Friday, November 16, 2007

Angry black "journalists" claim Bonds indictment is about race

ESPN loudmouth Stephen A. Smith seems to be unclear on what Barry Bonds was indicted for, while Detroit News columnist Rob Parker ties the Bonds indictment in with Rodney King:

Uh...Steven A.? Barry Bonds was not indicted for using steroids he was indicted for lying to the feds and obstructing an investigation into BALCO. Had he fessed up, sure his legacy would have been tainted but he likely would have avoided legal trouble and probably could have continued his career like Jason Giambi.

Not even being talked about right now...Bonds' little problem with the IRS.

But you guys go right ahead and play that race card.

And speaking of that...we just knew that the Mouth of the South Charles Barkley would have something to say about this:

I don't like it when people play the race card.

And then watch as he does just that:

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Brian McMurphy said...

Didn't he break Hank Aaron's by cheating? Barry's stealing from the brother man and then blaming it on the other man.