Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Moments in Sports History: "I'm Irish, and I'm looking for another mick to hit!"

Major hat tip to's Bill Simmons for finding this gem...a reminder of how Americans were able to survive four years of Jimmy Carter. By watching four years of bad epic television events like this:

The money quote comes from One Day at a Time's Pat Harrington:

Yow...I had such a crush on Valerie Bertinelli...'s Bill Simmons casting aspersions on 70's pop culture icon Telly Savalas:

I'm upset we once lived in a world in which Telly was a sex symbol.

The hell you say, Bill. Bald is BEAUTIFUL:


Yiddish Steel said...

I see you've been reading Rick Reilly again, Nigel.

Christine said...

Ahhh...back when TV stars still understood they were just entertainers, not the greatest minds of their generation.

I didn't watch this much, as a kid, but now I kinda wish we still had the same attitude.

Yiddish Steel said...

I miss the Battle Of The Network Stars. It was awesome! Watching Lou Ferigno single-handedly pull the entire cast of Eight Is Enough into the mud bog in the tug-of-war.