Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dude...Why did I get a Dell?

OK, this is embarrassing. But the reason my laptops have all been Dells is this:

I just wanted my friends to tell me "Dude, you're getting a Dell!"

Then the Dell Dude was busted for possession of the hippie lettuce. And believe it or not, I've actually wondered what happened to the guy.

Here's my answer:

Next time you’re at Tortilla Flats and you find yourself wondering aloud to your dinner companion, “What ever happened to the guy who did the ‘Dude, you’re getting a Dell’ commercials?” don’t be surprised when Ben Curtis, the man himself, approaches your table and explains the tequila list. While guest-starring on Law & Order and acting in films like the upcoming Proud Iva, Curtis has been a waiter and bartender at the Tex-Mex spot for the past year and a half, and though he dressed up as the Dell Dude for the Halloween party, he’s not about to repeat the slogan for you. He might, however, give you a free shot. “All you have to do,” he says, “is come and have a good time.”

"'re getting a tequila shot!"

(H/T: Hot Air)

1 comment:

Yiddish Steel said...

Yeah, man... Busted for the wacky tobacky! Dude, you're gettin' a cell (jail cell)!

Thanks for answering my question, Nigel.