Saturday, August 30, 2008

John Podesta...full of crap (Updated)

And so it continues.

Can you feel the desperation of liberals? The Washington Post ran reactions to McCain's selection of Sarah Palin from across the political spectrum yesterday...and I almost fell out of my chair when I read Clinton Family Spokeswhore John Podesta's reaction:

A potential vice president with the ideology of Dick Cheney and fewer qualifications than Dan Quayle should send arctic shivers up our spines.

Uh...yeah John. As opposed to a potential PRESIDENT with the ideology of Karl Marx and fewer qualifications than Daffy Duck?

Vice presidents matter. In our history, nine have become president when the sitting commander in chief unexpectedly died or resigned. McCain, a 72-year-old cancer survivor, may be rolling the dice to grab a chunk of Hillary Clinton's voters, but he is asking all of us to gamble on Sarah Palin if she were to become president at a time of national crisis.

And the Dems are asking us all to gamble on Barack Obama...who if HE becomes Commander-in-Chief will be contemplating an attack on one of our allies. Of course Joe Biden has LOADS of experience commanding troops as well. Right? Well at least Sarah Palin has some personal stake in this...a son in the military...and though she's only been "commander-in-chief" of a state's National Guard, that's more military experience than either Obama or Biden can claim.

McCain himself said this spring: "In all due respect he does not understand . . . the fundamental elements of national security and warfare." He could have been discussing his running mate. The former mayor of Wasilla, population 8,471, has no national security experience. She has been governor only two years. And her instincts on domestic and security policy are troubling.

Well Brainiac...except for this: McCain was talking about OBAMA. McCain's got the national security and warfare stuff down himself...and unless he croaks in the first few weeks of his Presidency, then Palin will have time to acclimate herself. How much National Security experience does Obama have? Biden? much did Bill Clinton have? And what do YOU know of Palin's "instincts" on domestic and national security?

While we sit on only 3 percent of the world's oil reserves, Palin thinks we can drill our way out of our oil addiction by exploiting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


Well gee...if we brought MORE oil from land we actually OWN wouldn't we then INCREASE our reserves, and DECREASE our dependency on foreign oil? Or do you suddenly see solar powered cars coming out next year?

UPDATE courtesy of AOSHQ...what were you saying, John?:

When we should be protecting the climate, she is suing the United States to prevent protections for polar bears threatened by global warming.

Yes John...because she HATES polar bears, right? Or maybe it's just because stifling commerce or economic production to "protect" an animal that really isn't endangered is just liberal stupidity.

When we need to clean up Washington, she is vocally defending Sen. Ted Stevens.

LIE!! LIE!!! LIE!!! In fact:

The Bridge to Nowhere

Senator Obama voted for it.

Governor Palin killed the project.

Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday the project was $329 million short of full funding.

"We will continue to look for options for Ketchikan to allow better access to the island," the Republican governor said. "The concentration is not going to be on a $400 million bridge."

Palin directed state transportation officials to find the most "fiscally responsible" alternative for access to the airport. She said the best option would be to upgrade the ferry system.

Anyway...John are a LIAR. Which gives me a reason to bring out my favorite tribute to slime like you:

Update: Preston from Six Meat Buffet prefers this tribute to Podesta:

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