Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The video I've ever seen

Cranky from Six Meat Buffet posted this video...and I cannot figure out what the hell these womyns are talkin' 'bout:

I'm kind of embarrassed for posting this...but it's SO strange. y'all really have conversations like this? If so, I am afraid...very afraid.


Romi said...

I don't mind a man who is "living to ejaculate"...I'm just sayin'....(but seriously WTF!?!?!? No I don't talk like that!!!!!)

Sue said...

*snort* I don't talk like that! I might snort and guffaw at innuendos, but that lady was all out there and in your face (and so clinical) about it... no, no, noooo. I don't talk like that with my girl friends.

I do have to disagree with the main speaker... men don't have to be dogs to know how to, ahem, please a woman.

And that one lady acting all surprised that women 'look to toys', hahahahaha. Hahahahaha *snort* hahahahah

Apparently she's never used one. That's all I'm going to say about that!

RH Potfry said...

Islamic Rage Boy goes on that same rant almost every day in our lunch room.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Nigel. I'm not sure how to process this thing. My friends and I do not talk like this. Maybe it's because we're white and don't fall for penis power bullcrap.

Fear not my friend. These women are rare.

Gordon said...

One wonders what she must have gone through to arrive at such thinking.

One shouldn't wonder too much as that leads to insanity.

Two Dogs said...

She puts up videos almost daily and they are all like this. Personally, I think that it is hilarious, but then again, Maxine Waters is a Congressmoron. Nothing is mutually exclusive, but still I laugh because I have the mentality of a twelve year old.

B Smith said...

I'm picturing a superhero who says "PENIIIIISSS POWWERRRRR" to activate his hidden super-powers. Talk about having the mentality of a 12-y.o.
Also, see the post about mertosexual 'bitches' over at Breda Fallacy...too funny!!