Monday, January 5, 2009

Romi has a new blog

Since entering the blogging community a few years ago, there have been only three women whose blogs have made me spray coffee and laugh...

1. Annika, whose posts here and here predate this blog. Annika has her own blog here, though I believe she's moved on to her lawyering career and does not post much anymore.

2. Laurie Kendrick, who is as scary as she is funny. I love that girl, and if I am ever picking sides in a blog war, I'll make her my first pick.

3. Romi. I have had a crush on this Indian Spice Girl since I first saw her in flannel pajamas. She offered to seduce me...then she did. 2008 was the Year of the Chick, and Romi took us all along for a great ride in her search for her soulmate.

Now the year is 2009, and Romi has found her man. Or has she? (Alas, it was not me...but I now have a future Mrs. Nigel, so I'm not complaining). Anyway, go check her new blog out...and re-read her old one if you need to catch up.


B Smith said...

Hmm. Touched on a nerve, there, with Romi's whole flannel PJ thing.
I had a girl down in El Paso (this was when I was in the Army) who wore flannel PJ's. Grey-and-purple paisley flannel pajamas.
Sexiest. Thing. EVER.
As the lady noted, all the naughty bits are accessible, and they are very soft and cozy. I'd take issue with the whole 'men-want-to-date-their-mothers' thing, but those PJ's obviously made her very comfortable, and to me they were INCREDIBLY sexy---what's not to like about that?
There were issues that divided, and ultimately separated me from this woman, but when I think about her in those pajamas, I wonder if I shouldn't have tried harder to resolve them...dayum.

Nigel said...

Dude, seriously check her blog out and then stay with it. Romi isn't PC and she's damn funny...

Romi said...

Oh my gosh Nigel, I had NO idea you posted this as I haven't been on my blog for two days, and my stupid link-back doesn't work!!! Then the kindly B Smith popped over and told me about it! Wow...I am so humbled that you would post that...thank you!! :-)

PS: and as for those flannel PJ's...who knew right? Hahaha... :-)

PPS: and thanks for you comment on my blog B. Smith, but I'll reply to that on my own blog later ! :-)

B Smith said...

'Kindly'??? Is it just the flannel PJ affection, or do I really just sound that much like somebody's grandfather? (I had a mental flash of the old king in 'The Princess Bride', saying, "She kissed me!!")
Although I guess I AM getting to be about grandfatherly age...
Kindly. And here I thought I was being all sex-crazed and lecherous-sounding. (sigh)