Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beer Pong Punditry

Came home today to college-age neigbhors who had set up a beer-pong tournament in their back yard (which is directly across from my front door).

Of course they have bimbonic coeds in attendance...slowly getting drunk in anticipation of being numb for when the guys clumsily mount them later tonight.

The coeds are having a "roundtable" on politics. Scary that these chicks may actually vote:

"Obama is hot! I'd do him...I don't think I'd do McCain unless he gave me a lot of money. But I'd do Obama all night long for nothing!"

"Yes...can you imagine how the world will be under Obama? Finally, we will all get along...he is going to bring the whole world together."

"Oh...if McCain is elected, we will have a nuclear war for sure! I may have to move somewhere where I won't get Hawaii."

"Yeah, and that BIMBO he picked for his vice-president? Can you believe her? She's had FIVE'd think she'd never heard of birth control!"

I closed my door. I was going to try to engage them in a little dissenting discourse, but then came the encouragement "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" and I knew the battle was lost.


Michele said...

So sorry.

Sue said...

Bimbo? Since when is having five children something to be ashamed of? Some of my friends have five kids!

Yes, scary indeed that they are allowed to vote. *shudder*