Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Liveblogging the Democratic National Convention

7:45 pm:Hillary is wearing the world's ugliest ORANGE pantsuit!?!?!

Yuck. Good thing the podium is hiding her ass:

Michelle Obama looks pissed.

7:52pm:Hillary sums up her America: "Help Me"

7:57pm:My gosh...Michelle Obama STILL looks pissed. Can someone take the stick out of her ass?

8:00pm: Hillary mentions Michelle...finally, Michelle smiles. What a bitch. (Who am I talking about here?)

8:01...SHIT...gotta run. WKRP in Cincinnati marathon over on TV Land...

What? You were looking for real political analysis? Why don't you go here instead?


Brian said...

I think you saw the same thing I did. Her Screen Actors Guild membership must have been a one night trial offer because the only emotion she conveyed during Clinton's speech was resentful, stuck-up bitch.

Michele said...

That orange is a compliment to the blue background. Perhaps it's a statement about setting off Barack's Campaign. I don't thing that particular shade is her color though, which may support my point. Maybe I should write about this in depth.

Yiddish Steel said...

She looked like a melting CreamSicle against that blue backdrop. Chelsea looked like she could eat an apple thru a chainlink fence.