Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something to piss me off while I'm on the road

So like...if you are on Interstate 8 today between San Diego and Yuma, and you see a black convertible driven by someone with smoke coming out of his ears....that'd be me.

Bandmate bmac has the reason why...turns out that terrorists have rights.

Hmm...terrorists have rights...terrorists have rights...


Ain't buyin' it.

In fact, I think Chevy Chase sums up my feelings on the Supreme Court monkeys this morning:

You know, I have the perfect solution here. Libtards hate Gitmo, right? And us knuckle-dragging neocons hate terrorists, right?

Let's just blow up Guantanamo Bay. With the terrorists still there. End of problem.

Anyone else got a better solution? I thought not. I should be freakin' president.

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