Saturday, August 30, 2008

Questions of Humanity

I don't know why I go here.

What the hell is she saying?!

(emphasis mine.)

"First up, she's super anti-choice. The forced-pregnancy crowd is thrilled today! (She recently had her fifth child, who has Down's syndrome.)"

Fellow forced pregnancy friends: apparently we shouldn't have fifth children, especially one's that are defective. That makes us super anti-choice. Excuse me, but isn't that her choice? Or are these not the choices women are allowed to make?

The cognitive dissonance astounds me.

They're against her for her stance on life. But suddenly they "support" her when some man posts this:

Here's the quote:

"C'mon. Criticize her on the basis of her political record or experience. Don't make it about looks."

Yes. It's far worse to make a crude statement about her hotness, than it is to say she should have aborted her Down's Syndrome baby to please you.

Should we cover her beautiful face while you're ripping "defective" children from her womb? Is that your logic?

Instaupdate: Wow. Great minds think alike. Some just say it better. From Preston:

But even if a real woman (i.e. a liberal democrat) had decided to keep the little punishment, she would have been able to get equal work for equal pay while simultaneously raising a family and shattering corporate glass ceilings. Because liberal women are superwomen.

Conservative women, on the other hand, have betrayed the leftist gynochracy and must be punished.


Nigel said...

I clicked on our blog and my laptop started smoking...


You linked there?


Actually Michele, I'm glad someone here has the guts to do some recon on the mindset of these whackjobs.

Michele said...

I feel a pressing need to shave my armpits and douche my brain.

Sue said...

I came out of my presidential voting boycott this year just so I can get Palin into the white house.

She's not pro-choice, though, I actually heard her say she was pro-life. She knew her baby had DS and didn't terminate... she chose life. She faced down the repubs who threatened her and forced them to leave office, she sold the private jet on ebay, she's got ten times more cajonnas than Hillary could dream about, and dammit, she's got nice tits.

And if McBush dies, she's the prez. And in four years... you'd better believe she'll be prez if she wants.

I've never ever been so excited about any candidate as I am about her.

People who put her down should be made to ... I can't think of anything bad enough right now.

Sue said...

By the way, I never liked that bitch Hillary, but Palin? She makes me want to orgasm.

What? It's true!

Nigel said...


This "pro-choice" euphemism has been used by liberals to mask what it really is...


And Sarah Palin is decidedly NOT pro-baby-killing.

Even if the "mistake" (as liberals would put it) would inconvenience her life.

Amazing that she is being criticized for "choosing" to have a child with a handicap. Only in the sick and twisted brain of a liberal...

Nigel said...

By the way, I never liked that bitch Hillary, but Palin? She makes me want to orgasm.

Sue...I that. The Vice-Hottie doesn't just make me want to orgasm...she...uh...

How can I put this delicately?

Oh...never mind. Anyone got any Kleenex?

Sue said...

No, but I got a tube sock... hahaha.

Preston said...

Michele, as usual you said it just fine. :)