Sunday, November 25, 2007

A good reason to brawl (updated) good as any, I guess:

SAN DIEGO – An argument over the virtues of American versus Australian football led to a fight that left one man seriously injured and two Australian sailors in jail.

The disagreement between the three men, which arose at 5 a.m. Thursday at a party in a home on C Street near 22nd Street in Golden Hill, grew heated and escalated to a shoving match.

Then the American football fan threatened to kill the Australians. The sailors, reportedly fearing the man would get a weapon, then hit and kicked him, breaking his eye socket, said San Diego police Sgt. Kerry Tom.

The sailors were booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, the weapon being their feet.

Before we mock the Aussie's about their game, take a look:

And they do have this on us:

1. No pads or helmets. Those guys are tough.

2. No Tony Kornholer or Keith Olberdouche.

I'll still take our game though. Can't imagine the Aussie's pulling off anything more exciting than this:

(Update: More Keith Olberdouchery...)

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