Friday, April 18, 2008

Expelled Opens Today

I might not get out to see this movie today, but certainly will before the weekend is out. I've already recruited four co-workers to see it with me:

Evolutionists, like Global Warming Chicken-Littles, get extremely uppity when you begin pointing out the flaws in their religion...uh...theory...uh..."Science".

Here is a theater-locater...

Update: Ed Morrisey at Hot Air offers a review:

Overall, though, the film presents a powerful argument not for intelligent design as much as for the freedom of scientific inquiry. If scientists get punished for challenging orthodoxy, we will not expand our learning but ossify it in concrete. Expelled: The Movie is entertaining, maddening, funny, and provocative, and well worth your time.

I'll be offering my own review after I see Expelled...


love bites said...

Speaking for the evolutionists, we're hot, and thus, not nearly as insecure as you believe.

Nigel said...

Hmm...not quite sure what you mean by global warming heating you (hence you are making a pun) or are you just saying you look good in a mini-skirt?

I doubt you speak for the "true" evolutionists who try to suppress academic attempts at debunking Darwinism. That's what this movie is about.

If you think I am a nut job for believing that the human brain was intelligently designed because it's more complex than the laptop I am typing this on...that's OK. Just argue with me on the merits of the debate.

But Darwinists don't do that. Like Algore (PBUH) and the global warming freaks, they simply dismiss and discredit and tell everyone the "debate is over and the science is settled."

Lori Ingham said...

Saw the film. Did a video report, actually (which is currently rated 2 stars by the Darwinists at YouTube who are fit to disagree with me on my review of the film). They are also declaring the debate "over" adn that neither is a "theory."