Sunday, June 15, 2008

And the first Gold Medal of the 2008 Olympics should go to...


For this:

What's remarkable isn't that China is now the world's #1 producer of greenhouse gasses. The truly unbelievable thing is that Al Gore and his minions criticized the United States severely for not signing the Kyoto agreement.

Of course, they never got around to mentioning that Kyoto never included China or India in its strictures.

Lien Chen takes the lead during the Women's 1600KM bicycle race at China's Olympic qualfying

Well crap. When the hell is Algore (PBUH) going to fly his private jet to Bejing to tell the Chinese that they are killing Mother Earth?

Just sayin'...

From Rick Moran:

In an interview for the History Channel program "Earth at Risk," Gore says with a straight face in answer to a question about Chinese immunity from Kyoto that the US should adopt the Kyoto protocols even if China doesn't participate "to set a good example" to the Chinese. This, Gore believes, would have so moved the Chinese that they would voluntarily cut their own emissions.

And this guy would have been president on 9/11.

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Romi said...

hahaha...that is a pretty interesting viewpoint...and seriously, having to wear Michael Jackson masks when I'm biking??? Not cool...