Tuesday, December 23, 2008

News From Senator Boxer !!

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) wanted to share with me some critical news regarding the impacts of the recession. Get a load of this crap. I think i'll just chime into this brilliant call to action.

Dear Friend:

Friend to who? The Zero-Liability Voter?

I have released a report detailing the impact of the nation's recession on California's counties and cities. The report, which was based on interviews conducted with officials in 20 cities and all 58 counties, paints a stark picture of the economic strains felt across California. The analysis includes unemployment figures, home foreclosure rates, budget deficits, and first-hand accounts of the impact of the recession.

This report is a reality check on the economy -- things are not good, but change is coming.

Please! Share with us this misery you deal in, Babs.

I am going to focus like a laser beam on saving and creating jobs, which is the backbone of any economy.

Like a "laser beam"? Yeah right! Anyway... You were saying? Government is the backbone of the economy, right?! Of course it is. Just look at what it's done for a fellow Blue State like say, New Jersey! Go on, i'm listening.

The report shows that budget deficits and revenue reductions have forced local government to make cuts in many programs, including public safety programs, Medi-Cal services, mental heath services, meals on wheels, and youth and senior centers.

You speak as if these programs are critical to the survival of our once-thriving state economy. Our esteemed Governator says we need to go on a diet. We have been too flabby for too long. It could kill us all if we don't.

Non-governmental charitable organizations also have been stretched to the brink.

Maybe they would be in better shape if you Democrats gave more to charity. I thought that you were the party that cared more than that other despicable party of fat, wealthy Corporate Raiders.

In addition, critical infrastructure projects are stalled due to financing problems, which limits job growth at a time when unemployment rates are at their highest level in decades.

Right. Building parking lots and sidewalks will make a big dent in those unemployment numbers.

This report shows clearly that action is needed. I am working with Congressional leaders and President-elect Obama on federal economic recovery legislation, including:

  • Investment to repair and improve existing infrastructure, including roads, bridges, transit and rail;
Prop 1-A: Waste of money
  • Increased support for federal programs that support energy efficiency in new buildings and upgrades to existing buildings, which would create jobs;
Changing lightbulbs and HVAC units everywhere will get this economy rolling again.
  • Investment in water infrastructure projects, including reclamation, reuse, and groundwater cleanup programs that could not only provide new water supplies but also create jobs;
I thought we've already mandated that? Your cohorts in complicity here in our State Legislature rammed it down our throats. Where are those jobs you speak of, Babs? Just 5 years ago the State of Kalifornya doled out $36M for this stuff, 20% greater than the fiscal year before. Are you telling me that it hasn't been enough since? C'mon! You are the Government! You're the most amazingly amazing Congress ever elected in our nation's history.
  • Increased investment in the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program, which awards grants to state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies so they can hire and train law enforcement officers, purchase new crime-fighting technologies, and develop innovative policing strategies;
We all know that hiring more cops has drastically reduced crime, everywhere! How about building more incarceration facilities to keep the scum-bags off of our streets, and enforcing the mandatory sentences be served, in-full!
  • Providing additional Community Development Block Grants, which help states and local governments to implement plans to address local housing needs and neighborhood stabilization as a result of the foreclosure crisis; and
Bailing out those that had no business getting bank money in the first place. Great idea. Let's just throw some Tax Payer money at the problem and say f@#* accountability.
  • Increasing the percentage of funding the federal government provides to states for the Medicaid program, which provides health care services for low-income individuals.
Just say it, Babs, UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. That's what you really mean.

The full report is available on my Senate website at:


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

Uhhh.... Just before you sign off here, Babs. Maybe you should stop blowing smoke up everyone's ass here. You want to fix the economy here in California? You want to help create some jobs? Let me throw an obvious suggestion at you:

* Cut the ties with the Special Interest Groups, once and for all. You don't owe them a damn thing. You owe this State your best effort. Tell the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Foundation, and The Surfrider Foundation to stick it up their ass. It's time to acquire our state's greatest resource; OIL! We have plenty of it off the coast, and the technology to get it has never been better and safer than it is now. It's been 40 years since the California State Legislature and the U.S. Federal Government wet the bed over an old oil wound off of our coast. Shut up and drill! Getting us off our continued dependence of foreign oil will allow for the evil Oil Companies to explore for and drill for oil... FOR US! Imagine the number of jobs that would create. The Oil Companies would have to sub-contract a substantial amount of help via the private sector. What's that spell? Joe Biden's favorite 3 letter word, JOBS.


Nigel said...


Wanna save about $14 Billion for California?

Just make people prove they are in this state legally before they get any services.

No medical.

No schooling.

No social services.


(Liked the part about telling the surfriders to stick it up their ass though)

Yiddish Steel said...


That should go without saying; no benefits to those that are not citizens. Would the "tough guy" in Brentwood (errr... Sacramento) dare implement such a "maverick" course of action, and save our financial resources for our legal citizens?

The Surfrider Foundation can eat the salty refuse off of my O'Neill wetsuit. I have never supported those ignorant kooks. They don't deserve entrance into my drum circle.