Sunday, June 1, 2008

Britain prepares for a new Jihad Superstore

An Islamic Center for 70,000 new jihadists:

Tablighi Jamaat claims they are non-violent and non-political.

Yeah, right:

In so far as it speaks at all to outsiders, the organization, founded almost 80 years ago, declares itself to be nonpolitical and nonviolent. Yet, with increasing and alarming frequency, the name of Tablighi Jamaat is cropping up in the worldwide fight against terrorism.

Several of those arrested on August 9 in connection with the alleged plot to blow up airliners en route to America from Britain, had attended Tablighi study sessions in Britain. At least two of the British suicide bombers of July 7, 2005 — Mohammed Siddique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer — had worshipped at a Tablighi-run mosque in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The failed British shoebomber, Richard Reid, is known to have Tablighi associations, while the path to violent radicalism of John Walker Lindh, now serving 20 years for treason, appears to have begun with his contact with Tablighi missionaries.

Coming soon, to a jihad near you?:

"We have a significant presence of Tablighi Jamaat in the U.S., and we have found that Al Qaeda used them for recruiting, now and in the past," the deputy chief of the FBI's international terrorism section, Michael Heimbach, said.

Robert Spencer has more on Tablighi Jamaat, and their plan for England...

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