Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bruins lose, Bruins win (Updated w. Morning After reaction)

Yes, UCLA lost to the crosstown asshats from USC today. But here's the good news. This clown will be fired on Monday morning:

Reasons? The O.C. Register's Jeff Miller has a few:

Dark, chilly and damp. The environment early Saturday evening and the mood wrapped around it.

If this was it, well, this better be it for Karl Dorrell as coach of UCLA's football team.

After five years, he doesn't deserve the job any longer. The program hasn't improved under him, doesn't display any mental or physical consistency and isn't clearly heading in the proper direction.

In falling to USC, 24-7, the Bruins came out again like a group not ready (two fumbles in the first seven minutes), were forced to take silly timeouts and executed their offense like they'd never attempted any of the plays before.

Karl Dorrell looks for someone to blame...

Early in the fourth quarter, Dorrell opted to take a penalty and give USC third-and-goal at the UCLA 12 as opposed to fourth-and-goal at the 2.

John David Booty promptly passed to Fred Davis, who shook off (Christian)Taylor for a touchdown, effectively ending the game.

Afterward, Mr. Nice Guy wasn't afraid to publicly blame Taylor, noting in particular that it sure wasn't the coaches' fault.

"We had a great call on," Dorrell said. "We were in the right place. Christian Taylor didn't make the play."

That's just great, Karl. Make a boneheaded coaching decision (one that had me screaming at my TV as he was making it), then throw one of your kids under a bus. That's a leadership quality I want in my head coach...

There are many, many more reasons Karl Dorrell should not return as UCLA's football coach. Too many for me to list here. Bill Plaschke of the LA Times has a few more here. Bruins Nation and DumpDorrell have compiled the best arguments.

Of course in Los Angeles, you can always count on TJ Simers to play the part of the town fool:

The next guy always looks better, but is there a coach in America who could have fared better than 6-6 with the number of injuries that bedeviled UCLA this season?

Well...YEAH. Just about anyone else. In fact, UCLA might have been better off if we'd hired this guy to teach the fundamentals of football to our least he knows how to hang on to the football:

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