Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Your This Goes to 11 voter guide for today's election (updated)

Updated: Crap. Sanders wins. San Diego gets four more years of crying, four more years of broken promises, four more years of sanctuary city policies, four more years of financial trainwreckedness (bear with me...I'm making up words today).

The good news? Aguirre is in a run-off with Jan Goldsmith. Ain't no way he survives that.

I'm sorry we have been a little late with this, since I know that the candidates were waiting anxiously for our endorsements.

For Mayor of San Diego, This Goes to 11 supports...Steve Francis. Not that we especially like him or his sucking up to environmentalists.

But he's not a sniveling baby like Jerry Sanders:

It's bad enough that Sanders waffled on his promise to oppose gay marriage. After all, if he went back on that campaign promise...then why should we believe anything he is saying now?

I just cannot vote for a mayor who weeps like a little girl.

For San Diego City Attorney...This Goes to 11 is endorsing Jan Goldsmith. Primarily because he's not this tool:

Anyway, make sure you print out this handy voter guide as you go to the polls today. As far as school board...I don't really give a rat's ass because if I ever have a kid there ain't no freakin' way I'm letting the child go to a public school.

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