Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why your kid is a total wuss

Michelle Malkin has all the details:

The public schools are breeding a generation of bubble-wrapped ninnies who can’t do math, are terrorized by the honor roll, and prance around peace trees while the children of jihad perform preschool suicide bomber training exercises.

I went to grade school in Northern Virginia (grades K-5) and recess was glorious. Tackle football, climbing trees, FRISBEE dodge (try catching a Wham-O upside the skull), kickball with "pegs", Red Rover (know what a "clothesline" is?) and a game that for obvious reasons will never see another grade school recess:

That's right...Smear the Queer.

For those of you aghast at the name of this violent game...here's how it worked. We played with a football on a grass or mud field. The game begins when the ball is thrown in the air...the first kid to possess the ball becomes the "queer"...and the rest of the kids try to tackle him. When he is tackled, the "queer" throws the ball into the air and the next kid who comes up with it is the new "queer".

And so on. No points, no rules, no "out of bounds" (well, if a kid was dumb enough to run onto the asphalt, he might risk getting tackled there). It was kind of like Calvinball...only even more fun.

Update... From bmac:

Good luck class of 2015-2020. You’re gonna be grade A pussies afraid of your own shadow.


bmac said...

Thanks for the link Nigel!

Smear the queer ruled!

Anonymous said...

I see two schools of thought here. First, as you pointed out, the candy assed wussies. These will be the kids who can't do anything for themselves. From changing a tire to a flashbulb, they will need help.

The other is the sociopaths. These are the kids you see on Youtube, beating the crap out each other for sport or fun.

Either way, we are screwed