Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nancy Pelosi...Susan Davis...are you enjoying your vacations?

Of course Nan is out on her whirlwind tour for her book...which is number 782 and being trounced by a coloring book on the NY Times best-seller list:

And my congresswoman, Susan Davis? She has 15 key issues listed on her website. Among them:

* Global Warming:

Susan is an original cosponsor of the Safe Climate Act which seeks to reduce global warming emissions through a system of caps and trades...

* Animal Rights: (I didn't know Animals had "rights" under our Constitution):

H.Res.1046 is a resolution to designate September 2008 as National Link Awareness Month, bringing further awareness and attention to the link between animal cruelty and other forms of societal violence...

* Women's Caucus:

Legislative priorities for the Women’s Caucus in the 110th Congress include creating a commemorative stamp for women’s history; increasing the display of more portraits of women leaders around the Capitol...

Hmm. Hey Susan. What about gas prices? What about an energy plan?

Nope. Not listed. Fifteen important issues that you are championing...and you care more about "bringing further awareness and attention to the link between animal cruelty and other forms of societal violence..."

Give Susan some credit. She does ask US after all what we are doing about the crisis (since her ass is on vacation and she won't do a damn thing):

How are you responding to high gas prices?

I'm buying a more fuel efficient vehicle
I'm driving less
I'm carpooling more
I'm taking public transportation more
I'm cutting back on other expenses
I'm not changing my habits at all

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Yiddish Steel said...

Susan Davis is a useless twat waffle. Too bad you're not in the 50th District and represented by Brian Bilbray. I'll bet the fine folks from PB down to IB carried that vote. Your district should be so proud of ell of Susan Davis' accomplishments on such important issues like low-impact tampons on the environment.