Friday, May 2, 2008

Where to go to get your fix of BOOBS

See Update at bottom of post

Howdy fellow morons. Let's face it, y'all simply cannot get enough of BOOBS. Honestly, can you possibly get enough of this story?

No you can't. Admit it.

And since you can't, I've found the perfect outlet for you. This chick blogs about BOOBS!

(Yeah, yeah...and some other stuff I can't quite remember).

So go there...and be nice to Sue. Maybe she'll even show you hers...

(Uh...probably not, but it wouldn't hurt to ask)

Speaking of BOOBS...this one's for Cranky at Six Meat Buffet. Not that he's into BOOBS (I mean, I suppose he might be), but I know he digs Heavy Metal:

Update: It's BOOBmania everywhere. Methinks someone better be careful at work, lest he get his hands cut off for this:

Click to see who will incur the wrath of Allah!


Sue said...

I still say you're not a moron, but if you suck as well as I do, awesome! Love the links! Thanks! I don't even remember the other stuff I write about half the time.

I was going to ask you... who DO you support in the presidentials? Just curious, because I'm blond and can't figure it out. (who's the moron now?)

Sue said...

Oh.. and I just finished the South Park Video! Cartoon boobs never looked so hot! (of course I think so!)

Nigel said...

Sue...Moron is a badge of honor...see the right sidebar and spend some more time at Ace of Spades...