Friday, December 21, 2007

"We've been bloggercized!"


A story in Saturday's Dispatch about an immigration project run by Olentangy Liberty High School Spanish teacher Erica Vieyra sparked instant outrage. First, it drew fire from nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, then from dozens of Internet bloggers before finally showing up on the Drudge Report, an online aggregator of news sites.

Liberty High Principal Mark Raiff is whining about being exposed

Before long, the e-mail inboxes of administrators filled up and national radio talk-show hosts called looking for interviews. Even CNN wanted a comment.

Though the district went through an Internet phenomenon once before, after the superintendent banned two books from a high-school summer reading list in 2006, the national attention this time around caught Liberty Principal Mark Raiff off guard. Locals, it seemed, weren't calling or stopping Raiff on the street to complain. The story grew online.

"We've been bloggercized," Raiff said. "But I am in 100 percent, absolute support of Ms. Vieyra and, as I watched this project all the way through from beginning to end, I knew the students were learning incredible things."

They sure are. As Michelle Malkin says:

So, these government-subsidized educators are teaching children how to subvert immigration law and learn the ways of the open borders racket. But we’re the fringe” and the “mob”

Interesting that someone at Liberty High wanted publicity for their little "project", and now that they got it they can't handle the criticism. What were they expecting when they publicized how they were teaching their kids how to break the law?

Before bloggers, this project of liberal indoctrination would have passed unnoticed as a sleepy local story. Perhaps now more parents will take notice of what is going on in their public schools...

For the record, my post was the original one linked at Michelle Malkin's site, but it was Ace of Spades commenter Fletch who originally exposed this. So all you liberal whiners...if you must vent, go over to Ace's site and bitch at him.


Yiddish Steel said...

If I didn't mention it to you before on Wednesday, Nigel, props to you. You opened up that 11 year old box of cornflakes to expose that pod of liberal roaches.

Nigel said...

Thanks Yiddish. I remember how impressionable I was in high school and how a "cool" teacher could influence how we thought. I know these kids love their teacher and I think it's sad that she felt necessary to impose a liberal agenda on them...