Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Knoxville Shooting

First it was my former church, now it's my old high school. That bearded man up there is Chris Buice, the minister of the Unitarian Church, who sends his daughter to Central. Sheesh.

Pardon if this sounds insensitive, it's not meant to be, but before anybody wonders if it was some kind of racial thing, I don't think McDonald was a skinhead. It looks like he may have suffered from alopecia.


Nigel said...

Hey Michele, don't worry about sounding insensitive...that's my area of expertise.

School and church shootings are especially painful because we think of those places as safe houses for our family. I remember the Santana and Granite Hills shootings here and the terror and pain they caused.

Here's hoping that the libtards don't go using this to spout their gun control rhetoric...though you know they will.

That Chick Over There said...

He DID have alopecia.

Michele said...

Well, someone on the radio already mentioned the fact that the victim was bald alluding to the skinhead idea. The shooter was named Jamar FWIW.

The victim looks tough, and he may have been, but I don't think he shaved his head. I think he had a condition, since he has no lashes or brows either. Now if he was wearing red suspenders and combat boots then that would be a conversation.

Whatever it was was probably between these two kids and that's all.

Yiddish Steel said...

The libtards will squeel "Gun Control" with delight at the plight of another tragic, school shooting. There is a 100% chance that the gun was not registered to the assailant, and a better-than 50% chance that it wasn't even a registered handgun, and purchased on the street. Gun control, as we all know is all about "CONTROL" of the masses.

My thoughts are with Ryan McDonald and his Grandmother, Genny Miller who was raising him.