Tuesday, December 2, 2008

San Francisco...you suck.

Sorry...I've been MIA. I'm kind of taking a rage hiatus...nothing seems to upset me much right now...

Oh. Except for you liberal hippie freaks in NoCal. Y'all should just secede from my state and my country...you're ****ing everything up.

This video is a few years old, but I don't believe much has changed:

I'll be back soon. Maybe we'll turn this into a gardening and landscaping blog, or perhaps a review on Bulgarian literature.


Michele said...

You don't have to be enraged.

I could put up my Thanksgiving Leftovers in a Pocket recipe if you'd like.

Now to watch the video.

Christine said...

You know, they can pronounce the word "imperialism", but I don't think they know what it means. If we're creating an empire, where the hell is it?

Nigel said...

Christine, that is an AWESOME point. I was reading "48 Liberal Lies" last night and there was a chapter on the "American Imperialism" that is being taught in our colleges.

During the Mexican War, we advanced all the way to Mexico City...yet we signed a treaty that gave us just the New Mexico and California treaties...and we PAID the Mexicans for that land.

During the Spanish American War, we liberated the Philippines...yet we gave that land back to the Philippine people despite defending it THREE times for them.

Where the heck is all this oil we were supposed to be getting for "taking over" Iraq? And I must have missed where we took parts of Japan, Germany and Italy after defeating them in WWII...