Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If Ted Kennedy was a Republican

I did something this morning that I had never done before. I prayed for Ted Kennedy.

Sure Ted has been the target of much of my scorn and snark, but cancer sucks. I don't wish that on anyone.

Which got me to thinking. What if Ted was a Republican?:

What if Ted beats cancer, what do i do with my CANCER shirt and hat? i'm really rooting for the big C. i'd be disappointed.

Buy this shirt!:

“Dear Ted, I hate you. -God.”

“Sure holding all that bulls**t in your brain would give anyone a brain tumor . . . !”

“The growth in his brain is because his head is stuck up his a**. F**k him!! He is pure lying scum and should die ASAP!!”

This Goes to 11 wishes Ted Kennedy all the best and hopes for a full recovery.

Update: Michelle Malkin doesn't need a lot of words to make her point on this.


Michele said...
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Michele said...

Oh! I have a question. Let's say Ted Kennedy wasn't dying of a brain tumor, but he had just gone off a bridge and landed in the water. He was drowning and calling for help (there was no Portuguese water rescue dog in sight), would you save him or opt for poetic justice?

Toni said...

If I would have posted something like that really awesome t-shirt of yours the leftards of Nashville would certainly have gone off the bridge. All I did was remind people not to forget about Chappaquiddik and they had vapors.

Nigel said...


I hope you clicked on the link...

Also, check out TNOYF's "subliminal" message.