Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who wants to piss off Islamotards today?

I do! I do!

Brian at Snapped Shot brings our attention to this 350-year old Belgian church pulpit that has Muslims pissing all over themselves in rage again:

Pretty innocuous, right? Well look closer...that's Big Mo the child molester and his Koran being walked all over:

Well, if this blogger can get threatened for posting these photos, why can't I get a freakin' fatwa for this? And this?

C'mon...what's an infidel got to do?

1 comment:

B Smith said...

You just need to be patient, Nigel... think of the millions who are waiting for fatwa along with you... the poor terrorists are swamped!
Keep up the fine work, and I'm sure you'll make the list in no time.
(okay, in unison now: "Allah WHO? Fuckyou!")