thugs.

A proud tradition indeed.

Yiddish Steel said...

Yeah! And Brian Scalabrini has acne... and he's like 30 years old!