Sunday, June 8, 2008

I had forgotten this guy was even running

Conflicted as I am about voting for John McCain and knowing their is no freakin' way I could ever punch my card for B. Hussein Obama, I am so glad this guy's candidacy has resurfaced.

Even if he doesn't appear on the ballot, I am writing Iowahawk in for President...based on his environmental policies alone:

As a son of America's rural heartland, the environment is important to me. Like Teddy Roosevelt, America's first "conservation president," I am committed to returning thousands of square miles of ugly American urban development back to its pristine natural state. Much of this will be a direct result of the "Malibu Surge," but other environmental initiatives will help. For example, I will direct the Interior Department to establish wild man-eating cougar preserves in Berkeley CA, Boulder CO, Madison WI, and Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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