Monday, May 19, 2008

Helix High School has a unique sex education program

What the hell is happening at Helix High School?

SAN DIEGO -- For the third time in two years, a teacher at Helix High School in La Mesa is accused of having sex with a student.

Officials said Spring Valley resident Gary Wilcox, 44, was arrested Sunday night. He is accused of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a female student. Investigators said the geography teacher and soccer coach had sex with the girl, who is now 18, at least once in a hotel room more than a year ago.

Jessica Ashley Kahal, 22, a former music teacher and band director at Helix High, was accused in October 2007 of having sex with a 17-year-old student. In April 2007, a judge sentenced former teacher Frank Palumbo, 27, to five years probation Friday for having unlawful sex with a student.

OK, that's three times in two years. Wilcox is just the latest in skeevy predators to prey on San Diego area teenagers. More background here, here and here.

Uh...allegedly. As one defender of an accused predator reminded me:

Please bear in mind Coach Facione has only been ACCUSED at this time. The player making the accusations was recently cut from the team.As a high school basketball coach, how would you feel if a player that you cut from your team turned around and accused you of sexually molesting her? You'd be arrested, thrown in jail, spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees, bail money, etc. and end up with your coaching career in shambles. Then on top of all that, you'd have idiot bloggers like yourself mouthing off without a care in the world as to what the true facts of the case may be.

Here's a novel concept...let's keep our hands off the kids, OK?

Update: Two 8th-graders in Minnesota allegedly had sex...DURING a math class. What was the teacher doing?:

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