Friday, November 16, 2007

Ted Kennedy asks the dumbest question evah!

Yesterday, Army Chief of Staff General George Casey had the opportunity to chat with Congress about military funding.

And Ted Kennedy had the gall to ask this question:

Who has challenged our military that have put the military in the condition that you've just described?


General Casey should have absolutely lit Kennedy up:

"The answer YOU! You have been sabotaging our military and drowning (allegedly) young women for more than 40 years, you gutless turd! Now why don't you do the American people a favor and do what you do best...go drink yourself into a stupor and shut the hell up!"

My dream: Just once...I wish I was called before a Senate committee that had Ted Kennedy on it. Perhaps someone could enlighten me, but I don't think it would actually be a crime to say that on the record to the distinguished drunk Senator from Massachusetts...

H/T: Hot Air.

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