Friday, April 11, 2008

Who the hell is this guy? (updated)

Barack Obama gets a little more scary every time he opens his mouth:

Not sure if he'll be at his "church" on Sunday, but I'll be "clinging to my religion..."

Ace translates Obama's latest gaffe for us:

You all cling to God and guns because you live in shitholes and you have nothing goin' on for yourselves economically.

Are We Lumberjacks, reveals Obama's true identity...

Update: Preston Taylor Holmes checks in:

It’s pretty depressing when idiots like the Obamessiah put all their elitist cards on the table, attack the working classes that they claim to support, and will likely pay no price at the voting booth. Is it because he’s accidentally expressing the way the Dim-O-Cracks truly feel about their rank and file voting bloc, or is it because their voting bloc is made up primarily of morons and grievance mongers? A little bit of both, I would wager.

I don’t know whether to give B. Hussein Obama credit for his honesty or roast him for his stupidity. At least he managed to make the comment without working kill whitey into it. I suppose that’s progress.

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